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"I Saw You" at Cheba Hut

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Kali Mist to go - Come back!

Monday morning, you came to Cheba Hut for a Kali Mist—no jalapenos. I wanted to get your name and number to see you again; then your order came up and you were gone. Come back soon to give this Cheba employee a smile.

At the Circle K

Me: Pajamas and an oversized sweater, buying energy drinks.

You: Ring me up and comment on my Zelda wallet.

Why don't we Link up sometime? I'd love to see your triforce.

From the Bosque rally @ the ABQ Museum in Sept., to the Westside La Montanita Co-op in Nov....

You were even more lovely this Saturday afternoon in the Westside Co-op than at the Bosque rally back in September. Our eyes didn't meet, but I know you saw me, and I was dazzled by you, brief though the glimpse was. We may never cross paths again, but if we do, please know I will yet be stricken with admiration and wonderment.


"I Saw You" at the Bus Stop

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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You over-shopped

I picked you up at the bus stop. Arms full from over-shopping. Me in red pickup, you beautiful and from Ukrain. You "Sam," me "James." Let's go for pizza and see the sights. Just maybe a day of hanging out or seeing a movie. When I dropped you off at the apts we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. I would love to see you again.

Haunted by Halloween

Halloween 2013. You were in a dark gray four door truck, speeding recklessly, possibly drunk, down Montano heading east. Me, I was in a four door sedan that braked just in time to not get t-boned, but instead collided with the driver's side of your truck. Not only did you drive away after a hit and run leaving me speechless, injured and in shock—you ruined my Halloween, totaled my car, and made it impossible to take my five-year-old nephew trick or treating. May karma forever haunt you.

Of Human Bondage…

Seeing you always brings it all back.

“A lady of curve and composure,

was loathe to forsake her enclosure,

but reading this dirge

she soon had the urge

to welcome licentious exposure.

A man robust and not unattractive

to her was visibly reactive

and fickle fate, decreed on that date

his heart be thereafter her captive.”

Alemana: Que Bien Contigo A Solas!

Nurse Ratched—VA Med Center

We got to our vehicles at the same time. I offered to let you go first. I didn't have use of my bandaged left arm, but you were carrying a large plant. You said I should go first. Just as I was trying to get into my Corolla with a lot of pain and difficulty, you opened your Canyonero XL's door, making it harder for me to open my door all the way. You laughed and said ""You need a bigger car"", WTF? Did you steal the plant from a dead or comatose veteran? Wouldn't surprise me at all, sadist!


"I Saw You" at the Wrong Birthday Party

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

Happy bouncy birthday

I was at the wrong party, but everyone was lovely. It was your birthday. Your friend told me to give you my phone number, but when I left you were surrounded with affection and I felt shy. If you wanted my number, find me.

Kamikaze Bicyclist

You, clueless, reckless MORON on a bicycle turning in front of me just as I was turning right with my signal on for a while, 10/23 at 7:15pm. I realize you MORONS think that traffic rules don't apply to you, and you think they apply to motor vehicle drivers only. Next time you do that, I hope you won't be so lucky and the driver won't stop in time. You shouldn't be allowed to propagate your low IQ DNA. Want to be treated like a pedestrian? Walk! Like a vehicle? Follow the rules of the road!

Bye-bye my bootcamp boy

You were getting ready to leave for bootcamp. My insecurities couldn't keep me from seeing you one more time. I tried to look my best for you. You always said none of that matters. We missed our movie, my shoe broke, we went the wrong way on a one way, and a car almost hit us. I can honestly say, I never smiled so much! I don't know how to say how I feel. Just know, I've always wanted you, and only you, since I laid my eyes on you. Spend New Year’s with me—let's rent a cabin and lose ourselves.

Scent of A Woman

You, angelic, pleasantly plump blond woman on exercise bicycle. Me, man with superhero sense of smell on the rowing machine next to you. Your scent taunts me. I don't see a ring on your finger. You looked at me several times and smiled that innocent-little-girl-next-door-who-knows-I'm-making-him-crazy smile. You appealed to my baser nature, but I mate for life. You know what I look like, now see how evolved this Man, in the noblest sense of the word, is. I could drink a case of you.


"I Saw You" at the Range Doing an Alibi Crossword

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Home on

You: petite yet curvy blonde with nice jewelry and always in a dress. You do the Alibi crossword at The Range every Sunday around lunchtime with a younger couple (stunning brunette young lady and preppy looking 30-something).

Me: lone wolf. Ironically, I do the crossword too. Maybe we could share a piece of Roadhouse cake with vanilla ice cream. I know it's your table's favorite.

The Ladies in Lockup

My ladies in lockup on Sunday the 20th. The situation wasn't the best, but you were rock solid. You kept me grounded. I made it through because you were there. Lady #1, I hope you kick your habit; your soul reminds me of my best friend. Lady #2 keep holding strong, make bail, and go home where you belong. I didn't say "goodbye." I didn't realize I was getting out. My thoughts are still with you. My wrists still burn from bracelets. Wearing them for 190 minutes is not the greatest.

Everybody's Got Somebody ... Not Me

Your smiling eyes got my attention at the SWGLFF Mexican film screening at the Guild Cinema Thursday night. I wanted to say hello after the movie but you disappeared heading west on Central before I reached you. You were confidently sitting alone in the row in front of mine. Your dark curly hair was pulled back in a perfect ponytail and you wore a merlot-colored fleece jacket with dark jeans. Let's meet up for a drink and get to know each other.

thanks jerks

You: stealers of porch furniture and choice pumpkins. Me: hoping your personal demons consume you. That was a really great pumpkin, you jerks.


"I Saw You" Driving Past My House

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Just Do It!

I see you. I hear you. No more games. You drive by the back of my home and you honk your horn; you drive by the front of it slowly on your way to your night shift; you've called and hung up; you've called, said 'Hi' and hung up. I can't ask you to grow a pair, and just come in because you've already got a pair of splendiferous chesticles. Just come on in. The gate's open. What MAY happen is what used to happen and only if you want it to. Fear not, JTT.

Girl at the bookstore

We met at the bookstore, didn't ask any names. You said you worked at a bank and might get a promotion soon. I said I was working on a Civil Engineering degree. Had meant to ask you your name and number.… Reply if you want to grab a drink sometime.

Weck's (San Mateo and Lomas) - Friday, October 11

You … simply beautiful … wonderful smile … sitting in a gray button up and jeans … you had your jacket and to-go box ready to go … you were sitting with two couples. Me … sitting alone at table next to you … wearing a gray t-shirt … on your way out we both smiled … all I could muster was "Hi" … have been thinking of you since … wish I would have said much more … would love to take you out on a date!

An Unforgettable Glance…

On Friday, October 4th, at around 7:00 pm, I saw a tall, blonde, elegant and beautiful woman with a sincere smile and piercing eyes at Whole Foods on Carlisle buying Kombucha drinks. We passed each other a few times, and she had come up behind me at the register. When our eyes matched their gaze, I felt as though the world had stopped, if only for a moment. I am a tall man with long brownish blonde hair. If you are reading this, I would love to meet you…


"I Saw You" at the Meat Fridge

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Whole Foods/Carlisle, Friday, Oct 4 at 4:30ish

You: man about 45? Your right elbow was wrapped w/a couple of ace bandage strips, yet you carried your grocery basket with this arm. Nice grayish hair, sullen attitude, wearing a black/dark gray t-shirt with who-knows-what on it, I never got close enough to read it. I saw you look at me twice? Once in produce and then near the meat fridge. I rarely see my type, but know it when I see it: you're it. Me: petite brunette, denim jacket, motorcycle boots, light complexion, Italian—I'm in luv.

The Man with the Naked Truck

Both times I drove by you in your doorless beige truck, my imagination took me to coasting up the winding roads of the east Sandias. In those moments, I felt the crisp air all over me, I could taste nature. I felt the sensation of limitless freedom in the mountains. I've always dreamed of sharing that unspoken sense of aliveness with another. Thank you for awakening my senses and igniting the flame of my imagination. I'm bored with all the schmucks who live life so normally. - red.

Dream Trophy GF

Your blouse was red, your pants were blue, your lips were drawn upon your face like come-to-me tattoo; your hair light brown, your eyes bright blue, and if I had more talent, I'd write a song for you. OMG, you're even prettier than those Victoria's Secret models because you're real! You did look kind of sad, and had a small black armband on your left upper arm. I hope everything's OK and you're not in mourning. Thank you for making the afternoon a little bit brighter!

USAF Gate Guard-Wyoming Entrance

1100 hours, 27 Sep 2013. You: on gate duty checking IDs. Does your Flight Commander know you deliberately drop a woman's ID card so you can get a peek under her blouse as she's trying to pick it up? My girlfriend told me of a similar experience last month. Grow up, sonny. No wonder you have to resort to this kind of thing to get a peek at a woman's anatomy!


"I Saw You" at Tia Betty Blue’s

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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You still star in my daydreams…

You and your daughter were sweet enough to explain away the fear of flight to a mom and her daughter sitting across from you at Tia Betty Blue’s on 9/14… I was on my maiden trip to the restaurant and found myself captivated by you. I wanted to talk to you but was frozen by uncharacteristic shyness.

Susan the Cowboys fan

From Uptown Sunday Night Football. I hope to see you in your "Where's Waldo" shirt very soon. You're gorgeous.

You Both Knew I'd See You

Your Alibi-reading boyfriend turned his cap around so the bill would hide his face, but he made sure you were recorded in all of your glory. Be thankful I'm the kind of guy that deleted what followed. Jackasses like your boyfriend would have put you on youtube. Don't let your affection for the idiot make you get used by low-lifes like that guy. He should not be trying to degrade you in front of cameras for his personal thrills. What would your family and friends think? Think about it!

Et oui, c'est un adieu.

For a while I've wondered what impression I left on you, all those years ago. I know it was significant enough to make you notice, but not enough to make you care. I thank you for the memories you've given me. For the familiar comfort of a once well known presence you managed to resurrect within me, one final time. I'll always miss you. After our final night together, I knew it wasn't to be. I bid you farewell, dear Sir, and hope all the best for your future.


"I Saw You" in the Back Right Corner of the Bus

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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Dear “I Saw You”

Dear Alibi “I Saw You” … You don't have the same charm & brilliance as you did 3 or 4 years ago. I roll over and look at you in the night and my dick goes droopy. I'm sorry but I took the car and the cat. I left you the dog cause you are going to need him.

Thomas-Bio Save Tech

Wow, you are gorgeous for a man. Your green eyes, your smile … and you're always in a good mood. I donate and get to see you twice a week. I wish it could be every day! Do you have a hot meal waiting at home? I'd like to take you out. We chat often about work, school and bettering our lives. If you only knew how I felt …

Handsome Man

It's not appropriate to hit on a guy on the bus. Central E 5:00 pm. I always like seeing you. Great shape, no vis tatts, dark and muscular. Always in the back right corner—way ok.

I Will

Curses, saw you again! "Who knows how long I've loved you. You know I love you still. Will I wait a lonely lifetime? If you want me to, I will."


"I Saw You" at our first Bisonaholics Anonymous meeting

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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We met at our first Bisonaholics Anonymous meeting. I don't know which of us was fatter. Still in the throes of our addiction, I was about to tell you how I used our most favorite meat during sex when you heard the snorting of the Bison-Flavored Ice Cream Truck and galloped after it like a bison cow in heat, bison helmet and all. I have pictured our sweaty, greasy bodies naked many times hence. Meet me at Keller's Market next Wednesday at 4pm sharp and I will rub raw bison steak on you.

The Man of My Dreams …

Your eyes, your smile, your move, your hands, the way you danced, I imagine myself in your arms, dancing with you under a summer rain…saw your smile, saw your hazel eyes, saw your body … but I also saw you move away … from me … from my arms … will always remember you … I was afraid to love you, afraid to be rejected by you and I just let you go … you … the man of my dreams.

Red Light Running, Cell-Phone Using Jackass

You: White woman with short, dark hair, in her 30s, driving a gray Toyota SUV of some sort Saturday, 9/7 at or about 9am. You ran a red light, turning right into Academy NE from Ventura NE, while on your cell phone, and cut off a fellow Toyota making a left turn on a green arrow already in the intersection, and you have the freaking nerve to be upset at me, follow me to the Smith's parking lot? You”re going to wind up killing someone one of these days, you reckless moron!


"I Saw You" picking up my lettuce and handing me my cilantro

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

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I Almost killed You Saturday Night at the Corner of Lomas and Carlisle

To the guy I almost ran over Saturday evening around 8:30: I had a green light. You waited for me to get into the intersection and then leaped in front of my car and dashed across the road. Suicidal? Mentally ill? Do you get off on near-death experiences? Not kosher at all. Thank your lucky stars I was sober and going the speed limit. I really almost killed you. Vehicular manslaughter is a terribly traumatizing burden to bear even if you manage to avoid jail time. You're a real asshole.

Dancing at Pueblo Indian Cultural Center

I have seen you 3 or 4 times there. We have exchanged glances and smiles many times. I can not believe I have not asked you to dance.

Last Friday you were wearing a white top and blue jean shorts. A beautiful smile and blonde hair. Hope I see you at Low Spirits Friday for Ryan McGarvey.

You Picked Up My Lettuce and Gave Me My Cilantro

Thanks for picking up my lettuce and handing me my cilantro I'd dropped in the Smith's parking lot. I'm sorta a MILF and I thought you were exceptionally gorgeous in a 70's Richard Gere sorta way. Only better. RaaaAAWRRRR.

Red Prius Man Heading to Zen

Red Prius Man with the big smile, your Zen class brings you closer to me. I want more and I KNOW you do too.

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