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Err  [ Thu Jun 21 2012 5:46 PM ]

There have been 8 teams to come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a playoff series going into the 2009 season. The following teams are listed below. Teams in bold had home court advantage.

1968 - Boston Celtics over Philadelphia 76ers (Eastern Conference Finals)

1970 - Los Angeles Lakers over Phoenix Suns (Western Conference Finals)

1979 - Washington Bullets over San Antonio Spurs (Eastern Conference Finals)

1981 - Boston Celtics over Philadelphia 76ers (Eastern Conference Finals)

1995 - Houston Rockets over Phoenix Suns (Western Conference Semifinals)

1997 - Miami Heat over New York Knicks (Eastern Conference Semifinals)

2003 - Detroit Pistons over Orlando Magic (Eastern Conference First Round)

2006 - Phoenix Suns over Los Angeles Lakers (Western Conference First Round)

Looks like Suzan  [ Thu May 3 2012 1:15 PM ]

Like, totally didn't get the article.

Hopefully  [ Wed Mar 21 2012 5:10 PM ]

These dedicated folks have figured out that you vote on a ballot and not with a message board comment.

There's just no way  [ Tue Mar 20 2012 11:17 AM ]

Merri is an employee of ROUTES RENTALS AND TOURS, who also seem to be fond of screaming at me.

You sound sensitive, mexican  [ Fri Mar 2 2012 11:02 PM ]

Any semi-valid point aside, I doubt you're a very fun person to hang out with.

Hide your kids  [ Fri Mar 2 2012 11:00 PM ]

the big, bad, white people are coming to oppress your people!

I'm sorry  [ Fri Feb 17 2012 4:16 PM ]

Did you need to see my credentials before I posted a comment on this forum?

Game. Set. Match  [ Fri Feb 17 2012 10:21 AM ]


flutephobia  [ Wed Jan 4 2012 10:16 AM ]

you must get "offended" really easily.

They can't really enforce the tickets in the first place  [ Fri Oct 28 2011 11:30 AM ]

It's a civil offense and not a criminal citation. Your only admission to it is that they sent it to an address you may or may not be living at, with your car you may or may not have been driving.

It's scam. Don't pay it. The collection threats are entirely empty.

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