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"I Saw You" at the Phillips 66/Lowes on 4th

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

There are the waves and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the seen and unseen, karma and free will. –Kuan Yin

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Phillips 66/Lowes on 4th, 2/12/14

You were in a white Monte Carlo… Looking good in your shirt 'n tie… I was the scruffy guy who couldn't help but keep looking your way… Kept trying to say hi but couldn't figure out a way… Super shy and missed my chance… Want to give me that chance again??? Lets do dinner and drinks.

Camera Thief - SW Abq Walmart

Well - I did NOT see you steal my camera last Friday, but the security cameras did.

You: Woman in her 50s, spiked hair, pink sweater, black pants.

Me: sad

You stole my memories along with the pictures I had just taken for a job. And you screwed me out of 2 other jobs that day because I no longer had a camera. If you have any decency, you could find a way to return my property to me—at least the memory card.

If not, may karma find you.


"I Saw You" in Your Coonskin Cap

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

Oscar Wilde had it right: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at

Big Red Truck, Coonskin Cap

Driving S. on Eubank, morning of 2/7. Your stickers made me smile, then I saw your awesome hat and thought, "Why on earth are we not friends?!" Had to hurtle by but thought I'd reach out—strictly looking to hang out in a friendly way—social drink? Game of billiards?

To my Shady Lady.

I guess it's silly to retread roads once traveled. Yet here I am, thinking about you. Maybe it's because nothing amazing happens here.

APD Crossing Guard Supervisor

I saw you wave around what looked to be like timecards in front of an 88 year old lady crossing guard while you laughed. You said you'd found them in a drawer. You and the City of Albuquerque cheated the poor woman out of 2 pay periods and then told her it was too late for her to do anything about it. Wasn't it enough you hounded her out of a job after she won a Friday's Hero Award? You better make this right with the lady, or I'm helping her with a complaint to the Dept. of Labor! Pricks!

I Saw You, Congressman Grimm (R-NY)

I saw you threaten to throw that TV reporter over the balcony at the Capitol Building, Congressman Grimm! Did you think he was perhaps a Wesen, a Blutbad, a Hexenbiest or a Kleinebiest? That would explain things!


"I Saw You" at Padilla’s

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

“And wuv, twue wuv, wiww fowwow you fowevah and evah… So tweasuwe youw wuv.” Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at
Sexy man/smile at Padilla’s

I was the brunette in white sweater sitting behind you and another guy at Padilla’s Restaurant. It was Tuesday, January 21st around 11:30. I was waiting for a blind date. When you got up and smiled, I wished you were my date! If you are single and interested...I am.
16/18 Bus Ride

He who drew all my ever thinking mind to a blank. How he just sat there randomly next to me reading a book at the bus stop when I sang a love song … one I sang far too much for someone who might never love me. How even though I haven't been good but he stayed. I just know he felt different but in a good way. When I looked at him as I got off I just felt like I've no reason to be concerned about this stranger whom I've never seen before and know nothing of. I wished I'd stayed on instead and talked.
I Won't Go Commando Anymore

You once said 'all things must end'
you can deny, and you can pretend,
your pubes will overrun your mound again,
and I won't Go Commando anymore.

I can dream of what might have been,
and hum 'We'll Never Pass This Way Again',
in your bubble there'll be no highs or lows,
and I won't Go Commando anymore.

You can say you're right, I'm wrong,
You can say I'm weak, you're strong,
you have found the Aryan of your dreams,
and I won't Go Commando anymore.


"I Saw You" at the Casino

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet,” said Plato. Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at
Crab Legs

You were a beautiful woman from Peñasco living in Albuquerque, eating with daughter and friends at Cities of Gold. Me? Heavily tattooed guy that was very interested in you but was too shy to initiate anything more. Sure wish I had. Tell me what kind of car you were honking at us in and I'll know it's you.
Kelly's on Fourth

It was dark already, Christmas Eve, I was buying a bottle of wine with my mom. We made heavy eye contact more than once. I couldn't help but notice those green eyes behind those sexy dark rimmed glasses. You were polite and waited so we could walk by, quite the gentleman. And man, did I dig your style, clean cut, but a little rough around the edges.....

Ya got me babe, you are my Cher. Eyebrows for days, lipstick stains, tequila, tequila sometimes I just wanna kill ya. Coffee on Tuesday? Stop reading this and go on GET! Happy Birthday dumb dumb.
I Once Knew True Love

Your soft, fleshy mounds
commandeered and guided me
to your silky warmth.
Your scent overwhelmed
and directed my senses
to your pink petals.
My love for you was
as a quasi-religious
mystical experience.
You anointed me
with your savory essence
and left me wanting.
You will always be
until the end of my days
my only true love.
I will die knowing
and thanking the blue heavens
I once knew true love.

–J on the Northeast Waiting.


"I Saw You" at an Aleister Crowley Documentary

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

Love is in the air; lust is in the pants. Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at

Flu-Blue Nuts For You!

Walmart: There you were. Embarrassed as hell because a coworker saw you all make-up-less and red nosed, fighting off the flu. I just wanted to let you know, without embarrassing you in front of coworkers, that I think you looked positively adorable: Little-girl like, in spite of your years; Your porcelain skin, crowned with golden hair, accented by that red nose, brought out all the paternal instincts in me, which constantly struggle against the sexual attraction I feel for you.

Metalachi Launchpad

Beautiful Brunette! I stared at you all night. I finally introduced myself to you. I told you, you were gorgeous. I was walking behind you when it was over. You started running, I started running. You started screaming, I started screaming. I don't know what scared us, but I didn't get your number. I would love to get know you.

Showing of Aleister Crowley Documentary at C's

Though you were with someone, we glanced at each other through the documentary. Couldn't help but notice it was whenever a certain phrase came up. You know who you are and who I am. I won't inflict pain like Crowley. Just all the pleasure you can stand. I believe you asked our hostess what my name was. Care to make a little Magick of our own?

Blackbird Hotpants

You: plaid shirt, big 'ol nerd glasses, and your red Adidas shoes match the aching of my pounding heart. Your quick reflexes saved a beer from spilling on me, though I wish it would have so I could have looked into your deep doe-eyes while you could have sensually patted me dry. Though I still would have been wet afterwards... Me: Stilettos and (luckily) wearing my super tight mom jeans. Just wanted to see if you would meet me for a huge cocktail—I'm really thirsty.

Blonde at Satellite @ Central/Carlisle 1/9/14 10:30am

You: Beautiful blonde wearing a reddish sweater looking at photos with an older gentleman with a beard. We exchanged a "hello" as you were pouring your coffee in a to go cup. We also waved "bye" as you drove off in your red jeep Laredo with a Zia and "SF" sticker.

Me: Tall guy sitting with his two friends near the window wearing a black long sleeve shirt and gray jeans smiling back. Would you like to sit at the same table and have some coffee?


"I Saw You" on New Year’s Eve

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

Resolve to say something this year. Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at

Day of The Dead Redhead: Jenny

We met at Jesse and Xavier's birthday/All Souls' Day party and discovered we both attended the same CA university. I asked when you graduated. You bashfully said a long time ago. I sensed that you think I am much younger than I really am which happens a lot.

All was going wonderfully as the party moved downtown for dancing. Then suddenly you said you had to leave. I would love to continue where we left off. I realize this is a shot in the dark, but let us defy the odds :) Happy New Year!!

Take A Step that is New

I saw you Jack with Chrissy New Year's Eve at the Walgreens checkout line. Both of you were dressed up to go to a roaring '20s party—Great Gatsby, no? She was dressed in a glittery dress; you looked quite dapper in that zoot suit. You were enraptured and bent down to kiss her as if posing for a photograph. You finally found that love you were looking for. Love the sh** out of her, Jack; treasure her and don't take her for granted (perhaps my mistake with you).

Not Too Late

I saw you at Sandia Casino the night the Mavericks were playing. You are the security guard wearing the blue jacket. You are very big with a bald head and awesome gray beard. I am the tall brunette and was wearing the red dress. You made a comment about my 6" high heels. You said no, but my offer to buy you a drink still stands … hope you are interested!

Swiss Alps, December 28th

Noticing you (sitting in a corner with others) barely slowed my walk up to the counter, but the look I got back from you added a lot to my contemplation of the pastry case, and it froze me again before I left. Did my chat with the clerk about a friend's allergies make you think he was more than a friend? I wanted to clear it up with more eye signals … but was already late for his and his girlfriend's holiday brunch.


"I Saw You" at the Ghetto Smith’s

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

In 2014, let love flourish. Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at

It Could Be Fuller, Even the Moon Knows

You used to visit your friend before we knew each other. Even then, I knew there was something about you. Then there were moments and images that confirmed my suspicions. The stray feathers. Wearing my flannel on that cold night. The first kiss on those stairs to nowhere. The intense way you do puzzles, pencil in hand, eyes straining to read clue numbers. The way your eyes change color from brown to green in the sunlight, with strange flecks of gold. Magical. Unreal. Apple pie. Fate.

Swiped my rewards card for you at the Ghetto Smith's

You: Tall with semi curly blonde/brown hair, wearing a denim jacket with a few faded patches

Me: Shaved head, stretched ears, wearing a grey plaid shirt

We checked out next to one another in the self-checkout line and you smiled adorably at me and asked me to swipe my Smith's card for you. I didn't know how to make small talk other than to compliment you on your taste in juice, but you seem like the type of person I'd like to know better.

Ojos Locos Amanda

I've been giving my girlfriend the same number of Red Bulls you pounded the other night, but all she gets is anxious and bloated, not radiant and sassy like you. I guess you have a fairy Godmother, Cinderella. But if you're still looking for a prince, perhaps we'll meet again.

West side Lo Montanita parking lot 20Dec 1255pm

You: very, very chic in your tailored, soft yellow suit; very stunning.

You commented that I had a beautiful BMW—oriental blue—as you were returning your cart to the coral.

I was in my yardwork grubbies, wouldn't you know.

Your new silver MB was not near so beautiful as you.

Would enjoy coffee and scones at Starbucks.


I have never heard of anything like this working, but it's worth a try.

Home Depot Looker

You introduced yourself to me at a hardware store in July 2013. Tim? I wish I had stayed to chat. What a gentleman!

Midnight, Bank of Albuquerque

You: Mysterious fog billowing from the top of the Bank of Albuquerque building into the night sky.

Me: Slightly concerned. What are you, and why are you here? Why do you rise from this building and no other?


"I Saw You" in your Porsche Carrera S

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

See which way the wind is blowing. Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at

Porsche Carrera S

You: in a 400(?) hp Porsche Carrera S at the left turn lane near Tramway and Menaul.

Me: in the 300 hp Miata behind you. Would you like to try again and see if the Porsche can do better?

Albertson's on Southern in Rio Rancho

Tuesday Nov 26th, 8pm, we saw each other in the ice cream dept and then you stood in line behind me; you have dark hair, about 5'2" with a cross hanging around your neck. I'm still angry for not striking up a conversation. Give me a second chance!

You haunt me

You enjoy the food. You always look amazing. You know who I am. Just give me your number already. I think about you constantly. Every time I hear the door open I hope its you. Hope to see you soon...


"I Saw You" at Artisan Art Supply

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

Private eyes are you watching you. Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at

Walmart on Wyoming

It was Thursday, 11·6·13. You were in line at Walmart wearing a gray sweat outfit, buying gift cards. I complimented your hair— you have a Mohawk—and regret not getting at least your name. I stopped shopping just to get in line before you left and still blew it. I hope you see this, you are amazing. I would love to get to know you!!

Raven-haired Beauty from Santa Fe @ UNM men's Lobo game 12/7/13

Can't stop kicking myself for not asking for your number. I asked if you and your friend were sisters, then you showed me her son's picture with an awesome-looking beard like mine. I loved the perfume you wore and your petite nature … contact me—maybe we could have coffee or something. LA is only 30 minutes from SF…

The Bearded Shy Guy…

Italian Medusa Cuff

We were both shopping at Sprouts. We're both redheads. While reaching for tomatoes, I noticed your beautiful gold cuff. I thought it was the sun, but you said it was Medusa, and that that was the face on the cuff. We talked for a while and I think I sensed something there—was there? If nothing else, I'd love to know where online you bought the cuff.

Guy with Long Red Hair - Artisan

I saw you at Artisan Art Supply. It was a Tuesday. You were looking at acrylic paint while I was at the register. I can only wish I had more time to wander the store and explore the sights.

~Lady with sunglasses on her head. Silly, I know.


"I Saw You" at Cliff’s

Who saw? Who was seen? Was it you?

Don’t let another year pass you by without reaching out to someone special. Reply or see more “I Saw You” ads at

Old flame

I saw you in line at Cliff's waiting to take the kid's picture with Santa. I could have sworn you were the same guy I had fallen for many years ago, before you left to Marine bootcamp. I had met you at Tumbleweeds years and years ago—it might not have been you, but if it is I sure would love to know.

I Saw The Back of Your Dress As You Slipped Thru The Door...

In the final stage of my Americanization, you & your daughter were my last 'stamp of approval'. The Catholic girl in blazer and tartan plaid skirt dream wife, & her little daughter, for my instant family. Your leaving devastated me all the more because you never gave me a reason. That's all I wanted. Seeing you frequently is a constant reminder that I didn't fully achieve the American dream & that I was rejected for Patriot Act-like 'Secret Reasons'. It was cruel & unusual punishment.


Your name is merlot... You entered the caravan with your friend Kevin. You asked me to teach you to dance. We danced and our eyes met… There was definitely a connection … I saw it in your eyes, too. I asked for your number and you gave it to me. Idk if it was wrong. I cant stop thinking about you…

I miss you…

You: Beautiful, elegant, simple and entertaining-as-hell newspaper section, called, I Saw You.

Me: Eager, young, lusting reader, wanting more action. I instantly become heartbroken when I notice for yet another week, you've gone missing. You keep my dick hard but always leave me wanting more. Know that I notice, I care, I miss you.

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