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Sit! Stay! and listen to Russian Girlfriends

By Robert Maestas and Courtney Foster [ Thu Feb 4 2016 3:48 PM ]

The Weekly Alibi's Podcast is Back! and brand spanking NEW! and now (permanently) weekly. Your new hosts Courtney Foster and Robert Maestas are ready to take you on an journey of local splendor with a new exciting guest from around Albuquerque each week! This week, they sit down with Ian Jarrell of Russian Girlfriends and discuss pets, ice cream and the age old question "what exactly is fake deal art?" So lace up your shoes and don't forget to grab a poop bag, because the new weekly alibi podcast, is certainly the shit.

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By Taylor Grabowsky [ Thu Feb 4 2016 12:30 PM ]

I have lived in Albuquerque for most of my life. I don’t know anything different, which has created a restlessness within me. Sometimes I get the urge to run away, to get in my car and drive far, far away from here. However, because I usually only have enough gas in the tank to get home and my Jeep is one speed bump away from falling apart, I know that it ain’t happening any time soon. The one thing that does keep me grounded, and reminds me how beautiful and unique this city and this part of the country is, are the sunsets. I’ve almost gotten in several minor car accidents trying to snap a picture of the incredible sunsets I see on my way home. I’ve pulled over into school, store and abandoned parking lots to watch and document the setting sun. Everyone who rides with me is used to my sudden inclination to shout, “but look at the clouds!” and even indulges me in assisting with the camera on my phone so that we don’t plunge into oncoming traffic. So the next time you are feeling stressed about life, I suggest getting to somewhere high up that has a clear view away from trees and buildings, and just watch the beauty in the sky. Or you can always hop in my car and we’ll hit the freeway, chasing that golden light.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Bee Afraid!

Friday, Feb 5: NM Beekeepers 2016 Conference

By Joshua Lee [ Thu Feb 4 2016 12:00 PM ]
Several speakers are giving talks plus there is a hands-on area, educational materials, vendors and giveaways and a raffle for a one-of-a-kind bee quilt.
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The Daily Word in Pleading the Fifth, Dummies and Politics

By Megan Reneau [ Thu Feb 4 2016 11:10 AM ]
The Daily Word

Clinton and Sanders will debate one-on-one soon.

Martin Shkreli is still an insane asshole.

Lil’ Ricky doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

What would happen if the entire UK stopped eating meat?

Let’s celebrate sadness together.

Did you know the average life expectancy of black trans women (and non-gender conforming friends alike) is only 35?

Trump is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? Excuse me?

Event Horizon
courtesy of the band

Event Horizon

Punk Ass Girlfriends

Saturday, Feb 6: Russian Girlfriends • rock, punk • Leeches of Lore • stoner rock, psychedelic • Hanta • stoner rock • The Talking Hours

By August March [ Thu Feb 4 2016 10:15 AM ]
Russian Girlfriends get ready to conquer the US.
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The Daily Word in Trumpbridge, girlpower and the evolution of zombies

By Renee Chavez [ Wed Feb 3 2016 11:49 AM ]
The Daily Word

Young Syrian refugees dream big ... and their dreams are awesome.

Trump accuses Cruz of fraud at Iowa caucus.

Obama is going to visit a mosque on US soil for the first time.

Wanna know a secret?

Yet another person dies in a APD/BCSO shooting.

Harry Potter fans beware: Trumpbridge is here.

NM Senate wants to raise teacher wages, but not sure where the money will come from.

If walking around with a wedgie all day is up your ... er ... alley, Levi's just came out with the "Wedgie" jean.

US businesses created 205K jobs in January.

Ever wondered about the evolution of zombies?

Zika virus is the new big bad.

Event Horizon
morgueFile / dean1986

Event Horizon

Hail, Cesar!

Friday, Feb 5: Cesar Millan Live

By Renee Chavez [ Wed Feb 3 2016 10:47 AM ]
The star of "Dog Whisperer" reveals the secrets of happier, healthier relationships between humans and their beloved canines in his exciting live show.
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The Daily Word in Google Cardboard, an unhappy anniversary and a cat mobbed by toy mice

By Geoffrey Plant [ Tue Feb 2 2016 3:54 PM ]
The Daily Word

Today is the anniversary of the discovery of 11 women's bodies on Albuquerque's West Mesa.

Google is bringing their "Google Cardboard" virtual reality to local schools.

New Mexico Senators begin discussing the Real ID bill today.

This woman is demanding a lifetime supply of Kit Kat bars.

Government officials worry about stronger encryption thwarting their surveillance

Uber drivers complain that they aren't being compensated fairly.

Here's a great cat picture from the internet.



Don't Forget

Donate to GRAFT's memory drive

By Maggie Grimason [ Tue Feb 2 2016 3:24 PM ]

In The Crossing Cormac McCarthy wrote, "life is a memory, and then it is nothing." The book explores many of the things that we think of as making us human. Among them, of course, memory. It is powerful to suggest that experience is fleeting and the bulk of who we are is composed of our memories.

Yet, there is a margin of error. Our experiences are subjective, and so are our memories. The good people at GRAFT are collecting those "[memories] on the edge of disappearance, one[s] that feel incomplete, ... that you cannot verify" for an art project.

Early memories, things that may be real or may have happened in a dream ... I have a whole compendium of these and to know if they are true or not would change the fabric of who I am.

Donate your memories by leaving a voicemail at (505) 585-1415.



The Healing Tree

Margaret Cheasebro visits local bookstore

By Press Release [ Tue Feb 2 2016 3:23 PM ]
Margaret Cheasebro talks about and signs her new book for young adults.
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