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Seeks Muse  [ Sun Nov 11 2012 9:06 PM ]

Looking for my new muse. Apply at you leisure...


concerning-fat​e-of-food-truc​ks  [ Tue Nov 20 2012 4:51 PM ]

RE; Who are you?  [ Tue Nov 20 2012 2:37 PM ]

Just a friend of the owners of a business that now has a street food option.

Let the good times roll.  [ Tue Nov 20 2012 2:23 PM ]

I attended the meeting of the Nob Hill sector development task force as they continue they're pro active relationship with area businesses. Food truck owners, area residents and members of the main street and neighborhood association were in attendance.

Open discussion of issues and impact relating to the rapid growth of food truck operation in an unique area where homes are impacted by the proximity to the cities premier shopping dinning and entertainment area.

Parking, right of way, business access, sanitation, noise and hours of operation as well as solutions to issues seen in other areas around the country with dynamic and burgeoning food truck industries were talked about.

Food trucks can be found in several nob hill areas just about any time and at the Annual Holiday Shop and Stroll event. Saturday, December 1 Central Ave from Washington St to Girard Blvd.


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