V.20 No.32 |


The Daily Word with Tobacco, Twin Reductions, Taxes and Tamám Shud

The Daily Word

Tobacco companies sue over new cigarette warning labels.

Will the real GOP candidates please stand up?

Warren Buffett attacks Republican candidates for opposition to raising taxes.

Bernalillo County deputy's career is on the line after an alleged road-rage incident.

Flash mob robs a 7-Eleven in less than a minute.

Lightning strike at Sea World.

Six reasons that job overseas you're looking at might not work out.

We'll never understand the mysteries behind Tamám shud.

Sexy high school girls have the right to upload sexy pictures.

"What's worse than an abortion? Half an abortion."

You'll never cancel your Netflix subscription.

Seven unethical experiments.

Using math to create cartoon voices.

Snooty French actor Gérard Depardieu couldn't wait to use the airplane bathroom.

The benefits of hanging on to an older car.

Dave Chappelle's first interview in five years.

Police in California say they can detain photographers if their photos have no apparent esthetic value.

Things not to say to a grieving friend.

Baguette vending machines are coming.

Black Sabbath may or may not be reuniting.

Eleven ways to hustle extra cash.

Through a combination of science and witchcraft Zsa Zsa Gabor may have a baby. Like at the beginning of Beastmaster.

Happy Birthday "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel!!!

V.19 No.15 |

Video Games

The Slurpee Effect

Soon 7-Eleven stores will be cramming used video games into the strip of impulse buy standees that line the queue to the register. The initiative, dubbed "Great Games Below $20," is a partnership between Game Trading Technologies, Inc. and 7-Eleven. "The program is available to all 7-Eleven U.S. franchisees, and we hope to have most U.S. stores on board by September," says Todd Hays, president and CEO of GTT.

This seems like just another of several death knells for the physical media games market. All three of the major console publishers are pushing deeper and deeper into digital downloads, download-only providers like Steam, Impulse, and Direct2Drive have swallowed a huge portion of PC/Mac games sales, and the draw of social media games has grown from nearly zero to freaking enormous in the last couple of years. All of that seems to be narrowing the choices for that shrinking segment of the gaming population who are not online. It'll be interesting to see what shows up.