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V.23 No.7 | 2/13/2014

Book Review

How It Begins

Catastrophe 1914: Europe Goes to War

WWI started because the Emperor of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a man who may have been part of a Serbian conspiracy, right? A new book shows that this explanation is so basic it’s just wrong.

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Rooster Roundabout: This week’s music highlights

Unfortunately I read the news too late for it to be included in last week's Rooster Roundabout, but last Friday, Phil Everly (of The Everly Brothers) died at the age of 74. One of the greatest groups of all-time (I don't care who disagrees), this is a major loss to the music world. And seing as how my all-time favorite love song is “All I Have To Do Is Dream,” it seems like a beautifully appropriate send-off to the man.

The Everly Brothers - “All I Have To Do Is Dream”

I like Common. Granted I'm not completely knowing of his musical repertoire. But having heard him recite poetry on “Def Poets,” I always thought his poetry was honest, visceral and relatable. And now Common has teamed up with No I.D. For a collaborative LP, titled Nobody Smiling. Not sure when it will be released, but Common and No I.D. Have made one track available (“War”). The album was thought of because of the violence permeating the Chicago area, but also in relation to violence happening all over the world. It's some heavy stuff, but sometimes people need music like this to wake up and smell the blood.

For those of you who want to hear what Carrie Brownstein has in store for herself in 2014, you can read her extensive Stereogum interview.

I don't know much about King Krule. Nothing, in fact. I know he's a British musician whose debut album dropped in August (6 Feet Beneath the Moon), and now he's released a video for the track “A Lizard State.” The track and video, a black-and-white representation of an Alfred Hitchcock influence, make me want to know more.

King Krule - “A Lizard State”

There's not really much you can say about Bruce Springsteen that hasn't already been said. The man is an institution. And said institution has a new album (High Hopes) coming out on Jan. 14, but like most people these days, he's streaming it ahead of time to give people a sneak peak of what his new record will deliver. You can head over to CBS to hear the album in its entirety.

Some people's dreams just came true … It's been “confirmed” that OutKast are reuniting to play some shows at Coachella. Apparently, the rap group (comprised of Andre 3000 and Big Boi) are going to headline the Friday night sets (happening on April 11 and 18). So start booking some flights, buying festival tickets, packing them bags and get to the show! P.S. It's also been announced that they're going to headline the Governors Ball in June.

OutKast featuring Killer Mike - “The Whole World”

I'm not going to gush about Thee Oh Sees. I've done that many times, probably more than I should. But that's neither here nor there. After the band claimed that they're going on hiatus, singer John Dwyer has announced that he's releasing a solo LP under the name Damaged Bug, titled Hubba Bubba. And he's shared a track (“Eggs at Night”) off said album, which hits stores on Feb. 25. Mark them calendars.

This one has been a long time comin'. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings are set to release their latest LP (Give The People What They Want) on Jan. 14. But for those of you impatient hecklers, you can head over to NPR to stream it in is entirety. And if you want a great visual to an old-school kicker, you can watch the video for the track “Stranger To My Happiness” below.

I love Cee Lo Green. Love him. While I'm not too knowing of his work with Goodie Mob, I've always been a fan of Gnarls Barkley and his solo work (though “Fuck You” did get old after about two listens). Maybe it was Gwyneth Paltrow that ruined it. Either way … Green just did an interview where he talked about what 2014 has in store for him: a reality show, a new solo album (Girl Power), work with Goodie Mob and a possible Gnarls reunion. You can read more at Rolling Stone.

I mentioned a couple weeks back that St. Vincent would be releasing a self-titled album on Feb. 25. Now St. Vincent has shared another track from said album, titled “Digital Witness,” and digital it is … but with a disco-rock sound to it as well. If this track is anything to go by, I like St. Vincent's direction (and the gray hair isn't bad at all).

St. Vincent - “Digital Witness”

Just in case you wanted to see two legendary musical acts (The Byrds and Bob Dylan) perform a legendary number (“Mr. Tambourine Man”) in 1990, while providing a tribute to another legendary musician (Roy Orbison) who had died a month before due to a heart attack … (God rest his soul).

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The Byrds and Bob Dylan - “Mr. Tambourine Man”

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    The Daily Word in Olympic butts, Albuquerque bomb threats and bunker children

    Three American soldiers killed by an Afghan pretending to be a cop

    The memorial for the Sikh temple victims is happening today.

    July: Hottest. Month. Ever.

    There was a bomb threat at Pro’s Ranch Market

    A new early species of human was discovered

    Deceased Beastie Boy Adam Yauch is supernaturally awesome.

    Kissing. Butts.

    You, too, can learn to speak four languages in a year.

    “How does one crip walk?”

    Play with Politico’s nifty swing state map

    Seven missing athletes from Cameroon probably defected in London. It happens.

    “If you could see the earth illuminated when you were in a place as dark as night, it would look to you more splendid than the moon.”

    Sometimes you love God so much, you just wanna make your children live in an underground bunker for their entire lives.

    Romani people in France continue to get merde-ed upon.

    “Walking Dead” deleted zombie horde scene

    Anonymous hacked Australia.

    The Stranglers’ Hugh Cornwell does a mariachi “Golden Brown.”

    Have a gooey, flaming National S’more Day!


    The Daily Word in Westboro Baptist Church, NM bankruptcy rates, Penn State penalities.

    Westboro Baptist Church appears to have not have actually shown up to the candlelight vigil held last night for the Aurora shooting victims. They were probably too busy being blocked from protesting the funeral of a fallen soldier.

    Yay for falling bankruptcy rates in New Mexico!

    NCAA doles out intense punishment for Penn State.

    More than 100 killed in Iraq after bombings and shootings make for the deadliest day this year.

    13 killed in Texas pickup accident.

    200-year-old Rancho De Corrales Event Center destroyed by fire.

    Which would be more likely to provoke you to stab your husband: An obnoxious facebook post, or the fact that he was high on PCP?

    AMC says no more masks at their movie screenings. Sorry superhero cosplayers.

    Girl, where'd your arm go?

    You may now smell like books.

      V.21 No.22 | 5/31/2012
      Chuck Hosking prepares to ride to Kirtland Air Force Base.
      Rebecca Belletto

      From the Foxhole

      Preach the Gospel Always

      If necessary, use words

      Chuck Hosking is an American marvel, as close to a homegrown prophet as you’re likely to come across.

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      18 veterans commit suicide each day

      That’s the startling opener to Alex Limkin’s column “Flashes of Light,” which is all about staying alive after war.

      Limkin, an Iraq War veteran, took a trip with Outward Bound. The wilderness organization leads vets through the backcountry for free. It’s part of an effort to help people cope with post-traumatic stress.

      Folks can apply here.

        V.21 No.10 | 3/8/2012

        From the Foxhole

        Flashes of Light

        Staying alive after war

        An average of 18 veterans commit suicide each day. The source for this statistic is not some obscure group with an anti-war agenda but an organization that probably knows something about the rate at which veterans are killing themselves—the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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        The Daily Word in the Old Main, supergiant and Anonymous

        U.S. to ease its combat mission in Afghanistan.

        Burqueños prison gang exhibits civic pride.

        Foreigners stick their foreign fingers in our chile market.

        Reies Lopez Tijerina, a Chicano activist, mounted an armed raid to make a citizen's arrest of New Mexico's district attorney in the '60s. He's speaking at the Statehouse today.

        Tour the Old Main, home of the lethal 1980 prison riot.

        To protect his riches, this wealthy man adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend as his daughter.

        Anonymous hacks emails and accuses Ron Paul of being linked to a neo-Nazi group.

        Washington the state passes a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

        Komen yanked its funding from Planned Parenthood, so supporters around the country donated enough in a single day to make up the difference.

        Baratunde Thurston on how to be Black.

        Remember when we sold guns to cartels so we could track them? And then it didn't work out so well?

        This cheerleader can dead lift 250.

        Meet supergiant—not the band, the amphipod.

        Marchers in Egypt protest military mishandling of a soccer riot that killed 74.

        The most common regrets of folks at the end of their lives.

        Rest in peace:

        Sonic Youth collaborator and artist Mike Kelley

        "Soul Train" creator Don Cornelius

        Poet Wislawa Szymborska

        Boxing trainer Angelo Dundee

        The man who played Mr. Pitt on "Seinfeld," Ian Abercrombie


        Another broken soldier

        Benjamin Colton Barnes
        Barnes, an Iraq War veteran, died at age 24 in Mount Rainier National Park.

        Would we have known the name Benjamin Colton Barnes if he hadn’t killed someone else before rushing to his own death in Mount Rainier National Park on New Year’s Day? Or would he have been just another young Iraq War veteran on a suicide trajectory?

        Columnist Alex Limkin, also a vet, asks this question in his column From the Foxhole.

        A veteran commits suicide every 80 minutes, according to a study published in November. It also indicates military suicides have been on the rise since the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

          V.21 No.3 | 1/19/2012
          Barnes, an Iraq War veteran, died at age 24 in Mount Rainier National Park.

          From the Foxhole

          Benjamin Colton Barnes

          Another broken soldier

          The only reason the death of this Iraq War veteran has attracted such attention is that he did not go alone. Had Barnes simply headed off into the frozen wilderness to die, his story would have been unexceptional. After all, scores of returning veterans, traumatized and afflicted, have committed suicide over the last decade.

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          V.20 No.49 | 12/8/2011

          From the Foxhole

          The Detention of Americans

          How the quest for absolute security is compromising our democracy

          Columnist and war veteran Alex Limkin takes on the National Defense Authorization Act.

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          The soldiers who’ve died in Afghanistan

          Wars are often reduced to their numbers—the amount spent, the casualties both military and civilian.

          But it’s hard to visualize those numbers. After they climb high enough, my brain reverts to the vague idea of “many” or “a lot.”

          When I got the list of troops who’ve died from the Department of Defense, I spent a good while looking at the names. “A lot” became concrete.

          In remembrance of 10 years in Afghanistan, we published the names, ages and home states of all U.S. casualties reported before Oct. 3. It’s interesting to note how the lists for each year grow exponentially.

          The war in Afghanistan is the longest in U.S. history.

          V.20 No.41 | 10/13/2011


          The Longest War

          American soldiers killed in Afghanistan

          This month marks 10 years of war in Afghanistan—the longest military conflict in U.S. history—and the list of our fallen soldiers grows ever longer.

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          The Daily Word in neutrino jokes, marijuana law and SPAM

          Brought to you by the letter G.

          Borders employees leave a list of grievances.

          Saudi women will get the vote in 2015. Maybe they will vote to change the law preventing them from driving.

          A woman was decapitated by the Zeta gang in Mexico for posting comments on facebook about the Zetas.

          Faster-than-light-neutrino jokes (scroll down to the comments for more.)

          Read this excellent Santa Fe New Mexican overview of how the NM Medical Marijuana program is faring.

          Part of this woman's job was to prevent people from doing anything illegal on Cook County Forest Preserve land....

          Canada's Conservative government is likely to pass minimum sentencing laws for marijuana cultivation.

          Two articles on former U.S. allies, "the Sopranos of Afghanistan," "goodness personified," the Haqqani clan of Afghanistan.

          Sesame Street's "G" is better than post season one "Glee."

          Pyramiden, Soviet ghost town.

          Check out the SPAM Museum. AND the gift shop. AND this recipe for what should have been called "spamosas."


          August was still deadly for Iraqis and U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

          As I reported in today’s Daily Word, August was the first month without the death of a U.S. troop in Iraq.

          But it was still grim for Iraqis. From the last paragraph of this CNN story:

          For Iraqis, August saw the worst wave of violence to strike the country in months. On August 15, for example, a barrage of attacks across the country killed at least 84 people and wounded more than 200.

          And August was not easy for U.S. service members in Afghanistan, either. It was the deadliest month in that part of the Middle East, with 66 casualties.

          Obama says:

          "Hundreds of thousands have deployed again and again, year after year," he said. "Never before has our nation asked so much of our all-volunteer force — that 1 percent of Americans who wears the uniform."

          The war in Afghanistan is the longest in U.S. history.

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