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That's crazy  [ Fri Nov 30 2012 10:14 AM ]

considering how many people they've killed. Whatever. Stand with the police. Just don't have a spoon in your hand when you do it.

So you like it or you don't?  [ Thu Nov 29 2012 9:17 AM ]

You're just saying things.

IT'S ABOUT TIME  [ Wed Nov 28 2012 8:50 AM ]

jeez. how many dudes gotta die before the feds notice? isn't the number of people shot the same as the one in NYC?

Talk Normal!  [ Wed Nov 28 2012 8:48 AM ]

They came here awhile back. They were awesome.

johnson's going to steal votes  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 2:07 PM ]

for sure, right? but from who?

Don't worry about it.  [ Mon Jan 16 2012 12:01 PM ]

That article also says it doesn't have quite the fat content of other red meats, so it can almost be considered a white meat. Plus, when you cook pork chops, they're usually kinda gray.

Pork is red meat  [ Fri Jan 13 2012 4:37 PM ]

because it's from a mammal. White meat is from fowl.

"Pork, the other white meat" is an advertising slogan developed by the pork industry.

chile cheese fries at piggy's  [ Fri Dec 16 2011 11:56 PM ]

are primo! best ever! nacho cheese sauce and grated cheddar and green chile. and skinny fries!

Why do we need it?  [ Tue Oct 11 2011 9:08 PM ]

We have so many good local joints doing similar things.

you'd rather have this guy  [ Tue May 24 2011 11:08 AM ]

confront bad parkers in person? instead of posting pics that people send in of bad parking?

stupid idea. this is a little lighthearted ribbing. not intended for educational purposes.

the license plates are blotted out. who cares?

is that your car? is that why you're all mad?

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