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The Mighty Cacao

Big Top Chocolate Festival

The tree, native to Central and South America, and its bean conquered Europe—and the rest of the wide world. Pictures of the stuff will send us scampering to the nearest gas station for a little taste. Folks don't know when humans first started consuming chocolate, but it's centuries before 0 b.c. Christopher Columbus' son, Ferdinand, marveled at the care with which Native Americans handled cacao beans: "When any of these almonds fell, they all stooped to pick it up, as if an eye had fallen." Turns out, young ignorant Ferdo didn't realize cacao beans were currency in some parts of Central America. Follow your chocolate-loving heart this weekend to this ancient human pleasure at the Big Top Chocolate Festival. Truffles, candies, teas, coffee and live music await. Entry is $10 for adults and $1 for kids under 12. Albuquerque International Balloon Museum • Saturday and Sunday • 7 am-4 pm • ALL-AGES! •