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The Daily Word in God's credit, reactions to DOJ report and the Pope's apology

Authorities are trying to determine a cause for the explosive bus crash in Northern California that left 10 people dead and many others injured.

Stephen Colbert is going to be the new host of the “Late Show” after David Letterman announced his retirement. See what other talk show hosts had to say about it.

The Pope made a public plea for forgiveness for the “evil” some priests have committed with sexual child abuse, “a scandal that has haunted [the church] for more than two decades.”

Three educators wrote a piece on why they reject the notion of standardized tests.

Here's KRQE's breakdown of the 46-page DOJ report concerning APD violence.

Renetta and Stephen Torres, whose son was killed by APD, react to the DOJ report.

The City has paid $23 million to for wrongful death and excessive force lawsuits since 2010. And that's not including the pending cases.

The DOJ report on APD in 29 quotes.

God vs. Equifax


    The Daily Word in APD, DOJ and justice

    The United States Department of Justice has “reasonable cause to believe that APD engages in a pattern or practice of use of excessive force, including deadly force, in violation of the Fourth Amendment and Section 14141."

    Here, in summary, are the findings of the United States Department of Justice:

    Albuquerque police officers shot and killed civilians who did not pose an imminent threat of serious bodily harm or death to the officers or others.

    Albuquerque police officers used deadly force on individuals who posed no threat to anyone but themselves.

    Albuquerque police officers’ own recklessness sometimes led to their use of deadly force.

    Albuquerque police officers used force against individuals who were passively resisting and posed a minimal threat.

    Albuquerque police officers used excessive force against individuals with mental illness, against individuals with impaired faculties, and against individuals who require medical treatment.

    Supervisory reviews do not address excessive use of force.

    Force incidents are not properly documented.

    Shooting investigations are inadequate.

    Internal review mechanisms are not implemented.

    The Department’s training deficiencies contribute to the pattern or practice of unreasonable use of force.

    The Department’s deficient policies contribute to the pattern or practice of unreasonable use of force.

    Under-use of the crisis intervention team contributes to the pattern or practice of unconstitutional force.

    The Department’s ineffective use of its tactical deployments contributes to the use of excessive force.

    The Department’s aggressive organizational culture contributes to excessive force incidents.

    The Department’s limited external oversight contributes to the pattern or practice of unconstitutional uses of force.

    Inadequate community policing contributes to the department’s pattern or practice of unconstitutional force.

    Read the entire findings letter, including recommended remedial measures, at

    V.23 No.15 | 4/10/2014
    Still from lapel cam video of the James Boyd shooting
    Albuquerque Police Department

    La Jicarita

    Is There Justice For James Boyd?

    What explains the relentless history of police violence in Albuquerque? There are no simple answers to that question. But we may begin to seek an answer in the hard life and violent death of James Boyd.

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    Crib Notes

    Crib Notes: April 10, 2014

    What do you know about this week’s New Mexico news? From a lesbian couple’s lawsuit against a local photo studio to happenings at LANL, test your savvy with our weekly pop quiz.

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    Compfight cc via eggrole


    Wherein the readers write—about legalizing recreational use of marijuana in New Mexico, informing consumers about GMOs and dealing with the problem of police violence in Albuquerque.

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    The Daily Word in spraypainting APD substations, weird recreational drugs and RIP Peaches Geldof

    City Council chambers overflowed with largely critical citizens at the APD meeting last night.

    Three APD substations were vandalized last night.

    The DOJ will announce its findings about APD and patterns of excessive/lethal force tomorrow at 10:00 am.

    There is a new Rail Runner stop.

    Bob Geldof's hard-partying daughter, Peaches Geldof, died suddenly and inexplicably.

    Do you know about "boyfriend twins"?

    .... How about "nipple shields for men"?

    What do you know about the old TV show ALF?

    Malaysian Flight 370 is in really deep water.

    Time for a Chupacabra roundup.

    40 percent of Americans couldn't raise 2,000 dollars if their lives depended on it.

    There is an ABBA choir.

    Since the Snowden leaks, the NSA has seen a huge increase in Freedom of Information Act requests.

    Dopers in South Africa are smoking a combo of weed, rat poison, opium and an anti-retroviral drug (AKA HIV meds).

    Oh, God. No. Don't read this.


      The Daily Word on the City Council meeting, APD violence and Mickey Rooney died.

      Today at 5pm, the Albuquerque City Council meeting will exclusively consider the issue of public safety and APD violence.

      Meanwhile, APD got their own rally of support on Sunday.

      Rest in peace, Mickey Rooney and John Pinette.

      There were earthquakes in Oklahoma.

      Cops and firemen duked it out in a charity hockey game.

      Watch what happens when an alligator bites an electric eel.

      Oxygen injections make breathing unnecessary.

      They’re making a Goonies sequel.

      Scientists have given names to 15 more emotions.

      New MU-MIMO chips will triple wifi speeds.

      Someone is pooping on slides in Michigan.

      The Supreme Court ruled that Elane Photography’s refusal to photograph gay weddings is discriminatory.

      Happy birthday, James Garner.

        V.23 No.14 | 4/3/2014
        Albuquerque citizens protest APD’s fatal officer-involved shootings on Sunday, March 30, 2014.
        Zak T Photography


        APD Ad Absurdum

        Mainstream media misses protests’ point

        Author Mike Smith urges Albuquerque citizens against cherry-picking chaotic moments from hours of peaceful protest against APD’s inordinately high number of fatal officer-involved shootings.

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        APD Chief Gordon Eden

        Crib Notes

        Crib Notes: April 3, 2014

        Test your knowledge of last week’s New Mexico news—from APD protests to air travel to bears—with our weekly pop quiz.

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        The Daily Word in a 1,000 year old Native American, a 160 year old tortoise and a million jars of peanut butter

        Justifying the use of tear gas during Sunday's anti-police-violence demonstration, APD chief Eden points to a man allegedly wielding an AK-47.

        The dialogue concerning APD's pattern of employing lethal force is taking place on some interesting social media pages.

        Media outlets across the nation are picking up the story of James Boyd's death and the resultant public outrage.

        A boy in Utah found the remains of an ancient Native American.

        Kelly's Brewpub is canning their beer using a mobile cannery.

        Defunct peanut butter manufacturer Sunland ended up dumping all their left-over jars of peanut butter.

        Glenn Beck is the subject of a defamation suit related to the Boston Marathon bombings.

        Did the press defame Dracula?

        A 160 year old British war hero died.

        White people are unhealthy.

        Ukraine's next leader is Darth Vader.

        Russia appears to be waging an economic war against Ukraine.

        This guy is going to sleep inside a bear for two weeks.

        The latest about Flight 370's disappearance.

        Attention: Lego is a tool of Satan.

        Swedish "cold yoga".


        Unnanounced Protest Brings APD Out In Force

        APD Headquarters 3/30/14
        G. Hudson
        APD Headquarters 3/30/14

        The sirens have finally died in downtown Albuquerque. Choppers are still making noise in the sky above the city from Nob Hill west to the Downtown neighborhood where today hundreds of protesters marched in protest against the most recent APD shooting. Unfortunately, James Boyd (a homeless man who was camped out in the foothills of the Sandias) is not the most recent kill by APD, simply the most high profile.

        Riot gear, screaming fast police cruisers and a generally intimidating tone were the order of the day for residents of Albuquerque, a city which has become internationally famous for the brutality of its police department. Consensus is that the Duke City has one of the most dangerous, out of control police departments in the nation. The FBI has opened a criminal investigation into James Boyd's death.


          The Daily Word in Washington mudslides, a coin-flip removal and gay marriage in Michigan

          After two major mudslides occurred in Oso, Washington, authorities say up to 90 people are missing, and the death toll has risen to 17.

          If Michigan won't recognize same-sex marriage, the federal government will.

          President Obama arrived in Saudi Arabia today to smooth things over with King Abdullah.

          Nine mid-level commanders charged with safe-guarding the US nuclear arsenal have been fired for “creating a culture that enabled” cheating on proficiency exams.

          Mayor Richard Berry doesn't think a federal takeover of APD is a good idea.

          Phillip Chacón flipped the coin, called heads and lost his city council seat.

          A “new state-by-state comparison” puts New Mexico near the bottom in regards to university graduation rates.

          Just in case you forgot why New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment

          In case you're planning on playing basketball at the University of Georgia, know this: “Orgies and gangbangs are inappropriate.


            The Daily Word in the fuzz, the po-po and la chota

            Over at the Journal, UpFront columnist Leslie Linthicum tells the dude in charge of APD that, contrary to his exhortation, "we’re not good."

            The APD shootings are scaring away much-needed tourists, businesses and retirees.

            NM Attorney General Gary King will launch an investigation into the two latest fatal shootings.

            Even the Guardian has a photo of an unsmiling, visibly uncomfortable Mayor Berry reacting to the Foothills shooting.

            Local Police Union President Stephanie Lopez has some insight into the officers involved in the Foothills shooting.

            Those clever internetz folk in Guy Fawkes masks are very interested in our police department’s web presence.

            The Las Cruces Police Department has declined Mayor Berry’s request to investigate the March 16, 2014 APD shooting.

            This week’s Economist turns a critical eye toward the militarization of America’s police.

            The Voice of Russia has similar coverage of our nation’s descent.

            Oh well ... At least K-9 Rico, a Belgian Malinois, will probably live.

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