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Alibi Billboard ads are text-based ads you can design yourself. They are sold on a first come, first served basis. All others are placed on a waiting list. The deadline is 3:00 pm on the Friday before publication.
PLEASE NOTE: medical cannabis ads are not accepted using this form, nor are ads with graphics (display ads). These ads can be placed by calling the ad department at 505-346-0660 x235.
$20/line (16 characters per line)

$15/line (24 characters per line)

Large Text
$15/line (28 characters per line)

$12/line (30 characters per line)

Small Text
$12/line (40 characters per line)

Colored Text - $5/line
Colored Background - $15

DEADLINE: The deadline for an online-submitted ad to make it into the print edition of Weekly Alibi is Friday at 3 p.m.

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Build your Billboard Ad below
Step 1 - Select how many lines you want (you may change later)
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Step 2 - Enter text, size and color for each line
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Maximum 36 character for text size
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line 1 text color

line 2 text

Maximum 36 character for text size
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line 3 text

Maximum 36 character for text size
line 3 text size/line price
line 3 text color

Step 3 - Select a background color (optional)
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Step 4 - Select number of weeks you want your ad to run
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Please note! Your ad will run in the next available issue unless you specify a different issue date in the box below.

Special Instructions (e.g. alternate start date):
Step 5 - Preview your ad, your costs, proceed to checkout below
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