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HAARLEMMERWEG?​  [ Mon May 14 2012 4:40 PM ]

Jesus... My best guess is that he was headed to "LARGE HAMMER WE" and hit that signpost so hard all the letters were jumbled around.

Last edited [5/14/12 4:41 PM]
Real Barbie  [ Fri Apr 27 2012 11:18 AM ]

Convincing. Right down to the cold, unfeeling eyes.

(Doesn't know who Stoya is, my ass. BRING BACK GW!)

Beards  [ Tue Apr 24 2012 11:39 AM ]

Not only are they awesome but they make you a more effective warrior.

How do beards relate to politics? Just ask yourself who was in power at the fall of the USSR. Yeah, Mikael "Baby Face" Gorbachev. And that's why our economy is in shambles.

Last edited [4/24/12 11:51 AM]
Sex robots can only go one of two ways  [ Thu Apr 19 2012 11:39 AM ]

Batgirl socks?  [ Mon Mar 19 2012 1:19 PM ]

How do you know they're not batman socks? Because they're knee highs? That's just confusing. She needs her own symbol. They should stick a pair of tits on that bat, or something.

Clockpunk  [ Thu Mar 8 2012 1:41 PM ]

How come none of this steampunk crap is ever actually powered by steam?

Japan: "Yo dawg,"  [ Mon Feb 27 2012 11:58 AM ]

"I heard you like space stations."

You forgot  [ Wed Jan 25 2012 1:29 PM ]

"a tiger at your side" and "two ferrets in you satchel." And, IIRC, the falcon was an eagle.

Safer than what, for whom?  [ Tue Jan 24 2012 1:06 PM ]

Abortions kill the fetus 100% of the time.

That's a pretty shitty headline, Reuters.

I would have been a hero  [ Tue Jan 24 2012 12:57 PM ]

had I crashed a plane into Mark Wahlberg.

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