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romaine  [ Mon Jan 8 2007 3:14 PM ]

is that scent turncoat?

Or is it Photoshop 8.2  [ Mon Jan 8 2007 11:22 AM ]

Always tough to tell with these animals and usually they don't live long enough to stand up. Now if it was a yeti ...

Bird Flu in Austin? Beginning of the End?  [ Mon Jan 8 2007 11:21 AM ]

Check out this story [link] about dead birds found in downtown Austin, Texas. They shut part of the city down, if it's avian bird influenza, we're in trouble.

Go Big Guy!  [ Sat Dec 30 2006 6:11 AM ]

I like a roadrunner that will brave the snow for burger meat. (Nice picture!)

Congratulation​s Mark!  [ Mon Dec 18 2006 11:12 AM ]

For making it through the State Police Academy!

You only deserve one copy!  [ Mon Dec 18 2006 9:43 AM ]

But if you simply must wrap those extra truchas for the holidays, then at least wait until Tuesday afternoon and grab some Alibi copies that are almost stale. Truth is we want ALL the papers to get picked up, BUT by as many DIFFERENT people and as QUICKLY as possible after we deliver on Wednesday night and Thursday day. SECRET: Some racks inside the bars that open only at night (where the daytime deliver drivers can't get inside to replace the older copies with new ones) have their own mini archive--several weeks of older issues are often buried under the strata of newer copies. There's no real shame in grabbing a few old back issues. Sound fair?

By the way  [ Fri Dec 15 2006 6:17 AM ]

Wolf Creek Snow Report here [link]

Wolf Creek, Southern Colorado!  [ Fri Dec 15 2006 6:16 AM ]

Wolf Creek got 15 inches of snow from the last storm and has a base of over 50 inches. It's roughly four hours to the hill from Albuquerque and is awesome for snowboarders.

Very Creative Re-Cut of "Signs" (of Anti-Semitism)​  [ Wed Dec 13 2006 8:12 AM ]

This [link] has lots more cool re-cut trailers and such, but the re-cut of "Signs" is even better than Saturday Night Live's re-cut of "Apocalypto."

Slate Article About Princess Diana and the Whitehouse  [ Tue Dec 12 2006 7:50 AM ]

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