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beautiful  [ Tue Nov 23 2010 5:04 PM ]

Looks like they had a great vision for the place that was well-executed. Hurrah!

ABQgal  [ Sun Oct 24 2010 10:47 PM ]

I appreciate your comment, but my impression of the audience's response was in line with Mayor McCheese's. I've seen a considerable number of live comedy shows, and I didn't find the audience particularly uproarious—if anything, I thought they seemed polite. I make a point of mentioning the audience's reaction if I find it noteworthy, but I'm not going to describe every mild-mannered crowd I come across.

You're right that my opinion is just that. I'm sure there are plenty of people in this city who would love the play as much as you did and who'd think I'm a curmudgeon for slighting it. But I can't speak for them. I can only report my own impressions. I have to be honest about what I think of the performances I see, because if I'm not, I lose all credibility. At least people know when I write something positive about a play, I really mean it.

Fantastic article, Maren!  [ Wed Apr 21 2010 11:24 PM ]

Just sent it to my much-loved and quite conservative uncles.

Sloppy ...  [ Fri Apr 16 2010 1:20 PM ]

... is my hero for today.

You've got something there  [ Thu Apr 15 2010 2:41 PM ]

But I argue that Hamm can still be eye candy sans suit.

Cute in "30 Rock"

Cute in tank top

Cute in casual business attire

Cute as your boyfriend

Actually, agree with Marisa on the suit  [ Thu Apr 15 2010 1:23 PM ]

I don't find suits sexy. A plain T-shirt does just fine.

If we're adding options, I chose option D: Robert Downey Jr. Always chose the man who makes you laugh. That's real lady porn.

Jon Hamm!  [ Thu Apr 15 2010 1:20 PM ]

Class, brains and a strong jawline over a six-pack any day. Get that ridiculous cape off Phillippe, though, and my story might change.

Saw "Flamingo" tonight ...  [ Fri Jan 22 2010 8:23 PM ]

It was so fantastic. Hilarious, moving, brilliant. And who knew Muni could act? (Very well, I might add.)

What I can't understand ...  [ Fri Oct 9 2009 2:48 PM ]

... is why so many people seem angry with the President for being granted this award. It's not as though he applied for it. I think the statement he released today was thoroughly graceful.

Also, I agree with this guy: [link]

Not your fault  [ Fri Oct 9 2009 2:40 PM ]

Giving yourself an hour to get there should have been plenty of time. And why should you have to buy tickets in advance? Seems poorly planned on their part to me.

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