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Free Stuff

If you go to Starbucks and tell them that you voted, they’ll give you a free tall coffee.

The legality of this is being questioned, so you can probably get a free coffee even if you didn’t vote.

Get a free scoop at Ben & Jerry’s between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Krispy Kreme might have a star-shaped donut for you.


Obama vs. Ice Cream

It's not voter registration fraud. New Mexico children have been casting ballots for their presidential pick since October. Every Child Matters in New Mexico teamed up with the Bernalillo County Clerk's office to offer those under the legal voting age a chance to voice their preference for the next White House occupant.

At various early voting locations in Alamogordo, Ruidoso, Roswell, Lordsburg, Deming and throughout Bernalillo County, kids voted in their own special election while parents participated in the real McCoy. The kids-only ballot included all six presidential nominees (Obama, McCain, McKinney, Nader, Baldwin and Barr—try saying that five times fast) as well as a trio of ice cream flavors (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry).

With four ballot boxes still to be counted as of Monday, Nov. 3, at 6 p.m., here are the results:


Obama: 927 votes

McCain: 360 votes

McKinney: 3 votes

Baldwin: 2 votes

Nader: 2 votes

Barr: 1 vote

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Chocolate: 387 votes

Strawberry: 307 votes

Vanilla: 275 votes

Check back for a final tally, which will be posted here as soon as Every Child Matters releases the results.


The Daily Word Weekend Edition

The Daily Word

Daylight Savings Time: Good for your heart?

Boy killed while trick-or-treating.

LANL museum won't let documentary filmmakers in.

Voter woes: Late absentee ballots in Dona Aña County.

McCain on SNL.

Redneck for Obama.

A look at the polls as Election Day nears.

A portal to the sun opens overhead.

Palin gets punked.

Cancer fighting beer?


The Daily Word 10.30.08

The Daily Word

Recession? What recession?

Um ... bailout money goes fast.

The BBC's top YouTube videos of the U.S. election season.

Taleban militants attacked the Ministry of Culture in Kabul.

Why Trick-or-Treat with the kids when you can take them along for some armed robbery?

Voter woes: Man registers dog to vote (expecting the form to be returned), now Tuckup has a voter ID. (Journal link)

Voter woahs: New Mexico Supreme Court says count every vote where the intent is clear.

Five days until the election in which Americans may vote the first African American president in history. Can we handle it?

"The Daily Show's" Wyatt Cenac sums up my current election sentiments better than I can.

And five experiments that may end the world.

Witch Hunt: Nooboo Mary

Webgame Wednesday

Halloween Edition

Let the spooky games begin!

Witch Hunt: Nooboo Mary—Not everyone loves a witch hunt on Halloween. Nooboo Mary just wants to kidnap little girls and drink their blood, but the peasants have discovered her plot and want to burn her alive. Help Nooboo Mary cast horrendous spells on the townsfolk to keep them from reaching her home and making witch toast.

Legend of the Pointy Stick—It's dark. It's strange. It's a parody. It's Halloween-enough for me. Guide the little Mario-like man through the dungeon and to the arms of Princess Love Interest with the help of a talking onion, a barely helpful hipster and a stabbing stick.

De-Animator—Because what's Halloween without a little H.P. Lovecraft?

Ummm  , post-apocalyptic wasteland

OMG, Fallout 3

As an avid fan of the Fallout series of role-playing games, I've been tracking the progress of Bethesda's Fallout 3. The original development team, Black Isle Studios, was laid off in 2003 by Interplay (the series' publisher), making the fate of Fallout 3 uncertain. In 2004, Bethesda, maker of The Elder Scrolls series, took on the project and we Fallout fans have been waiting anxiously for the game's release.

Today is the day.

I don't have a computer fast enough to run the game, nor do I own any of the major consoles, but I wanna play it now! A few reviews have come out and they're looking positive, but I'd like to get my hands on a copy and figure it out myself.

I generally don't like first-person shooters, which has been built into Fallout 3's game play, so I'm a bit wary of that particular development. Otherwise, it seems the Bethesda team has done its research to keep the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout alive. Until I scrounge up enough money for an Xbox or a new PC, I crave the opinions of those who've played it. Give them to me.

Clean Ride bike lube

Lost Luckies

Alibi Picks B-List

Halloween is a week-long holiday, really. Who won't be celebrating—at least a little bit—this weekend?

Everybody Votes

Every Child Matters in New Mexico teams up with the Bernalillo County Clerk's office to conduct a children's presidential election at five early voting site around the county. Tomorrow, Oct. 25, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., anyone under the legal voting age may cast a mock vote while their parents cast a real one. For more details, visit Every Child Matters' website here.

Pit Bull in Lipstick

No, really. Alliance for Albuquerque Animals, Burque Babes and Bullies, and Responsibly Adopting Albuquerque’s Pit Bulls present pit bull awareness day on Saturday, Oct. 25, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the West Side Community Center (1250 Isleta NW). Highlights include free pizza, giveaways, adaptable bullies and a pit bull with lipstick. Call Alliance for Albuquerque Animals at 261-9733 for details.

Bike Porn2: Bikexploitation

The Agency (114 Fourth Street NW) presents a series of short movies by various artists on the theme "bicycle exploitation" on Monday, Oct. 27, at 8 p.m. Admission is $5 if you ride your bike, $6 if you don't. Go to for all the lubed-up details.


The Daily Word 10.24.08

The Daily Word

Voter woes: People being harassed over voter registration?

More voter woes: Returned absentee ballots in Santa Fe County.

Hey. The stock markets still suck!

Sen. Obama halts his campaign to visit his sick grandmother.

Most expensive vacation ever--$30 million for 12 days in space.

And the most expensive image-crushing shopping spree ever. Oh, and this. And this, too.

A neutrino weigh-in takes place beneath the New Mexico desert. (Journal link)

A Silver City women faces eviction for possession of medical marijuana.

“Wage hike” sounds almost dirty. (Journal link)

The celebrity of teen pregnancy.

Sick orca whale euthanized in Kaua'i.

Relationships in a virtual world—gone bad.

Blender's 50 worst songs ever.

Death Dice

Webgame Wednesday

Let the ka-razy games begin!

colourPod 2: dimensionPod—Let's keep the intensity up today. In colourPod 2, you control the last dimensionPod in existence. Using the mouse, turn the pod to collect color fragments and destroy the colorless ones. Just when you think you're getting the hang of it, you learn that your enemies can come from not one, but two dimensions, forcing you to jump planes of existence to stay alive. Good luck, time-space traveler.

Death Dice—The gods are playing with your life! Avoid the falling dice and collect pills to keep your shock level down—’cause realizing there are gods and that they are after you will create a certain level of panic—but take too many and the world gets a bit crazy.

[click to enlarge]

Lost Luckies

Alibi Picks B-List

All this chilled-out weather makes me excited about the wood-burning-stove-hot-cocoa-and-a-good-book season. I think I'll get a head start this weekend.

Afro-Cuban Dance Intensive

This is the last of two weekends to catch master folklorico and rumba teacher Felix "Pupy" Insua's workshop at the Hayden School of Ballet. Check the flyer for details.

1,2,3 Whiteout

Basement Films hosts the Albuquerque premiere of 1, 2, 3, Whiteout a.k.a. The End of the Light Age, an experimental sci-fi, lo-fi tone poem feature film by director James June Schneider. Schneider will be at The Agency (111 Fourth Street NW) on Sunday, Oct. 19, at 8:15 p.m. for the screening. Admission is $6.

Ghost Story Open Mic

Come by R.B. Winning Co. on Wednesday, Oct. 22, to hear supernatural stories—or share your own—during the Storytellers of New Mexico's ghost story open mic from 7 to 9 p.m. It's free and all-ages.