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White v Roy G Biv: The rainbow man cometh

The Alibi has just learned that Albuquerque police arrested the man they say is street artist Nese. He's been charged with vandalism in connection with several rainbows painted on Downtown buildings.

Early last month, after one of the rainbows appeared on the Anasazi building at Sixth and Central, APD began to search for the artist.

Keep an eye out for next week's Alibi. We've been investigating this art for a few weeks and just might have some surprises for you. We'll also keep following it and keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Go to war, get shot at and live to tell about it

By now, pretty much all of us who are going to read the Rolling Stone article that caused General McCrystal to resign his post at the helm of the Afghanistan war have done so. The writer, Michael Hastings, is unlikely to write another piece like it for some time. He's just been denied an embed by the Department of Defense.

Luckily, journalists Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger (the guy who wrote The Perfect Storm) had a 10 month embed in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley back in 2008. They took with them video equipment and have directed a powerful war documentary, Restrepo.

I realize, a lot of people head to the movies to escape and Restrepo doesn't allow for that. Sure, it's in an unfamiliar world and about experiences that aren't, for most of us, everyday. But its story of a small group of soldiers who engage in gunfights every day and who, on more than one occasion, lose a member of their team is too real to ignore. One could easily say that of course it's too real, it's a documentary, but so was The King of Kong, and that sucker doesn't feel real at all. What makes Restrepo so powerful is that the filmmakers don't judge their subjects from a healthy distance. Instead, they climb into the foxhole with them as the same bullets whizz by their rolling cameras.

Restrepo opens tonight at the Century 14 Downtown and, because it's the downer flick of the year, probably won't be around all that long. That's a damn shame though. This movie is amazing and demonstrates, through a first hand account, of just how many resources are being wasted in Afghanistan. Despite having spent more than a trillion dollars on the almost decade old war, the troops in Restrepo don't have a lot of resources. (By the way, they're also not being paid all that great either.)

Whether you're for the war or against it, Restrepo, named after the base at which the troops are stationed (which, in turn, was named for one of those killed in the valley), gives a view of war most of us wouldn't want to see first hand.

The Daily Word 8.6.2010: Poop my ride, lady bits, baby Hitler

The Daily Word

There's a new lady holding court. Supreme, yo.

And you thought your VW was shitty...

Parents name their kids the darndest things.

Woo hoo! Less terrorism.

Conservatives mess with a news site that isn't Fox.

Sean Penn calls bullshit on Wyclef Jean's bid for president of Haiti. But why, Sean Penn? Wyclef already has a mistress whose been paid off by his foundation. He's perfect for politics.

Peeps be getting stabbed and shot in the face in New Mexico. Stay classy!

Little girl lemonade stand shut down. Lemonade is, after all, a gateway sales tool.

65 years ago a little city in Japan was decimated.

People suck at spelling, study says.



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South Park


Fat Man and Little Boy go camping in Chimayo

This Friday marks the 65th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, with the anniversary of Nagasaki's bombing on Monday. To protest the continued procurement of nuclear weapons, Think Outside the Bomb are camping near Los Alamos. Their website, has directions to the camp if anyone out there is looking to make their weekend in the woods more politically active.

If you're not real outdoorsy, check out John Hersey's Hiroshima. It's an amazing book, which appeared as an article in the New Yorker's August 31, 1946 issue. In fact, it was such a powerful story, editors dedicated the entire issue to it, forgoing their cartoons or any other articles.

Another of my faves about the aftermath of World War II is John W. Dower's Embracing Defeat. It's not an uplifting book but it creates a vivid post-war world in your mind.

Of course, 65 is often cited as retirement age (though that's not exactly true these days), which gives Think Outside the Bomb's protest a little more of a "Happy Retirement Fat Man and Little Boy" feel.


Wasting time, the way only lawmakers can

Yesterday, I heard on the radio that Gov. Richardson might issue a pardon for Billy the Kid. Yes, that Billy, the one who murdered a few people back in the 1880s and became a legend. My first instinct was to ignore it. But I can't, it keeps coming up. Today, KOB has a whole, long article about the history of the conflict. It's good, read it. I don't want to rehash it.

My point is, SERIOUSLY? The governor of New Mexico actually has time to sit around and think about this? Clearly, the answer is yes. He also, in 2003, let the Lincoln County sheriff to reopen the case as to whether Billy the Kid was actually shot by Pat Garrett or whether Garrett shot someone else and Billy escaped.

If I was 8-years-old, I would totally want the outlaw to win, even a hundred years later. But I'm a grownup now, and wish lawmakers would spend their time more productively, say helping victims of domestic violence or issuing pardons to people who are alive and jailed wrongfully.

But, I'm optimistic and probably a cranky-pants. Please, if you think the Kid should have his name cleared, explain to me why in the comments. I really do want to understand why anyone cares.


The Daily Word 7.30.2010: Sexting, parking tickets and sharks

The Daily Word

News you can use: keep your sexts private!

Road trip! Saturdays and Sundays only.

The Paolo Soleri closes with Love-ett.

Don't even think about being naughty in Russia.

Prisoners don't wear Prada.

It's Shark Week, in Albuquerque.

This guy is lucky he didn't get keyed.

Will someone clone me a cute matador next?

Diane Denish flys like P-Diddy. Maybe she can buy jet fuel with food stamps.

Space debris.

Get your learn on, New Mexico.

Soda is gross.


Adventures on Central

While enjoying a Camel Wide in the shade at Fifth and Central, just a few minutes ago, I was joined by a tattooed young man with a cigarette of another kind.

"You wanna get fucked up?" he asked.

Surprised by the after school special moment I was having I responded, "um, no thanks."

"Why not man? It's so hot."

"Uh...I've got to go back to work in a minute," I told to my new "friend."

"Oh? Where you work?" he asked, oddly sheepish for someone trying to sell me weed on a busy street.

"At the newspaper right there," I said, hoping he'd split.

And he did. Woah. I didn't expect "newspaper" to cause so much fear in the heart of one pot dealer.

With barely a goodbye, my chances of afternoon typos and zone outs vanished down the street, looking for another mark.

At least I don't look like a narc. Must be the braids I'm sporting today.


The Daily Word 07.23.10: Emcore gun update, squirrel beer and Darth Vader

The Daily Word

Your big dreams of buying a movie studio cheap have been foiled again. Drat!

$60 billion will buy you more war though.

If that doesn't work, dress up like Darth Vader, he'll get the cash.

New trend: Intoxicants in random things.

Dating in NYC sounds creepy.

People wear ugly shoes. All the time.

As rapper Peaches teaches, Stay in school, 'cause it's the best.

The gun used at Emcore was legal.

Some haters crashed the Comic-con. Lame, dude.


Fighting graffiti with beauty in Bangalore!

Fresh off the awesome Exit Through the Gift Shop, which I finally got around to last night, I've got street art on the brain.

First, let me just expound, briefly, on the sweetness of this movie. It was totally sweet. And this comes from someone who is tired of hearing about Shepard Fairey and hopes the AP takes him down for lying about which Obama image he culture jammed. So, when I saw Fairey come on the screen, I let out a tiny groan. But it was cool, because he turned out to be less of a tool than I thought, but not rad enough to change my mind about the guy. The flick mostly revolves around Mr. Brainwash, who is clearly, at least in some aspect, made up. Anyway, read Devin D. O'Leary's review of the movie if you want more.

I wasn't even going to bring Exit up until I saw these fantastic murals that are coving Bangalore, India. From the Telegraph, "authorities say they plan to extend the scheme to cover virtually every city wall." They're sick of graffiti and are doing something about it. Check out the elephant on roller skates, he's my favorite.

So, the point is: Street art kicks-ass, if it's art and not just some nickname you made up for yourself. If you're sporting a spray can, do something beautiful, please.

Oh, and if anyone knows who did those killer rainbows downtown, tell them I'm looking for them. It's all on the down low, of course.