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Two Stars Are Better Than One  [ Wed Oct 13 2010 12:36 PM ]

Where can you get a good hot donut? Well, not here! When I asked what time I could come in and buy a hot glazed donut, I was told that they are made at 4 AM and that there were never hot donuts available to purchase. This should normally garner a ONE STAR, but in a town where the donut standard is ONE STAR, ie. Krispy Kreme and Dunkin', Donut Mart's was superior, even cold. (Yes, you can get a hot Krispy Kreme at their Westside FACTORY, and that location only, but then I said "Good" hot donut.) In this town of sopas and fry bread, there is a good living for someone that can sell a HOT DONUT at 8 AM!

Vietnamese Sandwiches...Y​UM!  [ Thu Dec 6 2007 10:52 PM ]

The Vietnamese sandwich is a beautiful fusion of Vietnam and France. Lee's makes the best one in Albuquerque. A crusty, fresh baguette filled with all those flavors unique to the Vietnamese sandwich. The grilled pork is my favorite. And the price is a steal. So not only does Lee's make the best Vietnamese sandwich in Albuquerque, it is also the best bargain. What could be better! Also, Lee's croissants are big and buttery...and did I say a bargain? Since it is a Vietnamese bakery, there is a whole bunch of things that I suspect you won't find anywhere else in town. This place is a "find"!

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