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 Apr 14 - 20, 2005 
The stretch of Louisiana between I-40 and  Menaul has some of the worst air quality in the city. And 25 years after the Uptown Sector Plan was created, efforts are finally underway to make the area more pedestrian friendly?
Singeli Agnew


Leaving a Footprint

Coronado Mall's plan for redevelopment raises air quality questions

By Christie Chisholm

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Thin Line

By Tim McGivern

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The vacant land sandwiched between Coronado and Winrock Malls is destined to become a mixed-use urban village. Meanwhile, the project managers, Hunt-Uptown, are causing a fuss over Coronado Mall’s redevelopment plans across the street.
Singeli Agnew

Council Watch

Billions and Billions of Bills

By Laura Sanchez
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Ortiz y Pino

What Makes Us Think We're a Culture of Life?

By Jerry Ortiz y Pino

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Odds & Ends

By Devin D. O'Leary

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Follow the Money

Campaign contributions put legislation into perspective

By Jim Scarantino

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