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It's the altitude, I think.  [ Fri Apr 4 2014 11:41 AM ]

That's why we can't have White Castle. Lower air pressure at high altitudes causes grease to boil at a lower temperature, so the burgers would come out greasy and disgusting. KFC fries their chicken in pressurized vats for the same reason, but nobody's figured out how to do that for burgers yet.

Ramen  [ Tue Jan 28 2014 2:28 PM ]

They have a thousand different varieties of ramen noodles—many with multiple flavor packets including spicy oils and fried onion bits. I won't tell you my favorite flavor because I had trouble finding it last time.

Madonna is like a wergin  [ Tue Dec 10 2013 1:11 PM ]

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ONE STAR!  [ Tue Oct 15 2013 1:34 PM ]

Man, there are some serious Sadie's haters. Some of you might recall I like Little Anita's as well!

I like Sadies.  [ Fri Oct 11 2013 12:37 PM ]

You just have to get the green instead of the red, and stay away from the spicy ground beef.

Why would you order fish tacos  [ Mon Feb 18 2013 12:16 PM ]

at a New Mexican restaurant?

Like I said:  [ Thu Jul 22 2010 12:35 PM ]

don't let the food snobs bring you down. Try it with an open mind.

Don't dismiss Little Anita's as a chain - it's very, very good.  [ Mon Jul 19 2010 12:32 PM ]

I get the impression that some people dismiss Little Anita's as a legitimate option for New Mexican food, and while I won't deny that the usual heavy hitters (Mary & Tito's, El Patio, Perea's, Duran's, etc.) are fantastic, they all have their signature quirks, leaving Little Anita's in some ways as the quintessential Platonic Ideal of New Mexican food. It's Northern New Mexican cuisine done by the book and done very well. Their red is great, their green is great, their carne adovada is great, their sopaipillas are great… even their rice is great. There's just absolutely nothing dissatisfying about the experience. Don't let the food snobs bring you down; Little Anita's is fantastic, and remains one of your better options to satisfy a New Mexican craving.

El Patron is my favorite new New Mexican spot.  [ Fri Nov 2 2012 4:03 PM ]

Set in a cozy yet massive New Mexican fortress (a former Garduño's, perfect for sword fights) I've never had to wait long for a table. The service is very fast and the margaritas are flowing. The food is straight ahead Northern New Mexican cuisine, where both the red and green chile are tasty and the sopaipillas are excellent. There are a few weird things on the menu (e.g. red chile lasagna sounds actually kind of good), but why bother? Great beans, great papitas. I have no complaints except that it's not closer to my house.

I had great biscuits and gravy here this morning!  [ Fri Nov 2 2012 3:53 PM ]

Biscuits and gravy, hash browns, bacon, two eggs and coffee ready before I could even check my email (they have both wifi and Tabasco). I should eat at Milton's every morning.

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