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The Daily Word in restaurants, mental illness and 100,000 porcelain skulls

The Daily Word

You voted. We tallied. Scope the results of the Alibi's 2013 Best of Burque Restaurants poll. Categories include: Gluttony, Around the World, A.M., P.M., No Bones About It, The Sweet Stuff, State Treasures and Best of the Rest.

Our fall editorial intern, Rebecca Gonzales, profiles local storyteller and publisher Ungelbah Davila.

Test your knowledge of New Mexico current affairs and pop culture with this week's Crib Notes.

Peruse Devin D. O'Leary's cinematic picks from the jam-packed 11th Annual Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival schedule in Gay for Play.

In recognition of Mental Illness Awareness Week, I share my diagnosed acronyms and an eclectic playlist, Black Eyed Dog and Yellow Wallpaper, themed on the subject of mental illness.

Get your guffaw on during the 2nd Annual Comedy Awareness Week.

Election fatigue be damned! On Tuesday, Nov. 19, a citywide election will decide both the Council runoff in District 7 and a proposed late-term abortion ban.

LANL will cease operations if the shutdown continues through next Friday.

Alibi media partner La Jicarita takes a critical look at new media outlet New Mexico Watchdog.

Can't travel to Singapore to see artist Nino Sarabutra's "What Will You Leave Behind?" Neither can I, but the idea of an artist inviting observers to walk across more than 100,000 porcelain skulls is symbolically intriguing. And you can participate in the exhibit's online gallery of thoughts and photos.

Alibi Picks

3rd Annual Indie/Punk/Electronic Music Festival Puts the Electro in Shiprock

The third annual Indie/Punk/Electronic Music Festival happens mañana in Shiprock, N.M. The three-day fest features more than 20 bands, DJs, barbeque and an underground fashion show curated by Naïve Visual Communications. Admission to the all-ages fest is $4 per day, but don't forget to bring some cash for band merch and fest t-shirts. Shouldn't-miss sets include Bigawatt's bass/noise rap, Ryan Dennison's rez-surf noise, Lo-Cash Ninjas' ska/ninja-core, Discotays' queer post-punk, Horse Thief's joyless ambient noise, Bat Vomit's grrl-punk, Chloe's lo-fi punk and Sara Century's weirdo-noise. If you're up for an electrifying road trip, scope the full deets online. This is a drug and alcohol-free event, so be prepared to get high exclusively on art and sound. All the excitement happens at The MOD (Highway 64 East in Shiprock, next to 7/11). The MOD, Shiprock • Fri Oct 4 • 6pm • $4 • View on Alibi calendar


The Daily Word in balloons, zines and government shutdown

The Daily Word

Scope our Insider's Guide to Balloon Fiesta, y'all. Both veteran and neophyte balloonatics can learn something from Prêt-à-Porta Potty, our Fiesta picks and, natch, the schedule of events.

Are honeybees alchemists? Amelia Olson investigates.

Get your RDI of New Mexico News.

All hail Crib Notes aka the triumphant return of our weekly current affairs pop quiz.

We celebrate self-published micro lit by interviewing ABQ Zine Fest founder Marya Errin Jones in preview of this weekend's third annual fest.

Boost your post-"Breaking Bad" mood by dining at the IRL versions of BrBa's culinary landscape.

Sonic doc Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me captures the supernova-like career of a seminal pop-rock band.

This week's Four Up covers: modern jazz; hip-hop; ’70s garage/protopunk trio Death documentary, A Band Called Death; and The Legendary Pink Dots.

Alibi media partner La Jicarita weighs in on the hands-on/hands-off wildfire management debate.

What does the government shutdown mean for New Mexico? Business First and the Journal explore the topic.

Alibi Picks

Our Haunted Sister

Orange Goblin • Holy Grail • heavy metal • Lazer/Wulf • experimental metal

London-based stoner metal stalwart Orange Goblin has been wrecking necks for 18 years. In its first year, the band went by the moniker Our Haunted Kingdom, but since '95, the name Orange Goblin has been synonymous with oh-so-heavy. Check out some of the group's seven full-lengths—Frequencies from Planet Ten, Time Travelling Blues, Coup de Grace and Healing Through Fire are personal faves—and experience the fearsome foursome live at Sister (407 Central NW) tonight. Admittance to the 21-and-over gig—also featuring Holy Grail and Lazer/Wulf—is 10 bones. Pop in your earplugs and start drooling over OG vocalist Ben Ward's luscious locks at 9pm. Sister • Tue Oct 1 • 9pm • $10 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar


The Daily Word in election, Tex-Mex-Thai and "The Thrill-Kill State"

The Daily Word

Voter turnout in Albuquerque municipal elections is dismal. According to this City chart, less than 14 percent of registered voters rocked the ballot box in 2011; in 2009, less than 30 percent of registered voters fulfilled their civic duty. The business of running and strategizing financial growth, allotment of social services and general rule-making in our fair city are at the heart of these elections, and you should care about that. With an anti-choice special election and Bosque development planning on the horizon, you should also care who represents your voice on issues ranging from reproductive justice to environmental planning. So scope the Alibi's premasticated 2013 municipal election digest before heading to the polls. ... and please use your voice, citizens.

Kristi D. Lawrence shares insight into local photographer/artist Margot A. Geist's incendiary matchbox artwork in The World Inside.

Rudi Thornburgh waxes poetic about legendary musician Billy Cobham in preview of his Spectrum 40 tour, hitting the KiMo this weekend. Learn more in Billy Cobham's Fierce Fusion.

Does Tex-Mex-Thai sound too good to be true? Ari LeVaux's review of Thai Saweiy may change your dinner plans.

Conservation groups concerned about New Mexico prairie dog and coyote-killing contests band together to propose new monikers for our state. Front runners include old standby "Land of Entrapment," "The Thrill-Kill State" and "New Mexico: We'll Blow You Away."


The Daily Word in porn, nukes and bow ties

The Daily Word

We all know about the NM Supreme Court's reversal of the Guild Cinema's Pornotopia conviction by now; but what does the decision actually mean for Pornotopia and the 505? Find out in Beyond Pleasuredome.

Alibi alum and ACLU-NM Director of Public Policy Steven Robert Allen talks with Jesse Tyler Ferguson, of "Modern Family," about bow ties, marriage equality and more in this week's feature, Wedding Bells.

Contributing writer Mike Smith previews Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser's newest, a nuclear treatise titled Command and Control. And I whipped up an absurd, kitschy atomic playlist.

Rebecca Gonzales, this semester's fearless editorial intern, wrote a fantastic article on the fourth annual Gatas y Vatas, a solo women's music fest. Read all about it in Gatas Sing Outside the Box.

Rest in peace, Jane Blume. Blume was a former general manager of KUNM and a tireless volunteer.

KOB's Stuart Dyson states the obvious about a newish tourism vid starring Downtown, noting that there aren't any "panhandlers or sleeping winos," but dare I suggest that the biggest problem facing Downtown is a heartbreaking absence of a working mental health care system? Yes, I dare.

I'm not a big fan of the papacy, but Pope Francis is beginning to win me over.


The Daily Word in food trucks, Voodoo mixtape and District 2 forum

The Daily Word

Scope the Alibi's 2013 Food Truck Field Guide: Gail Guengerich stalks the wild food truck. Eric Castillo reports on challenges faced by mobile restaurant entrepreneurs.

Devin D. O'Leary chats with Ghoul Skool, one of the media archeologists behind Everything is Terrible!

Soundtrack your triskaidekaphobia or a The Thirteen Club-themed dinner party with our Voodoo ritual mixtape. Suggested party decor includes piles of spilled salt, jars of well water infused with Mercury dimes, glitter and red brick dust—sub tonic water for glow-in-the-dark fun—and vévés.

Mark Lopez interviews ¡Ask a Mexican! author and OC Weekly Editor Gustavo Arellano about Chicano art and la raza.

Ever-tasteful UK rag The Daily Mail revealed its Lego-esque, Breaking Bad-themed crystal meth lab. In other BrBa news, show memorabilia, including furniture, art and maybe even Hank's minerals will sell from 9am to noon on Saturday; learn more here.

ISO District 2 political engagement today? Around, say, 6:30pm? Consider this community calendar pick to learn more about The Three Rs: roundabouts, revitalizations and the Rio Grande.


The Daily Word in Smokey Bear, stoner metal and Zozobra

The Daily Word

The US Forest Service has a storied history of paternalism and mismanagement in northern New Mexico forests. Alibi media partner La Jicarita makes the case against outmoded and ineffective forestry management in "Only You Can Stop the Forest Service."

Get your RDI of New Mexico News in Alibi's biweekly serialization, courtesy of author Mike Smith and artist ¡Brapola!

Scope Four Up to fulfill your doom/stoner metal, freewheelin' improv, classical and trombone live music wants. Now with A/V previews!

A 7-year-old first-grader brought a loaded .40 caliber Glock to class yesterday.

Slate examines New Mexico's path to legal same-sex marriage.

The Grey Lady reports on recent, tasteless anti-abortion protests here in Burque.

The City's plan to "improve" the Bosque meets hundreds-strong opposition.

In the mood to yell "Burn him"? Witness the fiery demise of Old Man Gloom in Santa Fe tonight. The Kiwanis Club halved ticket prices this year, so general admission is only 10 bucks, and kids aged 10-and-under get in free. For more deets, check out KOB-TV's website and this New Mexican editorial. If you can't make it, there's always the South Valley-based El Kookooee in late October.


The Daily Word in marriage equality, behavioral health audit lawsuit and ballet on knifepoint

The Daily Word

New Mexico County Clerks vote to seek ruling by the State Supreme Court on issuance of same-sex marriage licenses.

On Wednesday the State Supreme Court denied two Santa Fe plaintiffs' lawyer's request to consolidate current and future gay marriage cases and assign them to a single judge, calling the request "moot."

State Senator William Sharer (R) published a poorly argued and thoroughly offensive blog on same-sex marriage. Excerpts include: "Sex between a man and a woman produces babies – society needs babies – babies need both moms and dads" and "Alexander [the Great] may have engaged in homosexual activity, but he married a woman. He directed his officers to stop 'whoring' around and find a local woman to marry."

Tres Amigas proposes underground New Mexico Express line to connect Four Corners area power generators to the Texas grid and southern New Mexico.

Scope Alibi contributing writer Nora Hickey's excellent arts feature on Justin St. Germain's memoir, Son of a Gun. Read all about it in Beyond Legend.

New Mexico In Depth and Las Cruces Sun-News filed a joint lawsuit on Tuesday pushing for the public release of audit records used by the New Mexico Human Services Department to suss out "credible allegations of fraud" against 15 behavioral health care providers.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, your moment of a ballerina dancing—in pointe shoes extended by kitchen knives—on a piano.


The Daily Word in marriage equality, NIMBY and Kurt Vile

The Daily Word

At 8am on Wednesday, Aug. 21, Doña Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins announced his office would begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Couples traveled to Las Cruces from all over New Mexico to enshrine their love in the eyes of the law; by close of business, 42 same-sex couples had taken the matrimonial plunge.

Barron Jones reports on the controversy over the New Mexico Corrections Department's plans to centralize and consolidate services for probationers in Downtown's Plaza Maya building.

Mark Lopez raps with Kurt Vile about parenthood, music and schnitzel. See Kurt Vile and the Violators at Sister (407 Central NW) on Friday, Aug. 23. Geoffrey Plant reviews Antenna to the Afterworld, the latest from show opener Sonny & the Sunsets.

Wikileaks saga protagonist Bradley Manning comes out as transgender, and asks that appropriate pronouns and the name Chelsea be used to refer to her henceforth.

State regulators say that Kirtland's jet fuel plume cleanup must take a more aggressive tack.

New Mexico Mercury Publisher Benito Aragon urges lawmakers to resist the conservative, corporate agenda and pursuant pressure from groups like American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Congrats to Rebel Donut on their doughnut-makin' contest triumph on Food Network's "Donut Showdown."

New Mexico In Depth poses and attempts to answer the top 10 questions about the State's behavorial health provider Medicaid freeze.

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