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The Daily Word 09.09.10: Quran-burning minister, Gary Johnson, Playboy for the blind

By Marisa Demarco [ Thu Sep 9 2010 9:27 AM ]
In the news: Zozobra burns tonight, Sunport kills prairie dogs, DWCell-phoning, Google sped up searches, Ex-Gov. Gary Johnson, won't be back in November, Rio Grande teachers, flamboyant dancing, tax cuts for the rich, not to burn the Quran, gay mass, Castro, high-ranking kingpin, juror from his case, Vitamin B, Playboy, Tuesdays

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V.19 No.14 |

history lesson

DayBird - April 9th

By Geoffrey Anjou [ Fri Apr 9 2010 4:55 PM ]

1626 Sir Francis Bacon, English philosopher, statesman, and essayist, dies poor and in disgrace. His debts amounted to more than £23,000, an equivalent to over 6 million dollars at today's prices.

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