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oh, and good luck!  [ Wed Jul 17 2013 1:54 PM ]

cool idea, i wish you guys much success on raising funds for local arts organizations.

artbar sans art  [ Wed Jul 17 2013 1:38 PM ]

what does that mean? it strikes me as uber odd. but does it signify something greater for the project? (i want to say "wha??" but i'll let the organizers comment on their idea for no paintings or sculptures above the bar or original live music and what not...)

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Onward Solar Soldiers.?  [ Thu Apr 25 2013 4:34 PM ]

The sun is shining. We don't have to wait for Solarbabies status. Solar is now and it's good.

(but oh were those guys soo hot)

Last edited [4/25/13 4:40 PM]
Christy Maes, biscuits & gravy, pickle breath and throw downs.  [ Wed Apr 3 2013 1:20 PM ]

A co-worker once told me CMs has great B&Gs so I went to try it out one Saturday morning. Walking across their parking lot some gal in a car started talkin smack at my back and i got up in her face and told her to get out of her car. She said she was on the phone. ?? And my boyfriend drug me away like I was crazy.

We went inside and they were past bfast so we left.

I was telling a bartender at Anodyne about the occurrence, he said "yeah, that place has pretty good food, but it always smells like pickle breath."

Nice staff  [ Fri Nov 2 2012 2:16 PM ]

The staff has always been pleasant when I visit. The red is almost too hot for me but so delicious I power through it!

Target practice  [ Tue Oct 23 2012 11:00 AM ]

Super fun. I love shooting clay pigeons. I've also been thinking about archery lately. Anybody have any archery advice?

Rio Grande speeding, not Candelaria  [ Fri Oct 19 2012 11:12 AM ]

not sure why they call this the Candelaria roundabout, especially since it's the racing down Rio Grande that is the main concern. It's really the Rio Grande Candelaria Roundabout (ya know, since a circle is share by all)

the roundabout is only proposed at this location (Rio Grande & Candelaria)  [ Fri Oct 19 2012 10:59 AM ]

awOL- there is currently no roundabout at this location but there is an argument FOR one to be installed due to the accidents from speeding.

I'd like to hear what the arguments against an RaB were from the meeting.

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whoopie pie?  [ Fri Oct 19 2012 10:41 AM ]

I had to look up what on earth that is. Looks ridiculous but yummy. Visit Page

Laughing my arse off  [ Thu Sep 27 2012 4:53 PM ]

You can't make that stuff up. Too funny.

I will also share a word of advice regarding McCormick's food coloring; do not mix it with Crisco and use it to color your face for Halloween. Unless you want to walk around for the 5 days following with a day-glo face. (No, you can't make this stuff up either)

Last edited [9/27/12 4:54 PM]

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