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Alibi Picks

Routed Romance

Vino on the Rio Singles Bike Tour

In September of 1978, Queen staged an infamous nude, female-only bicycle race to promote their double A-side single "Bicycle Race"/"Fat Bottomed Girls," proving once and for all that bicycles and romance go together perfectly. Whether you are single or in a relationship this Valentine's weekend, look towards the Bosque and a shiny two-wheeler to fulfill all of your romantic hopes. Routes Rentals and Tours, which opened in Old Town in 2011, is hosting two different tours this V-day, as well as on Saturday and Sunday. The "Romance on the Rio" couples tour takes travelers along some of the most romantic spots along the Rio Grande to experience spectacular landscapes, Valentine's folklore and New Mexican architecture. For single ladies and gents, the "Vino on the Rio" takes un-attached riders to the idyllic Casa Roneña Winery for a full wine tasting and tour. All tours end up back at Routes headquarters where participants can enjoy goodies such as hot cocoa and locally-made gourmet chocolates. Visit for full tour information and pricing options. Routes Rentals and Tours • Thu Feb 14 • 11 am • $25-$30 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar

Alibi Picks

Up, Up and Away

Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally

What's steamy, fun, romantic and … inflatable? A hot air balloon, of course! Get into the Valentine's spirit this weekend with the Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally at the Balloon Fiesta Park. This playful Valentine's-themed event is produced and sponsored by the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association and will feature competition races, special shapes and the flight of nearly 135 balloons. Launch time is 7 a.m. both tomorrow and Sunday and admission is free. So bundle up, make some hot cocoa, shake your spouse and/or kids out of bed and spend a morning enjoying one of our great state's most celebrated traditions. Balloon Fiesta Park • Sat Feb 9 • 7 am • FREE • View on Alibi calendar


Alibi Picks

View from Afar

Earth From Space

Sometimes, in order for something to be seen clearly, we need to take a step back and look at it from a distance, with a new perspective. The same goes for our planet. Since the first color image of the world from space was captured from a NASA weather capsule in 1967, scientists have been using such data to better understand life on earth. Tomorrow, the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History will open an exhibit titled Earth from Space. This 20-poster set features beautiful images from across the globe that illustrate how satellite imagery is gathered, what sorts of technologies are used to gather it, and how this information is used to better mankind's understanding of the third rock from the sun. The display is available for view daily through April, and admission is $8 for adults and $7 for students, seniors and youth. National Museum of Nuclear Science and History • Sat Feb 2 • 9 am-5 pm • $7-$8 • View on Alibi calendar

Oh won’t you be my (winner of the) Valentine (card contest)?

Get your submissions in for our 10th annual creative round up

A childhood spent gluing 30 heart-shaped suckers to the backs of 30 Scooby Doo fill-in-the-blank Valentines year after year has left me itching for some creativity in the V-day card realm. What a privilege it is, then, to be able to participate in judging the famous, fabulous annual Alibi Valentine’s Day Card Contest. And if last year’s entries are any indicator of just how artistic and lovey (or sometimes not) this city is, then we are in for a true treat. The entry deadline is Monday at 4 p.m. so plan on spending your weekend waist-deep in glitter, decoupage, tiny cupid-shaped stencils and whatever other supplies get you in the mood.

Squash pie
Ari LeVaux


Happy National Pie Day, Everybody!

Grab a slice, enjoy your life

The American Pie Council (APC) invites lovers of all things delicious, warm, buttery and hearty (seriously, who doesn’t love pie?) to commemorate this glorious occasion. How will you celebrate? Take a trip to Pie Town, New Mexico? Bake a round of apple, blackberry, pecan or chocolate goodness? Since we’re New Mexicans, does Frito pie count?

Albuquerque blogger, award-winning baker and pie advocate Rebecca Jo Dakota suggests the 10 best ways to celebrate the day on her website It’s certainly not too late to turn this otherwise-ordinary Wednesday into a truly delectable tradition.

Alibi Picks

Musical Academia

Schoolhouse Rock Live

Oh "Schoolhouse Rock," what would my childhood have been without you? Those who grew up on the program know how much of their comprehension of conjunctions, bones, and the electoral college can be attributed to its catchy, education tunes. The Emmy-Award winning Saturday-morning cartoon series has been teaching lessons on history, grammar, math and politics since the 1970's. The classic stories and favorite songs are now making their way to the Albuquerque stage with "Schoolhouse Rock Live." Follow the story of Tom, a nervous school teacher just trying to relax with a bit of television, as he is bombarded with facets of his personality who emerge to show him how to win his students over with imagination and music. Visit for tickets and more information on this family-friendly show. The Box Performance Space and Improv Theatre • Fri Jan 18 • 6 pm • $10 • View on Alibi calendar

Alibi Picks

Exploración del Espacio

New Mexico’s Century of Leadership in Space Exploration

In 1930, Robert H. Goddard relocated to Roswell, New Mexico where he spent 15 years testing and launching 31 different rockets. So began the history of rocketry in our great state. For the last 83 years, dedicated and talented engineers, scientists, mathematicians, researchers, and civilians have made strides in space emergencies, UFO research, human spaceflight development and beyond. Loretta Hall, award-winning space ambassador and author of Out of This World: New Mexico’s Contributions to Space Travel, will be giving a presentation on New Mexico's contributions to the world of space exploration over the last century, and the exciting continuation of these efforts through Spaceport America. The lecture is free and open to the public, and copies of Hall's book will be available for purchase. Old San Ysidro Church, Corrales • Thu Jan 17 • 7 pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar

2 p.m. Slump

Killer Cuteness of the Day

Adorable dogs interrupt international soccer game

There isn’t too much that can be said about this video…except that even when dogs ruin everything, they still make it all better. It’s not certain how these two pups made it onto the field during this match between the Turkish team Galatasaray and Germany's VfR Aalen. This fact somehow makes it all the more cute.

Alibi Picks

An International Stage

Revolutions International Theatre Festival kick-off party

This weekend marks the beginning of the Tricklock Theatre Company's 12th annual Revolutions International Theatre Festival. Each year, artists from around the globe gather to participate in giving audiences an unforgettable experience with performances, workshops and special events. Tonight, Tricklock invites you to help kick off the festival with a bang. Party attendees receive a special swag bag, a performance preview, gourmet food and free drinks. Starting at 8:30, the bar will be open to the public for a rockin' dance party with a cash bar, munchies and live music. Visit for more details and help support local, national and international theatre. ArtBar • Tue Jan 15 • 7 pm • $20-$25 • View on Alibi calendar

3 p.m. Slump

Happy Birthday, Nicolas Cage!

49 never looked so cool

This was a tough task for me—narrowing down which Nicolas Cage photo and video were most appropriate for celebrating this glorious day. How does one choose between the bakery scene from Moonstruck (see 2:43 for “I lost my hand, I lost my bride!”), The Evolution of Nicholas Cage’s Hair, Nic as every dwarf from The Hobbit and then, of course, we have Andy Samberg as Nicolas Cage.

After much perusing and much thought, it has come down to this: a magical rendition of “Sexy and I Know it” and a picture of Nicolas Cage as Yoda.