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Hangover Sports Roundup: Lobos beat Aggies in OT, Colts lose

Lobo Basketball

Whenever the Lobos and Aggies collide, you can forget about records or standings. Overtime was needed to decide who would win the first of two meetings of the season. The Lobos had a 17-point lead in the first half but the Aggies eventually tied the game. Kendall Williams had a chance for a game winning shot but it rimmed out sending the game into overtime. The Aggies had all the momentum when the extra period started but the Lobos stepped up and came away with the 84-78 victory. Besides the second straight road win for New Mexico, the experience of playing a close game against a rival will prove to be very valuable when Mountain West Conference play starts. In the meantime the Lobos get a well deserve break until December 11th when they face the Aggies in a rematch at home.

BCS Standings

Now that the college football season has ended, it's time for fans to get disappointed and watch pointless bowl games until the BCS national title game in January. As expected Auburn and Oregon disposed of their opponents, setting up what should be a every entertaining title matchup. It'll be interesting if either team's defense can create a gameplan to avoid an offensive spectacle. TCU plays Wisconsin in a consolation game disguised as the Rose Bowl. At least TCU gets to prove why they deserve to be considered for the national title.


After the Cowboys nailed the game winning kick in overtime against the Colts, many are wondering if Peyton Manning run of consecutive playoff appearances has come to an end. Manning threw four picks in the 38-35 lost causing many critics to question if Manning has lost his mojo. But keep in mind the Colts have a .500 record and play well at home despite many injuries to key positions. Now the Colts may miss the playoffs, but it doesn't mean Manning has entered into the last days as a premier quarterback in the league. Instead of labeling Peyton Manning as 'washed up' lets wait until he has all of his weapons back before giving the final judgment.

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Hangover Sports Roundup: Boise State falls, Bears rise

College Football

Thanksgiving weekend provided a major shakeup in the BCS standings. Fans hoping for Auburn and Oregon to fall instead saw mid-major Boise State lose a heart breaker to Nevada. Despite Nevada being nationally ranked, Boise State can kiss their national title dreams goodbye. Now TCU remains the only non-BCS school contending for the national title and will have to hope Auburn and Oregon slip up. TCU will most likely get robbed, but at least this will be the last time they'll have to play politics with the BCS. Starting with the 2012 season, the Horned Frogs take their talents to the Big East Conference. While TCU gets to sit at the 'big kids table' the Mountain West Conference takes another blow towards national respect.


The Chicago Bears haven't been taken too seriously this season. After all, their schedule is pretty mediocre and quarterback Jay Cutler isn't exactly a fan favorite. But after the Bears stopped Michael Vick and the Eagles 31-26, maybe it's time to call the Bears an NFC contender. Vick had a good performance with 333 yards and two touchdowns, and the Bears were still able to get the victory. Chicago finally has a high-power offense to go along with their tough defense.

Normally the Buffalo Bills have nothing to play for in the months of November and December. Nevertheless, the Bills took the fight to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It ended with an overtime thriller which saw the Bills' victory slip away. Bills receiver Steve Johnson dropped the the game-winning pass in the endzone, eventually leading to the Steelers hitting the game-winning 41-yard field goal. After the game Johnson appeared dejected and stated he'll never get over his massive mistake.

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Hangover Sports Roundup:Cain smashes Brock, Missouri,and World Series


Brock Lensar proved he was not immortal and crumbled under the technical striking of Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 . Lensar tried to use his size and takedowns to bully Velasquez but instead fell victim to his amateur striking. Velasquez became the first Mexican UFC heavyweight champion and stays unbeaten in his MMA career. Cain is a humble champion and will be a tough challenge for anyone trying to take his belt away from him. Brazilian Junior Dos Santos looks to be next in line for a heavyweight title shot, meanwhile Lesnar may postpone his hunting vacation and return to the octagon to capture a rebound victory. Also it seems Brock's pro wrestling past continues to haunts him as rumors of Vince McMahon offering Lesnar comeback match get louder and louder. Lesnar and Undertaker briefly met face to face when Lesnar was headed to the locker room. If somehow Lesnar takes McMahon's offer, fight fans are likely to question Lesnar dedication to the sport.

Jake Shields picked up the victory against Martin Kampmann but hardly looked like the man who's going to defeat UFC Welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre (GSP). Reports of Shields' weight cutting trouble appeared to be true as he struggled to maintain the advantage over Kampmann. Also, Albuquerque native and Jackson's fighter Diego Sanchez captured a must win victory over the very tough Paulo Thiago. Sanchez earned the fight of the night bonus and returned to his old fighting style of outworking his opponent. His destiny lies within his hands as both the 170lb and 155lb division looks promising.

College Football

Being declared the number one team has to be a curse rather than a blessing. Just ask the latest victim, the Oklahoma Sooners. The Sooners went into the hostile environment facing the Missouri Tigers on the road. The Tigers seemed to have all the momentum from the opening kickoff return as they took an early 7-0 lead. From there Missouri caused three turnovers and beat the Sooners 36-27. Despite remaining undefeated, Missouri couldn't crack the top five of the BCS as they watch Auburn move into the number one spot.

The Lobos didn't get blown out against Rocky Long and San Diego State but still remain winless on the season. Lobo tight end Lucas Green provided the only glimmer of hope with six receptions for 100 yards. The 30-20 loss moves the Lobos to 0-7 for the year as they try to get their first win of the season on the road against Colorado State.


Even though there are no Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs, or Phillies in this years edition of the World Series, the Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants should be very entertaining. Both teams were unlikely picks to make a run to the Fall Classic despite having the top two pitchers in baseball. Game one starts Wednesday with a matchup between Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum in San Francisco.

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Hangover Sports Roundup:BCS Standings, Cowboys Struggle

College Football
ESPN's Mock BCS standings had Boise State as the number one team in the nation but now the real rankings are out, giving college football fans a reality check. The Oklahoma Sooners sit atop the rankings but they should be sleeping with one eye opened. With unbeaten power teams such as Auburn, LSU, and Michigan State below them, Oklahoma needs to hope those teams look bad when losing. As for Boise State, TCU, and Utah, also need the power teams to lose multiple games in order to even have a shot at playing for the national title. It's a shame computers and rankings decide the fate of so many talented teams because it robs the fan of seeing a legitimate national champion. Sadly, Boise State and TCU will get continue to be disappointed until either we get a playoff system or they play in a power conference.

When your 'America's Team' having an 1-4 start is going to have the Cowboy faithful putting pressure on owner Jerry Jones to make major changes. Once again turnovers and penalties turned possible Dallas victory into a road loss disaster against the Minnesota Vikings. The Cowboys will have a chance to erase their 24-21 loss to the Vikings with two home games against New York and Jacksonville. Meanwhile fans are hopping on the Minnesota bandwagon with not only the win but also with the production of Randy Moss. If Brett Farve can handle his text messages controversy, the Vikings can recover and make a run at the playoffs.