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As always....  [ Thu Jun 2 2011 2:49 PM ]

Another well-balanced and expressed instalment from my favourite Nurse from the Block. Albuquerque is blessed to have you working in the trenches!

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you go girl  [ Sun Feb 20 2011 8:10 AM ]

Thank you Miss Dx! This is quite a good article; you make the heavy subject matter interesting, digestible and understandable. I'm ready for you to run for Mizz President now!

"everything hurts at bedtime"  [ Thu Dec 16 2010 5:20 AM ]

Another fantastic, apt instalment. Thanks for the much needed Nurse's Note!

I'm ready for you to be President now..........  [ Thu Sep 30 2010 9:36 AM ]

fabulously told, Nurse Doyle. Cheers and screams on your continued excellence.

love these bloggy bits and pieces........​...  [ Fri Aug 27 2010 6:45 PM ]

Well told yet again!! I hope u don't ever run out of body parts to expose, scrutinize or tickle.......

Kitty knows all about this  [ Fri Jul 16 2010 1:51 PM ]

Great entry per usual!

phagoouttasite​  [ Sat Jun 26 2010 6:04 PM ]

Muy interesante, even for us undocumented workers. Thanks Mizz D for making learning fun!

we're all victims  [ Sat Jun 19 2010 12:27 AM ]

especially all these poor Dads, hobbled by gifts of neck ties, old spice cologne, and #1 Dad coffee mugs. Our men deserve better, dammit! They deserve fake tampons from the magic store.

Black, it's disheartening that you view Father's Day as a break from the "guilting and editorialisation" endured by Fathers, rather than a celebration of Fatherhood.

Nick, I think your otherwise innocuous feature could have survived without the jabs at "Mom." Women aren't the enemy, so references to "deadly, prodding maternal glee" cheapen this gift guide for me.

Black, since you already know I'm a humourless, fatherless woman (which is a miracle, really) you probably know I hafta go now and catch up with my latest Danielle Steel novel, 17 feline friends, and tub of Chunky Monkey. ........Wish u were here!



what's that smell?  [ Thu Jun 17 2010 11:30 PM ]

dare I detect the signature stench of sexism? Nagging Moms? Dads as "fat pieces of sh*t?" Fake tampons?? How mundane. .......I hold men, fathers, the gifts I give, and my reading materials to a much higher standard and suggest the Alibi do the same.



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