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V.23 No.7 |


The Daily Word in COPS is coming back to Albuquerque, a really old can of herring and not-confirming Hannah Skandera

Get well soon, Wattie!

By Geoffrey Plant [ Tue Feb 18 2014 9:49 AM ]
In the news: Hannah Skandera will serve her entire term, ongoing radiation leak at WIPP, Keeping the Albuquerque BioPark animals happy, The second suspect in the high-speed car chase crash, Bernalillo Sheriff's office is welcoming COPS to BernCo, not remembering that Mayor Marty banned the show, A Florida artist smashed a valuable Ai Weiwei, Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show last night, Expert disarms 25 year old can of herring, Detailed mapping and, A woman was arrested nine years after failing to return a rented copy of Monster-In-Law, amazingly preserved ancient Chinese city, The Exploited's Wattie had an onstage heart attack

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V.23 No.3 |


The Daily Word in pot-legalization in New Mexico, 85 people own half the world and the toilets of Sochi

By Geoffrey Plant [ Tue Jan 21 2014 8:46 AM ]
In the news: high-speed police chase, pot-legalization resolution, does not allow authorities to conduct a ground search, Obama's current views on marijuana, Fundraiser, Jamaican Olympic bobsled team, Detroit is getting a big-ass Robocop statue, Macgyver, Pontiac Stinger, 85 people own half the world, documents related to sexual abuse by priests in the Chicago Archiocese, large dolphin kill, fraternity held an offensively-themed MLK Day party, Legs McNeil interview with Moe Tucker, specter of terrorism, the toilets

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V.21 No.32 |


The Daily Word in DREAMers, voters, bleeders and truckers

By Margaret Wright [ Wed Aug 15 2012 10:08 AM ]
In the news: permits, fiscal hit list, down, Florida, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, impact, drought, permitted, buoyed, Latino perspectives, jail, Fear no more, votes down, nixed, called out

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V.21 No.29 |


The Daily Word in Westboro Baptist Church, NM bankruptcy rates, Penn State penalities.

By E.J. Maliskas [ Mon Jul 23 2012 8:30 AM ]
In the news: Westboro Baptist Church, funeral of a fallen soldier, Yay for falling bankruptcy rates in New Mexico!, Penn State, 100 killed in Iraq, 13 killed in Texas pickup accident, Rancho De Corrales, stab your husband, no more masks, Girl, where'd your arm go?, smell like books
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V.21 No.27 | 7/5/2012


The Daily Word in unemployment rate, electronic cigarettes, Spanish winos

By Sam Adams [ Fri Jul 6 2012 10:06 AM ]
In the news: Job growth, Jarrin Solomon, Bosque fire, hit-and-run, David Axelrod, ass shakin’, Fry-Up, raging winos, Raiders defensive end, PCP, Stonehenge

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V.21 No.20 | 5/17/2012
Functional stoneware-and-porcelain pitcher by Maggie Mae Beyeler

Culture Shock

By Sam Adams

Eldorado Studio Tour

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V.21 No.16 | 4/19/2012


Barbara Rockwell

By Carolyn Carlson

Barbara Rockwell and her husband David fulfilled a dream when they moved to the southern end of the Village of Corrales and started building their home. “Corrales in 1977 was a rural village farming alfalfa, apples, corn and chile,” she says. But it was slowly becoming a bedroom suburb of Albuquerque, she adds. “There was no Intel on the western horizon, just the flowing line of the mesa and open fields of grass,” Rockwell says in an email interview. “Above all, there was the fresh, sweet air.”

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V.20 No.38 |


The Daily Word in Troy Davis, Edupunk and Corrales' chicken mayor

By Marisa Demarco [ Thu Sep 22 2011 11:02 AM ]
In the news: Troy Davis, Gary Johnson, mayor, Urban farm, fact-checkers, satellite, wasteland, cash money, Uncreative, Edupunk:, lady cave, One Million Moms

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V.20 No.36 | 9/8/2011


Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho

Bobby Shew and John Proulx jazz up Disney

By Mel Minter
When the folks who book the Music in Corrales series approached Grammy-nominated, world-traveling jazz trumpeter Bobby Shew to open their 25th anniversary season, Shew was happy to accept. First of all, no flying: He can practically walk from his house to Old San Ysidro Church in Corrales, where the concerts are held. Second, he could work with Grammy-winning L.A. pianist/vocalist/composer John Proulx (rhymes with Shew) again. The two of them established a good rapport when they fronted a tribute to Chet Baker for the series a couple of years back, and they could team up once more with bassist Michael Glynn and drummer Cal Haines. But what to play?
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V.20 No.34 | 8/25/2011
Inside Casa Vieja
Eric Williams
Inside Casa Vieja


Goodbye, old house

By Elise Kaplan, fearless intern [ Fri Aug 19 2011 12:45 PM ]

Casa Vieja's 300-year-old walls succumbed to old age earlier this month. Owners Josh and Kate Gerwin closed their doors until further notice after a building inspector deemed the collapsing adobe a hazard.

The charming 18th-century structure is one of the oldest in Corrales and has housed stage coaches, military headquarters, tightrope walkers and a general store. For the last 30 years it has been a restaurant.

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V.20 No.26 | 6/30/2011
Sergio Salvador


Market Report

Early birds and late-bloomers in the North Valley

By Ari LeVaux

Throughout the growing season, New Mexico is home to fresh food markets every day of the week. You can follow the progression of summer by watching the diversity of produce unfold like a kaleidoscope on vendors’ tables. And you can travel to markets around the state and marvel at the differences that elevation and latitude make in what can be grown.

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