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The Daily Word in politics, cultural appropriation and optical illusions

By Taylor Grabowsky [ Fri May 20 2016 4:18 PM ]
The Daily Word

Can you feel the Bern, New Mexico?

Navajo Nation loses some ground against Urban Outfitters.

Way to take a thousand steps backwards, Oklahoma.

Surprise, surprise: NRA backs Trump.

Here's your optical illusion for the day.


The Daily Word in Sinead O’Connor, Baseball and Burning Birth Certificates

By Desiree Garcia [ Mon May 16 2016 4:03 PM ]
The Daily Word

Sinead O’Connor doesn’t go missing.

When it doesn’t work the first two times, I mean, it’s obviously going to work the third time, right?

Fuck your gender roles!

Take me out to the brrraaawl-game.



The Daily Word in super humans, robot humans and synthetic humans

By Taylor Grabowsky [ Fri May 13 2016 4:31 PM ]
The Daily Word

"A school must not treat a transgender student differently from the way it treats other students of the same gender identity." What a concept.

Native Americans face some of the highest rates of suicide, poverty and sexual assaults.

Pfizer drugs no longer allowed to be used in lethal injections.

Puerto Rican superhero? Yes, please.

What if your TA was a robot? Wonder no more.

Humans created with synthetic genome could become a reality.

What's up, Friday the 13th.


The Daily Word in snake wine, wolf poaching and a feast for 5,000

By Renee Chavez [ Wed May 11 2016 12:30 PM ]
The Daily Word

So, uh, stuff has happened in the past on this day.

Make sure to read the fine print in your most recent PNM bill.

Take a look at APD's new use of force policy.

Awwwoooo! Do you have a wolfie heart?

In NY, a feast for 5,000 people was made out of food that would have been thrown away.

New studies show that government culling of wolves increases poaching.

Is Earth really the only habitable planet?

Move over dudes. The salamanders don't need you anymore.

Rare seal pups need the ice that is melting.

Pro tip: Don't drink or make wine with tiger bones in it.


The Daily Word The Osbournes, Politics and Storm Troopers

By Desiree Garcia [ Tue May 10 2016 10:26 AM ]
The Daily Word

The hopeless romantic in me is now dead.

Unlike the US, folks in the Philippines aren’t scared of transgender people.

Has anyone seen my eyes? Because they fell out of their sockets from rolling them so hard at this article.

Storm Troopers Got Talent.


The Daily Word in space menses, Vietnamese brides and the moon of Makemake

By Renee Chavez [ Wed Apr 27 2016 2:56 PM ]
The Daily Word

Ever pondered space menses?

Hillary Clinton is setting up offices in ABQ.

A local high school baseball team is cheering up a sick teen for her birthday.

This article will bridge the gap in your knowledge of bridges.

There is a massive and awful market in China for Vietnamese brides.

A moon has been discovered that orbits the dwarf planet Makemake.

For all those adults who don't have a squad, here's how to get one.

Curious about demonology?

Don't feel bad, plankton get drunk too.

This is the most polluted city.


The Daily Word in Republicans and Lemonade

By Desiree Garcia [ Mon Apr 25 2016 3:03 PM ]
The Daily Word

Mark your calendars for May 6th!

Of course it’s true if you read it on the internet.


Ted Cruz obviously knows he doesn’t have a real chance at winning presidency.

True life: MTV Cribs is going to be on Snapchat.


The Daily Word in Prince

By Taylor Grabowsky [ Fri Apr 22 2016 1:31 PM ]
The Daily Word

Last night, broadway celebrated Prince.

Remember that time Prince slayed the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Prince really liked Finding Nemo.

Prince's religious side.

What made Prince, Prince?

It's a purple world.


The Daily Word in Southwest Airlines, Bernie Sanders and McDonalds

By Desiree Garcia [ Mon Apr 18 2016 2:00 PM ]
The Daily Word

Public humiliation isn’t part of airline protocol.

Bernie Sanders makes a video appearance at Coachella.

The look in Johnny Depp’s eyes speaks to me on an emotional level.

Salute a real G when you see one.

The future is near and I have high blood pressure just thinking about it.


The Daily Word in Boko Haram, cute cats and the island of 20,000 graves

By Renee Chavez [ Wed Apr 13 2016 12:05 PM ]
The Daily Word

FoodNetwork's "Chopped" is looking for contestants from New Mexico.

On the other hand, some people shouldn't even enter the kitchen for their own safety.

Sandia Peak owners want to ruin the serenity of the Sandias with a goddamn rollercoaster.

Here is the lapel camera video from when the recent Amber Alert ended with the discovery of 9-month-old Ariana.

Boko Haram has proved itself to be even more evil by increasing their number of child suicide bombers 10 fold.

Governor McCrory now wants to protect employee rights but still doesn't see the problem with his anti-LGBT bill.

The island of 20,000 graves is not Stephen King's newest novel.

Two Russian warplanes simulated an attack on a US guided missile ship.

Pictures of animals help improve your mood, so here ya go.

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