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Art is life  [ Mon Aug 16 2010 10:16 PM ]

Art is an expression of the divine. The act of creation is the highest purpose of the created. Does the sun ask when it smears its colors across the empty sky? Do the moon and stars seek approval for their nightly acts of vandalism? Art is above man's law. It is a law of its own like gravity. And as gravity will happen whether we permit it to or not, so will art. Society can derive ways to control, constrain, and restrict it... but art will seep up through the institutional green tiles. Through the cracks it will bleed on the pale gray walls. Art will prevail. For each splash of bland that organized society dumps down its barriers, a new creative process is set free. The street artist loves the challenge of constant creation. Hours, days, and weeks give rise to painting after painting. All will be lost to a few blind viewers who only see colors as stains that streak the utilitarian setting they adorn their civilization with. The street artist accepts the inevitable. Society will cover, he will paint. The law will condemn, he will create. Guerilla creators and deviant beggars can not be silenced. Immortality awaits those who take up the torch of the artist.

To the Rainbow Warrior: Keep up the amazing contributions to real society and real life, whoever you are.

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