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Not a dream  [ Sat Apr 17 2010 9:58 AM ]

I don't think that was a dream. Seriously. Not a dream at all.

Best Letter  [ Tue Jan 26 2010 10:39 AM ]

I think Tavia wrote the best letter about not being named the best of anything ever.

Plague Village  [ Tue Jan 26 2010 10:37 AM ]

Those were some nice people in Eyam.

The whole scene...  [ Wed Dec 23 2009 7:43 PM ]

...wouldn't be nearly as awesome without the awesome Star Trek fight music. Likewise, many of the humorous scenes of such shows as Star Trek, Bonanza, and The Twilight Zone would not have been nearly so side-splittingly hilarious without the funny music.

Everyone talks about football...  [ Wed Dec 23 2009 8:14 AM ]

...but no one does anything about it.

It's always...  [ Tue Dec 15 2009 11:09 AM ]

bovine slashing time.

I'm pretty sure...  [ Wed Dec 23 2009 8:14 AM ]

...that Netflix has more than one copy of each movie. Not positive, mind you...just pretty sure. But, if you will scratch your initials in the copy that you get, Nick, and then I get it with your initials, we will know for sure.

Netflix...  [ Mon Dec 21 2009 3:01 PM ]

I just added The Resurrected to my Netflix queue, too.

Here's where the flame starts...  [ Thu Dec 17 2009 5:11 PM ]

I was just trying to point out the lack of really decent film in the last ten years...

Kanye...  [ Tue Sep 15 2009 2:20 PM ]

...jumped in front of Patrick Swayze and said Michael Jackson's death was way better.

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