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V.23 No.38 | 9/18/2014

Film Review


Kevin Smith delivers the Canada-mocking, furry-loving, surgical horror-comedy you’ve been waiting for

Kevin Smith’s newest film, Tusk, is a WTF? combination of silly Canadian jokes and gory body horror.

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V.23 No.28 | 7/10/2014

Book Review

O Canada

Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story

Crazy Town is a good read for reasons that transcend the engrossing Rob Ford scandal.

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V.23 No.24 | 6/12/2014

Odds & Ends

From Canada to Alabama, it’s funny because it happened to someone else.

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V.23 No.18 |
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Pink Mountaintops "North Hollywood Microwaves" (NSFW!)


Peace, Love and Fuzz

Tip-Top psych band the Pink Mountaintops at Low Spirits TONIGHT!

The weirder and, in this writer's opinion, the more interesting of Stephen McBean's two mountain-named bands (the other being Black Mountain) the Pink Mountaintops is playing Low Spirits tonight. No self-respecting lover of drug music will miss this. My friend Pierre LaFarge turned me on to this Vancouver-based bunch of weirdoes a week or so ago and there's been nothing else on my speakers since. Can't wait for the sun to set so we can all see the Pink Mountaintops, who are touring in support of their new album Get Back. Did I mention the show is only TEN BUCKS!? C'mon!

Local and soon-to-be-no-more mysterions the Elevator Boys and psych-practitioners YOU open.

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V.22 No.21 | 5/23/2013
Julia Minamata

News Feature

Horse Slaughter Raises Hackles

Valley Meat faces backlash from animal activists and politicians

Barron Jones reports on the furor over the likely approval of Valley Meat’s equine inspection application.

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V.21 No.46 |


The Daily Word in MacAfee, Pabst, Twinkies and WTF am I going to do with all these Coyote Pelts?

In the news: give the resulting pelts to the homeless, Truchas Penitente has a purpose in life, Man Shot in Drug deal Gone Bad, Ten Commandments monument, Albuquerque Hostess Outlet Stores, Twinkies panic, Pabst and Twinkies, no digital privacy/rights, pedophile libel Twitter, Irish law allows NO abortion, Banana Republic catalog shoot, D-bag bar promotion, Tesla was kind of a Nazi, Earth to Major MacAfee, Facebook, East German forced Labor, a Bond exhibit, the song Canada's grocery stores play

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V.21 No.39 |


The Daily Word in Insane Clown Posse, Iggy and The Stooges, The Thing With Two Heads, and The Army.

Why Tylenol bottles are so hard to open

In the news: counterfeit hundies, Gary Johnson, The Vatican, Sam the Record Man, Baltimore's answer to Punxsutawney Phil, the first Compact Discs, Klingon Style, I'll breathe zinc cadmium sulfide, Insane Clown Posse, world's largest Ferris Wheel, Turkish, Iggy and The Stooges, obnoxious, conjoined twins can drive, since the seventies, because she woke him up, Most awesome movie death-scene, When Romney loses, Tommy Tucker the squirrel, the Tylenol murders

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V.21 No.38 |


The Daily Word in iPhone 5, Amanda Palmer and Endeavour

In the news: Chick-fil-A, racist anti-abortion propaganda, Endeavour, eclipse, Register to vote, solar, Chaos on Bullshit Mountain, Obama daughters, Canada, new Tunisia, iPhone 5 lines, don't want kids, hijacks a passenger ferry, Amanda Palmer, creative rut, body mods

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V.21 No.21 |


The Daily Word in Quebecois student protests, oral contraception for men, the comic sans song, and John McAfee's action film worthy life in Belize

In the news: fire in the Gila forest, Albuquerque Police shootings, in hiding in Belize, Dan Quayle was right, The Comic Sans Song, buried in pieces underneath a cattle barn, Easy-Bake Oven, proving their citizenship, Obama birth certificate request, squatted in AOL's headquarters, Steve Miller Venn Diagram, Philip K. Dick festival, huge student protests, banging on pots, Bill Murray, Crass Serbian seeks wife, lowest common denominator, John Bear has a blog, oral contraceptive for men, fifteen millionth Model T

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V.20 No.50 |


The Daily Word in Ron Paul winning and Gary Johnson the Libertarian

In the news: share power, run for president, "Fucking Asshole", damages, vaccine, freak out, alive and well, hacked, Earth has another moon?, overtake, 25 years after she swallowed it, Emergency Hall and Oates Line, achieve, didn't care, creepiest, unexplained mysteries, most expensive, cancelled, trailer!, leaked photos, Happy Birthday Samuel L. Jackson!!!

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V.20 No.42 |


The Daily Word in signs, RUSH, the richest man in the world and plutonium pits

In the news: crime bill, There I fixed it, bicycle, This year my wife is attempting to drink 4 pints of sherry while free falling from 1500 feet, Spike Jonze short, Loretta Lynn, sick, richest man in the world, metallurgy laboratory, C&O Canal, These, these, psycho ex-girlfriend test, Do you like RUSH?, stuck in your head, a drummer BEFORE Neil Peart, More of the Same, Bastille Day, Geddy Lee meets Alex Lifeson for the first time, Happy birthday, Evil Dead

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V.20 No.38 |


The Daily Word in neutrino jokes, marijuana law and SPAM

Brought to you by the letter G.

In the news: grievances, get the vote, preventing them from driving, posting comments on facebook, Faster-than-light-neutrino jokes, Santa Fe New Mexican, illegal, minimum sentencing laws, the Sopranos of Afghanistan, the Haqqani clan, Sesame Street's "G", Glee, Pyramiden, SPAM Museum, gift shop, spamosas

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V.20 No.35 |


The Daily Word in Labor Day history, Canada's crazy week, and more vintage sexism.

In the news: The History of Labor Day, Family trio, don't bring the end any closer, no news is good news, Lady Gaga, this guy, another human foot washing ashore in Vancouver, 3 accidentally-cannabis-brownied office workers, an Ottawa man who desecrated the Grand Canyon, Lobos lose opening game, cheap laptops, Man sues his coworkers, swears off mirrors for a year, Jose Maldonado caught a fairy, Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, bat species, Men being rude to their wives

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V.20 No.28 |


The Daily Word: 7.16.11: weekend Rail Runner service is on; marijuana prohibition; News of the World R.I.P.

In the news: Obama, marijuana prohibition, back on schedule, Any Which Way you Can, Toe-sucking Tarantino, Monster, you will read, Learn how, asshole, Bob fucking Ross, Pinging, British Empire, PENG!, this, my phone, The bigger they are the harder they fall

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