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Thursday, August 28


SCAVENGER HUNT, Saturday, September 27th, 10AM to 2PM, 1103 Texas N.E. Use a clue sheet, find Albuquerque landmarks, take a selfie.


Wednesday, September 10


By NM author Jay Cutts. Available at: or on Amazon. An Amazon Breakthrough Novel Quarterfinalist, Death by Haggis is a tongue in cheek detective novel inspired by the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest for the "opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels." Until the day Jane Hamchester walked into his squalid office, the highlight of Detective Sam Barlow's life had been a particularly good tuna sandwich. Now he is charged with trying to save the life of the only woman he ever, uhm, thought was really swell. His only problem is that there are no clues, other than the nonsensical utterances of a dying man. Barlow's desperate search takes him first to Scotland and then to the Aegean. But time is running out. Not only for Jane but for the human race. Barlow's only possible hope lies at the bottom of an ancient cavern, a remnant from the time when a different kind of human populated the Earth, a kind of human that could have saved mankind. Alas, they are long extinct. Or are they? [email reply]


Wednesday, August 13


at Malarky's 25 Hotel Circle 87123 Sunday August 24th 9:00 pm. Authentic Traditional, Raw, Hard Core, Down and Dirty Blues.

Shout Outs

Sunday, September 14


Expo Fright Fest Needs Volunteers 18 & Up (Expo New Mexico 300 San Pedro Dr NE ABQ ) If you can Build? Know how to use a Stapler and Put up Plastic? Plus you know how to Scare People? Then we need YOU!!! Call 505 450 6421 and ask for Ronny 6 hrs = A pair of tickets for the Dragons House of Horror
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