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Event Horizon

Event Horizon

We're All Mad Here

Friday, Jan 6: Alice in Wonderland

By Devin D. O'Leary [ Thu Jan 5 2017 11:00 AM ]
A new adaptation of Lewis Carroll's beloved classic.
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Event Horizon

Event Horizon

The Mewment is Now

Friday, Jan 6: Cat Lady Crafts Reception

By Maggie Grimason [ Thu Jan 5 2017 10:00 AM ]
See artwork about not always fitting in in the art world and rejection in other facets of life from artist Sara MacNeil. Runs through 1/31. Performances by dancer Ariel Burge and comedians Danger K Varoz and Caitlin Minton.
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The Daily Word in Trump Supporters, Gorrilaz and Smart Hairbrushes

By Megan Reneau [ Wed Jan 4 2017 11:35 AM ]
The Daily Word

Republican senators have introduced an amendment (again) that would limit congressional terms.

Move aside, Kim K, here's the original selfie queen.

Industry weed is the biggest thing since the internet. Really.

Would you be surprised if I told you Trump supporters find Vladimir Putin more likable than President Obama?

The Gorillaz celebrate women musicians with a mixtape.

“PMS” aka, another misdiagnosis of women's medical issues.

In the market for a new hairbrush? How about The Hair Coach, a smart hairbrush from L'Oreal?

“Tune into the next episode of definitely fucking not”

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Move It or Lose It

Thursday, Jan 5: Women Grow Networking Event: Cannabis Legislative Preview

By Joshua Lee [ Wed Jan 4 2017 10:00 AM ]
Learn about current bills that could affect cannabis, hemp and the current medical cannabis program, and how to show your support or opposition to any proposed changes.
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Event Horizon
Courtesy of Sweet Weapons Facebook Page

Event Horizon

Weapons, Sweet, Weapons

Tuesday, Dec 27: Sweet Weapons • alternative • Crime Lab • The Ill Motion • pop punk • Witless

By Megan Reneau [ Mon Dec 26 2016 10:00 AM ]
Get ready to rock.
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The Daily Word in the Blood of St. Januarius, a Tiny Snowman in and Where is Santa?

By Joshua Lee [ Sat Dec 24 2016 11:29 AM ]
The Daily Word

The "Klingon Newt" and "Ziggy Stardust" snake are two of the new species discovered in Southeast Asia.

So 2016 is officially shit. Even the miraculous blood of St. Januarius failed to liquify during a Catholic ritual performed in Naples. Everyone knows that's bad news.

Some nerds built the world's smallest snowman. It measures a whole 2.7 microns high.

Having trouble getting the fam to play those new board games you'll inevitably get as a present? Here are some tips on roping them in.

Out of the dweeb closet, here I come! Here are a list of some Christmas-themed Doom mods. Enjoy.

Wondering where Santa is? Just call the North American Aerospace Defense Command and ask. There are volunteers there ready to tell you his exact location.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Lights, Lights, Action!

Saturday, Dec 24: Christmas in Corrales Balloon Glow

By Joshua Lee [ Fri Dec 23 2016 10:00 AM ]
Enjoy a balloon glow and luminaria display.
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The Daily Word in WIPP, the worst and waterflow

By August March [ Thu Dec 22 2016 1:23 PM ]
The Daily Word

Regulators with the New Mexico Department of Environment approve of re-starting operations at WIPP, a thing the US Department of Energy wants done before year's end.

Bill Jordan, the senior policy advisor at New Mexico Voices for Children, writes about our state's troubled economy in this commentary over at

Last week, 70 or more attendees of a New Mexico Department of Health Holiday Luncheon were sickened by a mysterious food-borne illness allegedly served at the catered event.

Income inequality is worse in New Mexico than in 38 other states, reports the Taos News.

New Mexico's winningest high school football coach has resigned.

A woman stopped at the Columbus, New Mexico border crossing allegedly tried to smuggle methamphetamine into this country. The drugs were hidden in rubber tubing that was part of several "dreamcatchers" found in her possession.

This recent UNM grad is also the mayor of Magdelena, New Mexico!

Two Colorado hikers who were saved by rescue teams from Kirtland Air Force Base recently visited the Duke City to say thanks.

Duke City Fix Blogger Scot Key offers readers a year-in-review article that begins locally but also goes global.

Finally, here are current waterflow conditions for streams and rivers in the State of New Mexico.

Chillin' at the top of Crossover


Powder Hound

Santa Fe is alright

By The Snow Queen [ Thu Dec 22 2016 12:29 PM ]
The Snow Queen hits the slope at Ski Santa Fe.
Event Horizon

Event Horizon

Trapped in a Box

Friday, Dec 23: A Very Stanleys Xmas Eve Eve

By Devin D. O'Leary [ Thu Dec 22 2016 12:00 PM ]
The Stanleys inverview an audience member and use that to inspire their long-form improv show.
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