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V.23 No.26 |


The Daily Word in air quality, teacher evaluations, mayoral performance and Hitler's moves

In the news: air quality advisory for ABQ, advisory has been cancelled, illegal to text while driving, New Mexico teacher evaluations affect teacher pay, Hitler practiced his moves, cannibal cop, Hobby Lobby may assert its religious values on employees, In France, there is a ban on full Muslim veils, stupid GOP quotes about rape, "tiger selfies" will be illegal, Kim Jung Sexy Beast Ek (for short), Rob Ford is back, Netflix's annual movie dump

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V.23 No.22 | 5/29/2014

Idiot Box

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The lowdown on download

With the broadcast TV season at an end, what new shows can we look forward to this summer? They’re out there, but they may not be on TV. Wha?

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V.23 No.18 |


The Daily Word in Burquenos take over city council chambers, Monica Lewinsky takes back her life and a wife who never imagined APD would take her husband's life

Rob Ford disappeared on his way to rehab

In the news: citizens took over last night's city council meeting, Alibi contributor David Correia threatened a citizen's arrest of the police chief, Beware "the eraser challenge", tour of "Old Main", the former NM penitentiary, new Rail Yard market in Downtown Albuquerque, man killed by police, Rob Ford went off the radar, GOP senate candidate was once upon a time a professional drag queen, man wants to marry his "porn-filled Apple computer", "time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress", Did Netflix redesign their logo?, LA's lamentably long-gone Pacific Ocean Park, Germany has advised its citizens to leave east and south Ukraine

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V.23 No.18 | 5/1/2014

Arts Feature

From Cell to Screen

Orange Is the New Black’s Piper Kerman on prison, sensationalism and sex

Kerman went from rich girl to convict when she was sentenced to 15 months at a federal women’s correctional facility in Connecticut. She recounted her experience in the memoir Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, later adapted into an award-winning Netflix original series.
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The Daily Word in Atari, Netflix, Nike and DOJ hearings.

In the news: Paul Simon and Edie Brickell, car crash while posting to Facebook, edible water bottle, Donald Sterling, turn off your brain, rare sneakers, Netflix Roulette, public meetings on APD reform, Atari mass grave, Jay Leno

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V.23 No.16 |


The Daily Word in horrible mutilations, further annexations and Albuquerque city council quandaries

In the news: unexpected beer cities, shot by APD yesterday, Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission, hit by the Rail Runner, most bizarre musician suicide attempt ever, Ever, kinda-weird, Sometimes "refined" means fart jokes, decision prohibiting race based college entrance, Crimea is getting strange, thinking about Nudie suits

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V.23 No.12 | 3/20/2014
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Couch Potato

Now Streaming: The Returned

If you’re lucky enough to have dodged the recent spate of mysterious streaming throttling happening in previously stream-happy homes across America, there’s some good shit on out there in streamtopia.

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V.23 No.9 |


The Daily Word in a not-so-dead guy, an epic b-ball shot and Vermont's heroin

In the news: problems of young minorities, wasn't unconstitutional, It looks like some engineers found a solution, Some researchers got the scoop, Vermont's current heroin “epidemic.”, Eldorado High School girl score the winning shot, Human Services Department cost New Mexico millions, woman that is stealing from the elderly, they're coming for you, woke up later in a body bag in the morgue

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V.23 No.8 |


The Daily Word in touring Old Main, New Mexico ranks first in something and the collapse of Bitcoin

In the news: New Mexico is ranked first among states for sexual stamina, Albuquerque's DWI vehicle-seizure program, accused pedophile, tickets for tours of "Old Main,", 1980 New Mexico prison riot, huge shakeup in the Bitcoin world, money disappeared, Netflix sets precedent of paying for faster broadband speeds, Elevator Gossip, Rob Ford was on The Today Show, Mexican Sinaloa-cartel, El Chapo Guzman, who voted for Arizona's "anti-gay" sb 1062, A Ugandan newspaper published a list of the country's "top" 200 gays, a polio-like disease affecting children in California, Sarah Palin has a new TV show, Fun Brady Brunch facts

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V.22 No.22 | 5/30/2013

Idiot Box

America Love Family

“Arrested Development” on Netflix

Netflix gives viewers all the Bluth they can handle with 15 new episodes of “Arrested Development.”

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Bluth Family Reunion

Do you love hot ham water and cornballs? If so, then you know Netflix finally lets loose the new season of “Arrested Developmet” today. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Albuquerque’s Tannex (1417 Fourth Street SW) will host the “100% Good Time Family Viewing Solution or Family Love Michael” event. Wear your cuttoffs, feast on frozen bananas and watch as much “Arrested Development” as organizers can cram into a single night. The festivities start at 7 p.m. But no touching!

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V.22 No.21 | 5/23/2013
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Film & TV

Arrested Development Running Jokes Supercut

The Bluths just can’t let things go

As many of you might know, the very-long-awaited 4th installment of Arrested Development is set to release via Netflix this Sunday, May 26. As a latecomer to this cult classic (I’m just finishing season 3), I’ll admit a great deal of excitement at having 13 new episodes with which to stuff my Buster-loving brain.

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V.22 No.19 | 5/9/2013
Hemlock Grove

Idiot Box

Monster Mash

“Hemlock Grove” on Netflix

At the beginning of this month, movie download service Netflix let its contract with Starz expire. The end result was the loss of almost 2,000 films from the Warner Bros., MGM and Universal libraries. This occurred largely because Warner Archive wants to set up its own instant download service. Soon you’ll be able to pay every studio in Hollywood $10 a month to access films out of their libraryand only their library. But the other reason for the loss is that Netflix figures nobody wants to watch a bunch of old movies anyway, so who cares? The kids today are only interested in new content. So Netflix is changing its plan to serve as an alternative to video stores (which no longer exist anyway) into something new: serving as an alternative to HBO and Showtime.

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V.21 No.28 |


The Daily Word in dead turtles and a missing Congressman

In the news: report, vote, more prescriptions than the entire UNM medical school, reopen, crushing thousands of endangered leatherback turtle eggs, abortions, human skin, moon, new, most, missing, because they were never made, french fries, Happy Birthday Curly Joe DeRita!!!

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