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The Daily Word in Star Wars, Solar Power and Oddball Imagery

By Monica Schmitt [ Tue Apr 26 2016 12:36 PM ]
The Daily Word

Not all Internet-born relationships are doomed. If you're as lucky as this surreal pair of artists you'll find a brain as bizarre as yours. Love awaits in strange photo ops involving distortion and creepy props. Compatibility at its finest.

How does one accidentally run a half-marathon? Ask this 12-year-old.

Ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds? Fictional, right? That's what I thought, too, but don't be fooled. Behind the beady black eyes of ravens and crows are brains just as clever as chimpanzees'. I'm not saying they're planning an attack but be prepared.

One thing that Donald Trump is exceptionally good at? Playing the victim.

Thousands of animals lovers sign a petition to ban tourists riding elephants after one in Cambodia falls to his death.

A team of 5 and 6-year-olds takes home a trophy taller than themselves for winning a competitive chess competition.

I guess a bad economy (not, I don't know, slowly killing the planet) is justifiable reason for workers to quit pumping oil and switch to working with renewable resources.

Internet conspiracies are abuzz, but all we can do is wait. The only certainty: Star Wars Episode VIII is gonna be... different.

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Dream Blog #360

By Megan Reneau [ Mon Apr 25 2016 4:06 PM ]

My dog Igloo and I launch into space from the front pasture at my parents' house. It's nighttime, and the sky is a dark blue with the lights of the Milky Way dotted across the expanse. Actually, it's less of a launch and more of a jump. After we pass the atmosphere, I can't tell how much progress we're making because there's barely a breeze. It's black around us scattered with distant stars, but I still see the glow of the Earth creeping up from behind us.

I look at Igloo and pet his head. I look down at the Earth—round and innocent—and it's slowly drifting away. I notice a red string tied to my ankle and his ankle that go all the way back down to somewhere on the surface of our planet. I look up toward Mars, far in the distance, and then back to Iggy. He rolls over so I can rub his belly while we travel.

I wake up.



The Daily Word in Republicans and Lemonade

By Desiree Garcia [ Mon Apr 25 2016 3:03 PM ]
The Daily Word

Mark your calendars for May 6th!

Of course it’s true if you read it on the internet.


Ted Cruz obviously knows he doesn’t have a real chance at winning presidency.

True life: MTV Cribs is going to be on Snapchat.


Rhapsody in Burque

Chapter Three: Princess Esmeralda

By Rita Riggs [ Mon Apr 25 2016 12:28 PM ]
Our very own Rita Riggs takes us on a weekly walking tour of the more obscure Downtown Albuquerque spots.

Balloon Museum Recruiting New Volunteers

Press Release [ Sun Apr 24 2016 1:00 PM ]

The Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum is offering a new volunteer orientation and training session on Monday, May 2, 10am-4pm, and invites those interested in serving as greeters, tour guides, and education assistants to attend the session.

"Our visitation has increased nearly 20 percent since last year," said Paul Garver, Balloon Museum Manager, "which means we have lots of new opportunities for people to help our guests have an engaging and educational experience."

According to Garver, people don't need prior experience with ballooning to serve as a volunteer. "We look for people who enjoy learning, and who also enjoy sharing their knowledge with our many guests -- the residents, students, and tourists of Albuquerque."

Anyone interested in learning more and signing up for the orientation and training session may contact Laurie Magovern, Balloon Museum Educator, by calling 768-6034 or emailing


The Daily Word in Bug Brains, Nutty Princes and Trolling Caleb James

By Joshua Lee [ Sun Apr 24 2016 10:27 AM ]
The Daily Word

A Tim Burton-themed bar and by-reservation-only dining room has opened up in New York City with Burtonesque décor and foodstuffs. One more reason for me to avoid New York.

Some kid got arrested for threatening to bomb a Trump rally on Twitter. And I thought Trump supporters were crazy.

A new ABQ café called Gatos y Galletas gives customers a chance to hang out with their furry friends. It also gave me the chance to troll KOB's Caleb James (aka the Duke City Dreamboat).

Here's Tavis Smiley's full interview with Prince. Strap in for talk about angelic healing and chem trails. We'll miss you, you crazy bastard.

Two sophomores at the University of Washington have invented gloves that can convert sign language into speech or written words. I can't wait to hear the ones Russell Peters was talking about.

Although the largest insect brain is smaller than a grain of rice, researches have learned that bugs are able to make choices, meaning they might have consciousness.

A man finds a six-foot snake in his toilet, begging the question, "How much did you drink last night?"

Good luck on getting that tax return any time soon. 59,000 state returns are under scrutiny for fraud, so you have to wait on getting that new solar-powered airplane.



A Troubling Sort

By The Keeper [ Sun Apr 24 2016 12:37 AM ]

Weekly Alibi's own resident artist Rob M has decided to release his very first comic strip entitled "Meadows". You can check it out in the paper if you're a more tangible cat, but here's a web version for your viewing pleasure. A troubling sort...a meadow out of time...


Balloon Museum Presents Robotics and Rocketry Summer Camps

Press Release [ Sat Apr 23 2016 3:00 PM ]

The Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum will present a series of robotics and rocketry camps this summer in Albuquerque and other New Mexico cities in partnership with RoboRAVE International as an effort to increase science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and engagement for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Morning and afternoon sessions are available for each camp, and camps will run Monday through Friday during the weeks of June 6, 13, 20, and 27; July 11, 18, and 25; and August 1 and 8. Camps will be held in Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Moriarty, Rio Rancho, Socorro, and Tucumcari. Discounts are available for full-day enrollments, and for enrollment of more than one child, such as with a sibling or friend.

"The Balloon Museum's subject matter and iconic stature make it ideal for increasing STEM education and engagement in the community," said Paul Garver, Balloon Museum Manager. "In expanding our STEM outreach and programs, we are excited to partner with RoboRAVE International, a local educational organization with a global profile, much like the Balloon Museum."

According to RoboRAVE International Director Russ Fisher-Ives, RoboRAVE - with "RAVE" standing for "robots are very educational" - robotics and rocketry education is important because those subjects integrate science, technology, engineering and math. "RoboRAVE International aims to make robotics accessible to any kid anywhere," said Fisher-Ives. "Surveys tell us that 85% of students say STEM engagement makes a difference in whether they pursue career in those fields."

"As our partnership with RoboRAVE International develops," said Garver, "we will begin to include ballooning and other lighter-than-air challenges with robotics projects for students. This will add a dimension that helps us to achieve our mission to promote and highlight the history and science of ballooning."

Enrollment in the robotics and rocketry camps is now open. For more information and to sign up, please visit Free admission to the Balloon Museum is included for all campers and up to four guests each.


Overheard at the Front Desk

(or... I Heard It, Now You Have to Hear It)

By Missy Sweetwillow [ Sat Apr 23 2016 9:00 AM ]
Visitors of the Alibi offices be warned! You never know who's listening...

Not Your Average Dream Blog

By Megan Reneau [ Fri Apr 22 2016 4:19 PM ]

I was in New York City. I was watching a beautiful young man explain that “bucket drummers are particularly impressive because no one trains them” so very kindly to an elderly woman.

Suddenly I was in my chair at work seeing his face on my screen. “Hannibal Buress Live at The Historic El Rey Theater this Tuesday night!” the page said.

I became hot as I ferociously typed away buying tickets. Click. Click-click. Tap-tap-tap-tap. Click. CLICK.

Then I realized it wasn't a dream, but a dream come true. The brilliant comedian Hannibal Buress will be in Albuquerque Tuesday, April 26, at 7:30pm for those of us lucky sinners that are over 21.

Mr. Buress will also be in Santa Fe to perform at Skylight at 8pm, so those lucky bastards in Santa Fe get to be closer to him but it's not like it really matters because we all have the chance to absorb some of his near-perfect comedic genius.

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