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Troll Ass MRFFWatch  [ Mon Nov 9 2009 11:38 AM ]

Thanks for spreading more hate in the name of christianity, because we all know that's what christianity's all about, not compassion for your fellow man like Weinstein is calling for.

Are you the one who's driving the truth truck?


I agree to a certain extent  [ Mon Nov 9 2009 11:17 AM ]

with you McCloud. They are trained to be tough as hell, and pretty much horrible at times to military recruits/members in order to, in their minds, toughen them up and get them in a war ready mindstate. Yet I do agree that someone of middle eastern descent (or homosexual)is going to take it extra hard because to them that is the enemy and to supposedly have one in your ranks poses an opportunity to them when belittling their members.

Yet as a person of color, I tend to hone in on situations where people of color are used as examples of what's wrong in the world, when there's so much more to that story.

And I totally don't get that Xzibit photo above.

I'd say  [ Fri Nov 6 2009 12:22 PM ]

Its because everyone's automatically making BS assumptions because of his background and the family decided it would be good to come out saying he's not some terrorist like a good amount of media people are already trying to make him out to be. I just read an article claiming he said "Allahu Akbar" before he went on his rampage, yet the media also reported he was dead yesterday, and that there were three shooters instead of just one. So I'd say the family was trying to take action before the some of the shady ass media did their usual crap.

And that's not to try and justify what he did, but to point out how quickly some parts of the media resort to knee jerk, racist reactions way too quickly.

Where was this at?  [ Mon Nov 9 2009 11:00 AM ]

That he played boogaloo. I would love to check that seeing that I listen to that type of stuff all the time. Thanks for the download link.

Get your Boogie Boots on  [ Fri Nov 6 2009 10:54 AM ]

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Right down my alley!  [ Thu Nov 5 2009 9:25 AM ]

I love Stax Records, and wish I was there back in the day to go to Wattstax. I was in Memphis last year, but unfortunately didn't make it to the museum, but I have to say I do like that city a lot.

What were those pilots  [ Wed Oct 28 2009 11:10 AM ]

really doing? Its total bullshit that they were "engrossed" in a work conversation for all that time.

Kick Ass Steve  [ Tue Oct 27 2009 11:40 AM ]

I really like the Hank Williams in the background too!

I love that word  [ Mon Oct 26 2009 1:48 PM ]

Ahh, the mexican boogeyman, always got me as a kid. Here comes the kookooeee!!!!

I second the Bootsy  [ Mon Oct 26 2009 2:01 PM ]

Birfday Wishes! People are still picking up funk off the floor because of him. . . .

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