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great Vice piece!  [ Thu Sep 26 2013 1:55 PM ]

Honest and hilariously self-deprecating account of getting swept up in a serotonin-depleted haze. SWIM can relate. Thanks for the link.

DMT elves, Terence McKenna  [ Thu Jan 26 2012 1:52 PM ]

The chief metaphor back in the 90s for Strassman's "beings made of light who were sentient, intelligent and interacted with volunteers" was Terence McKenna's idea of machine elves. (The Archaic Revival had just been published--by Harper Collins no less!--and was something of a sensation among heads and seekers.) In fact, I am amazed McKenna only gets one brief mention in the whole documentary.

I smoked some of the "street" DMT that was going around back then, and I definitely concur that unlike waking psychedelics such as LSD and Psilocybin, with DMT there is a keen sense of entering another world, of an "other" that you are encountering. Whether it's elves or beings made of light or dancing Cthulhoid aliens, it seems to depend on the subject, but I strongly recall the presence of another consciousness during those trips. (Also, the entities really respond well to music, preferably 90s ambient techno.)

Twee as in twee  [ Wed Oct 19 2011 10:51 AM ]

Gus Van Sant is 59  [ Thu Oct 13 2011 1:52 PM ]

So much for the ageism tactic.

I liked Elephant. I thought it was tense and creepy. Gerry and Last Days were rather trying.

This much is true: twee-nitude of all kinds is to be abhorred.

I believe you mean BookFace  [ Wed Aug 24 2011 4:00 PM ]

Which is best viewed in Foxfire.

Firemen, cops, highways, all money pits  [ Wed Jul 13 2011 5:02 PM ]

Public infrastructure isn't supposed to make a profit. It's OK to spend money on making the world a better, safer, nicer place to live.

Such a juicy story  [ Thu Jun 23 2011 4:56 PM ]

Pillars of society engage in elaborate online social network prostitution community. It's so fucking elaborate it *had* to fail.

Looks like he raised the money later  [ Fri Jun 10 2011 10:11 AM ]

... after payment was due. That's what I get out of reading this.

A motion picture ViewMaster reel  [ Thu May 26 2011 5:17 PM ]

Does what those ViewMaster reels were touted to do back in the day: take you virtually to places you'll never be able to visit in real life. They could have ditched the 3D for the footage they took with normal cameras (the faked 3D is pretty bad), but the 3D cave painting porn shot with the good gear is really cool. Even my preschool/1st grade kids were engaged for most of the run time. (It's rated G!)

I always tip $5 at my local New Mex joint for take-out  [ Tue May 10 2011 3:54 PM ]

Result: they treat me like a king. Kinda worth it.

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