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V.21 No.43 | 10/25/2012


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #270: “Someone, like me, is going to want to kill you someday.”

By Brutus De Cervantes [ Wed Oct 24 2012 1:55 PM ]

(This dream was dated 5/3/2002.) I am in a theater before a show. I sit by a guy who flashes a black BB pistol and then another silver one. He fiddles with it and points it at me. It goes off and a BB whizzes through my hair. I disarm him and tell him he can get his guns from the ticket counter after the show. I press my forehead hard against his and I tell him someone, like me, is going to want to kill him someday.

V.21 No.2 | 1/12/2012


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #233: Cuba Gooding Jr.

By Brutus De Cervantes [ Tue Jan 10 2012 4:18 PM ]

Cuba Gooding Jr. lifts up a rectangular sheet of fake water and kicks it in anger.

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