The future’s so bright

Alibi graphic designer Jesse Schulz knocked back a cold one (or two) and put sunglasses on some of our recent covers. Frikkin’ awesome.



Alone At Work On Christmas Eve

Looking For Booze

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s a ghost town in here. Anyone want to root through some desks?


Nobody’s song is stupid on Ron Winter TV Drums.

Thanks to Christina Kennedy for making me aware of the free Ron Winter Drum Kit. I think the letter X will scare my dogs.


Is this a time traveler in a Charlie Chaplin movie?

Just in case you didn’t see this already, watch for a woman talking on a cell phone in this 1928 silent film. Now, the real question is: who’s she talking to?


Is This Marijuana?

I thought it looked enough like marijuana that I stopped to take a picture of it. I was going to pinch off a leaf to take back to the botany lab, but there were a couple of cops standing about five feet away and I was afraid it was all an elaborate drug sting. Anyway, it’s growing out of a crack in the sidewalk on civic plaza, over on the north end by the crosswalk.


Saturday Sucked.

One of the bullfrogs died.

Only three cans depicted. I used one to pay an intern.


Promo Gone Wrong #1

The good people at Acute Fruit sent me four cans of their energy juice—and four tons of packaging. We often marvel at the silly shit companies mail to newspapers. We don’t ask for it. It’s incredibly wasteful, especially when these weird items we don’t want are wrapped in all manner of colored paper, plastic, Styrofoam, cardboard boxes, etc.

When I walked into a coworker’s office with the sack of cans in one hand and a giant box tucked under my arm, she took one look and said, “They’re going to hell for that.”

Anyway, Acute Fruit promises a “kick in the patootie.” I think they’re going to hell for that, too.


Tips For Replica Watch Shopping

There are a lot of options out there for people looking to purchase quality replica timepieces and it’s easy to get confused. Here are a few tips to help you get the best deal.

1) Decide on the type of watch you want. You’ll have a much easier time if you select a level of elegance in advance. While some people are satisfied with watches that are merely Affordable, others prefer Famous watches, Luxury watches, High-End watches, Fantastic watches…or sometimes even just Great watches. Take the time (pun intended!) to do some research and understand how to distinguish watches of these various qualities. You’ll be glad you did!

2) It’s not just a game of numbers. Sometimes the best deal isn’t as obvious as you’d think. For example: is 88% off a Famous watch a better deal than 67% off a Fantastic watch? Not necessarily. Do your research! I simply can’t stress that enough.

3) Stick to known vendors. The replica timepiece industry in tremendously competitive, but there are certain players who have been in the business for years… and believe me, you don’t stick around in the industry by ripping people off, selling shoddy/ imaginary inventory or stealing identities. Stick with known timepiece vendors like Blair Moon and Taylor McBride. Some of the newcomers like Marcus Black or Cleveland Fischer might seem ok, but they just can’t come close to the level of experience you’ll find with someone like Reuben Small. For all you know, you might end up doing business with a modern-day Burl Lugo.


My Auto-Generated Email Reply

Apparently, I thought it would be funny last night to use the vacation settings in my work email to auto-generate this reply to all incoming messages:

I cnt b bthrd w ths now u snofbtch

I guess I thought it would be funny, knowing full well that I wouldn’t remember a thing about it in the morning. Anyway, if you received this email from me today, please disregard it.