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Why did I believe the Hype  [ Thu Jul 5 2007 2:13 PM ]

I love little roadside Diners. The Kind of places that have been around for years and let their food speak for its self. The kind of place where you can tell 'em "Large Marge sent me." This is what I was expecting and what I have been hearing about Murphy's Mule Barn. To say the least I was more than disappointed.

With Iced Tea that tastes like it was filtered through a used tube sock and air thick with years of chain smoking (A Statewide smoking ban does nothing to remove the stench from the walls and furnishings) The Mule Barn takes the "greasy spoon" concept one step too far. It's not for lack of business, or funds that this hole in the wall is so run down, the place was pretty full and the prices are not all that low either. I had the Chicken fried steak sandwich, as I was told I had to try the chicken fried steak, but did not have the appetite for the full plate sized beast. A Paper-thin piece of meat (I hope) coated in batter and fried until it appeared edible was what I received. I ate what I could using all condiments within a six foot radius of my table to try and take some dryness away. Fortunately I was saved from eating the whole thing by a little six-legged guest who had decided he wanted to share a fellow diner's plate. No, I will not be returning to the Mule Barn any time soon, And I suggest you keep your distance as well.

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