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Healed's testimony under oath says she didn't see him naked  [ Sun Apr 19 2009 3:55 PM ]


In writing "Clarification," my focus was to address people's overactive imaginations about what went on, and you know very well what these have been. I will state more clearly what was in my consciousness when I wrote, "It was not their intent or his to 'lay naked together,' and he himself was never naked in their presence":

It was never Michael's intent for the girls to see him naked, nor was it the girls' intent to see him naked, and they didn't. That wasn't the purpose of the healing. Two weeks before these healing events began, in July of 2006, God forewarned Michael that He would be sending some of the virgin young women who lived in Strong City, to be naked in his presence. It was not in this vision he was given, nor in his instructions, for the girls to see Michael naked, and they never did. L.S. went to Michael in the middle of a hot summer night and even though Michael did not have clothes on, it was dark, and he was under the covers. L.S. did not see or feel his naked body.

If you will read a little further in the court transcript beyond what you isolated and quoted in your first comment, you will find more of "just the facts":

Ms. Montoya: Ok. But were there any words that were encouraging you to do anything sexual with him?

L.S.: No.

Ms. Montoya: He wasn’t encouraging you to touch any naked parts of his body?

L.S.: No.

Ms. Montoya: Have you seen him naked?

L.S.: No.

Ms. Montoya: So, that’s gonna cause some confusion. Ok, because I think people think when you said he didn’t have clothes on, that you saw him naked.

L.S.: It was dark and there was no lights on.

Ms. Montoya: So, when you walked into his room was he in his bed sleeping?

L.S.: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: Before you got there, he was sleeping,but obviously when you were there, he wasn’t sleeping. But, so, was he under covers?

L.S.: Yes.

Ms. Montoya: Ok. So his intimate part, you’ve never seen?

L.S.: No.

Ms. Montoya: Or felt?

L.S.: No.

Regarding the "lay naked together" part, what was in my consciousness at the time I wrote "Clarification," were the minor virgins as a whole, and I honestly had forgotten that L.S had expressed that desire for a "skin to skin" contact, or I would have made that exception. It was not my intention to hide any facts. Our lives at Strong City are about telling the truth, not distorting, disrespecting, or hiding it. None of us have any investment in protecting a sexual predator or hiding any kind of a crime.

As in the Bible and other times in history, now and then God calls people to physically act out a spiritual truth, as a strong "visual aid" in order to help people "get it." This is what God did with the virgins and their requests. It showed the world what it takes for the soul to be healed by God. But it has been received, as the article's title so aptly states, as pearls before swine.

A Clarification  [ Thu Apr 16 2009 11:26 AM ]

Over all I really appreciate Maren's article. There were a few factual errors, but I think it gives a fair enough opportunity for readers to decide for themselves what they will believe about our group and the events that put us in the public eye. There is one thing I would like to clarify, though, that almost all the media coverage of these things has blurred. That is that when the individuals came to Michael to "lay naked with him," it was not their intent or his to "lay naked together," and he himself was never naked in their presence. But some reports have made it sound that way, and invited imaginations about the events or the motives that are wholly inaccurate. The girls who went to Michael for this, all went feeling a need in themselves to let go of the self protections that they could feel were binding them and preventing them from being free. They wanted to let themselves become vulnerable and trusting in the way every soul needs to become, in order for God to get into our innermost soul and heal us. They had known Michael long enough to know he was a safe place for them to do this, and their requests of him were the specific way the Father in heaven put on their own particular hearts, to bring them into this freedom and healing.

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