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V.21 No.47 | 11/22/2012
Jeff Drew


Specter of sonic sexism looms

Sexism in the music industry is alive and well. But it’s almost 2013, you might say. We’re more than a half-century removed from the height of ’50s paternalism. Sadly, we’re not quite as distanced from the weaker-sex mentality as we’d like to think. Whether exploring industrial music, producing or music-related subcultures, misogyny still patiently waits to be acknowledged and abolished. We chatted with Burqueña noisemakers and aural curators about their experiences with sexism in our burg. Read all about it in Burqueñas Talk Musical Misogyny.

Jeff Drew

Aural Fixation

Burqueñas Talk Musical Misogyny

We talk to Burqueña DJs and musicians about sexism in the music industry and call for an end to bad, old-fashioned misogyny.
V.21 No.27 |


The Daily Word in NM Drug Court investigations, litigiousness, "acts of daily living," a naked crimewave, and Romney-Venn Diagrams

The Daily Word

If your computer is infected with this virus, you will be denied access to the internet beginning next week.

The NM state email investigation is getting more and more complicated.

Judge Pat Murdoch will likely face new charges having something to do with female participants in the piece of the Drug Court Program he presided over.

Drug Court in Northern New Mexico is under investigation for possible embezzlement among other things.

An Audit reveals that APD handed out a lot of unqualified bonuses from 2008 to 2011.

In case you didn't know, Quebecois need a french word for EVERYTHING.

The most litigious man in the world is suing Herman Cain and Kim Kardashian for attacking him while the two were making a sex tape in a Pizza Hut bathroom.

Nation's ongoing naked crimewave. More PCP crime.

Best Buy competes in stupid business-decision-making Olympics.

Politician in Jordan shows us how to debate on T.V. like really angry, shoe-throwing, pistol-packing men do.

Some cities are banning public "acts of daily living" i.e, "homelessness."

Former and original bass player from Cro-Mags totally flipped out on the current Cro-Mags line-up at CBGB Festival.

Mitt Romney's Venn Diagrams look like Venn Diagrams but don't work like Venn Diagrams, so... are they Venn Diagrams?

Hey, "a lot of women tend to forget this is a man's world."

Is Marxism relevant today?

Men in suits get away with things.

Watch this Greek newscaster get egged and Mike Milled on air.

The last minutes of Air France flight 447.

The Valley of Gwangi.

V.20 No.24 | 6/16/2011


Local Wiener’s rape joke (not national Weiner’s sexting)

Commissioner Michael Wiener told county officials a racy rape joke, according to an investigation. (It’s not the first off-color joke he’s told that’s gotten him into trouble.) He also made inappropriate remarks to a female Bernalillo County worker, the investigation concluded, though he didn’t violate any policies.

A rally is happening right now outside the County Commission meeting near the City-County Building at Fifth Street and Marquette. (Downtown is hopping with protests this evening. The family and friends of those shot by APD are demonstrating on Civic Plaza.)

The rally aimed at Commissioner Wiener is called “Rape is No Joke” and includes the Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico, among other groups. They are calling for Wiener’s resignation—which the commissioner has said he has no plans for. He intends to run for re-election in 2012, according to a news release

V.19 No.31 |


The Daily Word 08.11.10: New Mexico budget, abortion, weather, meat, male grooming, sexism, Ben Quayle

The Daily Word

Federal funds will help bridge New Mexico's budget gap.

Anti-abortionists go after Dems.

Tropical depression halts relief well drilling.

Check out Denny's new fried cheese sandwich.

Super bacteria found in Britain linked to Indian cosmetic surgery.

The lady who aided the Arizona prison escapees may be in Placitas.

Humans have been butchering meat a million years longer than thought.

The politics of male grooming.

Sexy housework/abject sexism.

Dan Quayle's son: More dimwitted than his father before him?

Weather: Partly cloudy with highs in the low '90s for the rest of the week.

V.19 No.27 |
Play Youtube Video
Munn does the "working mother."


Olivia Munn: Too Hot for TV, Says Jezebel

Feminist blog Jezebel is under fire for a post about Olivia Munn, the new contributor to "The Daily Show." The blog blasted Munn, host of "Attack of the Show," for being hired for the wrong reasons and "The Daily Show" for being sexist and excluding women. Slate magazine reporter Emily Gould responded with her article "Outrage World," which, in turn, called Jezebel blogger Irin Carmon's criticism "petty jealousy." Gould also accused the reporter of using quotes from off-the record conversations with women who had been denied jobs or fired from "The Daily Show." Carmon used Munn's former appearances in Maxim and Playboy, and a clip of her eating suggestive-looking food on her show as evidence that she had been hired more for her sex appeal than brain cells.
This claim may be a stretch--Munn did host "Attack of the Show" for four years, after all. But a more knowledgeable critique came from Samantha Bee, the "Most Senior Correspondent" on the "The Daily Show." In contrast to the complaints of the women who were fired from the show, Bee praised it as a great enviornment for working mothers and stated that her gender has not held her back on the show. In Jezebel's scrutiny of the perhaps bitter women who were fired, the blog did not spend enough time on Bee, the woman who had the most experience behind the scenes.

V.19 No.24 | 6/17/2010


Domestic Violence Deniers

Congressman Ben Ray Lujan sent out a news release today announcing that he’s being targeted by Abusegate, Investigate!. According to its site, the group is bent on ending the “domestic violence industry.” But a further look at the principles and goals of the organization reveals some real gems. (My gift to you. Happy Thursday, everyone.)

Lujan is being singled out because he is one of 20 lawmakers who supports “discriminatory laws such as the International Violence Against Women Act that are known to violate fundamental civil rights and escalate partner tensions,” according to the news release.

Such laws contribute to the destruction of families, says the brain trust propelling Abusegate. There’s also a sister organization called Concerned Women for America that would like to “take the ‘gender’ politics and ‘politically correct’ agenda out of public policy solutions.”

Wha ... ?

V.19 No.13 | 4/1/2010


Was Crazy Heart Sexist? Or the Sexiest?

Newsman and Alibi contributor John Bear is fed up with the portrayal of female reporters in film. Hollywood’s hypersexualized, girly journalists should all be fired, Bear opined, for sleeping with their sources.

Crazy Heart sparked his observation and criticism. In the movie, Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a single-mom music writer who interviews an old alcoholic country musician and falls for him. In this interview with Steven Zeitchik of The Roanoke Times, Gyllenhaal addresses sexism, ageism and journalism.

Q: What have the reactions been to the age difference in the on-screen relationship?

A: I get some indignance from women journalists. I think it's difficult for a relationship with a 30-year age difference to be healthy. But it happens all the time. So, what, you don't make movies about it if you think it's not the healthiest thing in the world?

I got sent this article—and I've been trying not to read press—about sexism in our culture, and they cited "Crazy Heart" as an example of yet another movie where the guy's much older and the woman's much younger. And I felt like this person who was writing maybe didn't see the movie. We're not this sexy hero and heroine who are championing our love affair! You can't choose who turns you on.

Q: You play a journalist in this film, which must make it a little bit odd when you're having, well, conversations like these.

A: It's tough talking to journalists because I think (the character) Jean is very green. She's not a seasoned journalist. And sometimes they can be a little critical.

But I think Jean is interested in finding out something true, which is something I'm interested in, in terms of journalists.

Some people have interviewed me, before I stopped reading press—which I haven't entirely done, but I try—and I read the article and thought, "That person came in with an open mind and did their best to figure out something true about me." Other times, I think someone has a fantasy or idea of me and just writes it up. Jean is the first kind.

Q: Have any journalists said things that weren't simply evaluations of your job performance?

A: I had a great interview with the Carpetbagger woman (Melena Ryzik of the New York Times). I loved her—we really got along—but she was like, "I'm so tired of seeing movies where the woman journalist sleeps with her subject." And I was like, "I don't know if it happens, but it happened here." And she's not as tough as you are. Jean isn't as grounded. She's such a feeler. She's fighting through all of that to write this article and be a journalist, but the opposition to that is this powerful, serious attraction.

Q: Which eventually wins out.

A: Yes (pause). And I wonder what (Ryzik) would have done if she was in a room with Jeff Bridges.

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