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Have to be careful!  [ Fri Nov 15 2013 4:34 PM ]

We are lucky to have this many great local donut shops. I have to mention donuts filled with red goo, but I'm foiled by Duke City in this category. They have a wild assortment of variously fruit-filled raised donuts that keep me wanting more. Apple, cherry, and blueberry flavors gush loads of filling. I DO enjoy the Boston Cream, but I can't stay away from those home-style jelly donuts.

Gotta' check out those patatas!  [ Wed Oct 30 2013 10:41 PM ]

I will check this out for sure, especially because of the photo. I'm always looking for good old home fried potatoes. Those, and the write-up look promising!

Thanks, Ty!

Have to try this again!  [ Thu Aug 1 2013 11:54 AM ]

I went there, once, long ago. Based on this writeup, I'll head back soon!

Great dogs!  [ Thu Jul 11 2013 1:51 PM ]

A friend and I were Jonesing for a good dog and decided to give Urban a try. They did not disappoint! I went for a plain old NYC style chili and cheese dog with a side of fresh fruit, and my friend got a plain NYC dog with kraut and mustard. Nice environment, excellent service—better than at many sit-down restaurants, and we'll definitely go back. Lots of options for vegetarians. We suggested they add turkey bacon for folks who want the flavor without the red meat. Worth braving the crazy Cottonwood area parking mazes to eat there.

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Worth a trip to Cottonwood!  [ Sat Jan 19 2013 2:13 PM ]

Sounds like this warrants an expedition over the bridge. Interesting combos and good fries—I'm there!

Last edited [1/19/13 2:13 PM]
And don't forget. . .  [ Wed Jul 3 2013 8:25 PM ]

The Foul (pronounced fool) Mudammas, a fava bean mashup with similar additions of garlic, lemon, and other spices is a heavenly dip served with warm pita. The first time I tried it I forsook the hummus in favor of the favas. Mohammad said it was typically eaten for breakfast. I could easily get into that habit!

Bobcat lovers, don't despair.  [ Thu Jun 6 2013 7:21 PM ]

There is reason to think that another restaurant of the Bobcat ilk may resurrect in another incarnation. Too soon for details, but we can hope.

So glad you went back!  [ Thu May 2 2013 10:34 AM ]

I've heard lots of good reviews of Talking drums. This convinces me to get there very soon.

How deep to plant sprouting bulbs?  [ Thu Apr 25 2013 10:00 AM ]

I have an indoor planter about 10" deep. Is that deep enough to plant a few onions? I would love to have a continuous supply of onion greens.

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Turkish cuisine with heart!  [ Tue Apr 16 2013 8:19 PM ]

[ Thu Mar 14 2013 3:48 PM ]

Mehmet Kokangul and his brother Umut offer some of the best Middle Eastern food in town. Mehmet's smoky grilled baba ganoush is excellent, and I highly recommend his Turkish Chicken plate. I first had their falafel sandwich, loaded with fries, when they were located in the Central Market. It's still one of my favorite light lunches.

FYI: I was told by the owner that the beautiful hand-woven rugs on the wall are from Turkey. But they're not prayer rugs, just decorative.

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