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The Daily Word 10.16.08

The Daily Word

Manny Aragon dominates N.M. headlines.

And Joe the Plumber dominates national headlines. (And can he vote?)

Who won that debate anyway?

Latino voters key in New Mexico, says the L.A. Times.

What's next for Club 7?

A look at the shiny new company the American tax payers just bought.

OPEC plans a secret meeting.

I can't wait to read what Devin D. O'Leary has to say about W.

The future of newspapers is here.

What if Palin were president?

These Balls Are Made For Hiding

Webgame Wednesday

Let the ballsy games begin.

These Balls Are Made For Hiding—This webgame is like asteroids for the blind. Aim the mouse to fire a red laser beam at ... nothing. If your lucky, you'll hit one of many life-threatening orbs camouflaged in the black sky. Maybe you'll even hit a few. The goal is to clear the playing field of all the mystery spheres before they reach the bottom. The good news is you have control over how fast they travel (they only move down when you click the playing field to clear the balls you've hit), the bad news is you don't know how close they are until you've hit them. It may take a few failures to figure out.

Bounceroid 2000—Help the falling balls get to their color-coordinated home. Simple, bouncy fun.


The Daily Word 10.09.08

The Daily Word

"N.Y.C. National Debt Clock runs out of digits."

Voter woes: Thousands of eligible voters are removed from the rolls in an apparent violation of federal law.

Happy Yom Kippur.

Chicago Sheriff stops foreclosure evictions.

Albuquerque fuel prices dip below $3 in some areas. (Journal link)

Balloon Fiesta visitors are met with a plague of thievery.

Drunkbusters Hotline being "misused."

Syria is holding two American journalists after they crossed the Lebanon-Syria border with the aid of smugglers.

North Korea warns South Korea about moving its naval ship into North Korean waters.

E-mail phishing scam targets pet owners who've lost their pets.

David Kernell pleas not guilty to hacking Gov. Palin's e-mail account.

Cancer-killing virus research continues.

McCain pisses off another popular rock band for using a song.

Bowja the Ninja 2

Webgame Wednesday

Let the sequel games begin!

Bowja the Ninja 2–The first installment of Bowja the Ninja is my favorite point-and-click adventure game (after Grow, of course). This sequel is just as entertaining—everything I could want in a second helping. Help Bowja defeat the bad guy using his ninja and deadly accurate archery skills.

Bubble Tanks 2—Round two of an amusing and simple game. Control your little tank and jump from bubble to bubble destroying other tanks and collecting their power-ups. The bigger your tank gets, the more bubble-hopping mayhem you can impart on your enemies.

Lost Luckies

Alibi Picks B-list

The open ceremonies of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta are tomorrow morning promptly at 6:45 a.m. It’ll be a special shapes filled weekend. Make that weeks. Prepare yourself, Albuquerque.

New Works 4 New Mexico

FUSION Theatre Company presents the first in a series of staged readings of new work tonight at 8 p.m. with Bryan Willis' John Lennon's Gargoyle. The one-night-only reading is $5 general admission and free for students. Call 766-9412 for more info.

Hometown Triple Crown

Not a horse race, a ski and snowboard rail jam event. In October? Heck yes. NMX Sports host the event featuring skiers and riders from all over the region. There will be a pro demo tonight from 6 to 9 p.m. at Sports Systems (6915 Montgomery NE), and tomorrow, Oct. 4, the snow-covered area will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. And there'll be live bands. For more info, visit

Funny Thing

This is the last weekend to see A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum at the Albuquerque Little Theatre. If musical hilarity isn't enough to motivate you, ALT is offering two for one tickets all weekend. Call 242-4750 for reservations.


The Daily Word 10.02.08

The Daily Word

The 575 takes over on Sunday.

The new, green $700 billion bailout.

A few things to look for in tonight's V.P. debate.

Sen. Ted Stevens' indictment could be dismissed or declared a mistrial.

Congress approves a controversial nuclear deal with India. (Did you know?)


Steve Terrell digs up an interesting McCain link to New Mexico.

Española man says he didn't win the $207 million Powerball jackpot. (Me either.)

Minnows find their way around new water supply dam. (Journal link)

Study traces the origin of HIV to the early 1900s.

The N.Y.C. cop who gave the order to taser a man who then fell to his death has committed suicide.

News from Hollywood (that could affect Tamalewood): "Screen Actors Guild negotiators call for strike vote."

How to survive falling out of a plane.

Fantastic Contraption

Webgame Wednesday

Let the grab bag of games begin!

Fantastic Contraption—Fantastic, indeed! The goal is to get a red object (sometimes a square, others a circle) from one point on the map to another. At your disposal are various tools, including a series of wheels, rods and an endless supply of retries. Incredibly entertaining. My high school physics teacher would be proud.

Ninja Glove—Using your lightning fast ninja skills, get through all 21 mini-games as quickly as you can to earn the title of ninja master. Remember to breathe—oxygen is key to being ninja.


10 Gnomes: Episode 9—The latest installation in a hit series of hide-and-seek webgames. Scroll around, look for the gnomes, get crazy! (I still despise the music.)

Lost Luckies

Alibi Picks B-List

Tonight, tune in here for our live-blogging commentary on the presidential debates. Should be a humdinger. The rest of your weekend is up to you.

New Best Friend

Get something really cuddly at Animal Humane's Adopt-a-thon today until 7 p.m. or tomorrow, Sept. 27, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 615 Virginia SE. Hundreds of four-legged pets are available for adoption at the discounted rate of $50. Sorry, no kangaroos.

Carnuel Road Parade and Fiesta

It's a parade and fiesta, what more need be said? OK, maybe location info. The parade starts at 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 27, from the Wells Park Community Center and runs along Mountain to Tiguex Park. The fiesta begins at noon in the northwest corner of Tiguex. Now, go!


Grab your GPS and join in the hunt at the Open Space Visitor Center (6500 Coors NW) on Saturday, Sept. 27, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Call 247-1191 to register, or visit Check for more info.


The Daily Word 09.25.08

The Daily Word

Bush calls Obama and McCain to the White House to discuss the $700 billion bailout.

Meanwhile, one Treasury spokeswoman told "[The bailout's] not based on any particular data point. We just wanted to choose a really large number."

And one Congressional hopeful works to draw a lawsuit claiming the bailout’s unconstitutional.

This is just what local mortgage owners want to hear right now.

U.S. troops prepare for new mission ... on U.S. soil?

New South African president is sworn in.

Horse boarder Pat McCraw says the shooting of an Arabian in her corral was a "message" about her community activism. (Journal link)

McCain's a no-show on Letterman, does Couric interview instead.

More info on the Rail Runner to Santa Fe.

Fire at Brian O'Brien's Pub.

Safe haven law is creating a new outlet for deadbeat parents.

Taser use is in the news again following the death of a Brooklyn man who fell from a building ledge after being tasered by police.

What's the difference between a pit bull and a soccer mom? A pistol.

Loops of Zen

Webgame Wednesday

Let the moment-of-zen games begin.

Loops of Zen—Let your mind wonder to a place outside yourself with the aid of Loops of Zen. The objective is to rotate all the pieces on the board to make endless loops, but there's no time or movement limit, allowing your mind to be lost in the pursuit of oblivion. Now relax ...

Compulse—Like Loops, Compulse has an objective but no real limits, only perceived ones. Help the green ball travel from it's point of origin to the awaiting exit using directional boxes that affect the ball's movement. You can use all the time, tries and boxes you'd like, but there is a "pro" and "par" indicator on the bottom for those who'd like more challenge.