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Watching movies instantly on Netflix is overrated!  [ Wed Jan 12 2011 10:49 AM ]

The sublime experience this media provides for the inner/outer couch potato is not watching movies, but adding them to one's instant queue for watching later, when one is in the perfect mood for the movie being added. The satisfaction of imagining one's self in the perfect mood to watch any given movie is pure bliss, only takes seconds, and trumps any 90-minute jaunt into suspension of disbelief. Believe me.

chocoholism  [ Wed May 13 2009 8:17 AM ]

People are addicted to chocohol. It's getting so bad that I can't even find any in the stores.

Albuquerque Tea Party Death Threat  [ Mon Apr 27 2009 4:21 PM ]

Man, I tell you this: After 6 hours at the Dentist, I just wanted a hamburger. I did not want to discover that I had left my keys in my ignition, killing my battery.

I didn't want to wade through a couple thousand people who think that Obama caused the economic collapse. First bailout? Bush administration convinced a weak Democrat-controlled Senate to turn a mental-health bill into our first bailout, which it seems to me, helped Howie Long and Sheryl Crow more than anybody.

Whatever...we're all entitled to our rhetoric, but it's not supposed to be ok to shout "Kill Obama" anywhere, much less within earshot of Albuquerque's finest. When I told the police that this woman was shouting "Kill Obama", they smiled at me and went along with their business. I walked away, looking for a hamburger, but then I turned around and approached the officers more insistently, pointing out that it is a crime to incite violence against the president. By this point, a couple more officers had joined the officers I spoke to earlier, and one of the new officers said that the woman might need a "mental health evaluation" and then they went and stood by her. I don't know what came of this, but I was glad that the officers eventually responded in some form.

Interrogations​ effective?  [ Fri Apr 24 2009 2:24 PM ]

Whatever they're doing, they aren't that good at it. Otherwise Timothy McVeigh and Terri Nichols would have spilled their beans.

Oh that's right! We have domestic terrorists too...but it's so much easier to find them in a place where we can't even pronounce any of the words they use...or is it?

Last edited [4/24/09 2:25 PM]
I know how much you love this movie Jerry..  [ Fri Apr 17 2009 3:52 PM ]

and i'll find any excuse to mention this movie, one of the only movies that is better than it's book.

Being There...  [ Fri Apr 17 2009 2:00 PM ]

"Do you know Rafael?" Chauncey asked.

That's Super Sporting Spirit of you Simon...  [ Mon Apr 13 2009 12:45 PM ]

So, what the heck...Go Yankees! (after the cubs have gone)

Milwaukee stressed CC's arm...  [ Wed Apr 8 2009 9:43 AM ]

they overworked him trying to get into the playoffs last year. I hope he does alright this year, but I wouldn't be surprised if we have another Mark Prior situation here.

Thanks Simon for giving sports fans some commentary on and as always, Go Cubbies! (I'll never learn)

Last edited [4/8/09 9:56 AM]
I'm sorry. Doga is not worth the military spending  [ Mon Apr 13 2009 11:46 AM ]

used to protect us from terrorism, or fucking terrior-ism, whatev...jesus h on dog-back. If I was all out of energy, I'd still wake up to tell anyone who would listen...

What would I say? Oh, lord, it's not even worth the keystro

Perspective...​just can't get enough:  [ Mon Apr 6 2009 12:09 PM ]

If you have enough money to spend $330 on a gigantic 120-inch long blanket made out of wool from Icelandic sheep, you have enough money to run your heater and walk around in your underwear instead.

here I was ready to throw down the extra dough for this. Thank you for this post.

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