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V.23 No.24 | 6/12/2014


The Daily Word in shootings, protests and computers.

In the news: mass murder, world’s oldest man died, giant octopus, knocked out by a hawk, artificial intelligence, world record in tree hugging, kids ate dog treats, Tracy Morgan, Newlyweds killed each, 13 protesters are banned from City Hall, hit-and-run at 1st and Iron, throat-slasher was on drugs, nearly died in the desert, Michael J. Fox

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V.23 No.14 | 4/3/2014


The Daily Word on the City Council meeting, APD violence and Mickey Rooney died.

In the news: City Council meeting, APD got their own rally, Mickey Rooney, John Pinette, earthquakes in Oklahoma, charity hockey game, alligator bites an electric eel, Oxygen injections, Goonies sequel, 15 more emotions, MU-MIMO chips, pooping on slides, Elane Photography, James Garner

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Aerialist Kaeti Frady
photos by Dave Dell

Arts Feature

Gesturing to All Life

Animales Animados drums up a vivid menagerie of aerialists and musicians

Like a demented child’s dream, Animales Animados features four airborne collaborations between local aerialists and musicians exploring “the animality of humans and the humanity of animals.”

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V.22 No.42 | 10/17/2013


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #317: Toga Party!

G and I lead our two dogs through darkened hallways lined with folding chairs. We discover that wolves and badgers are sleeping under them. There is much exploratory, reciprocal sniffing, but no growling. We encounter two large pit bulls. As we pass them, I feel a pit bull’s muzzle pressed against the small of my back, but I continue walking calmly towards the door. We enter a well-lit room filled with people dressed in togas. A cheerful woman tells us that we are about to be treated to a special performance. We sit on sheet-covered bleachers, dressed in togas and wait for the show to begin.

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V.22 No.28 | 7/11/2013


With a Tsiou Tsiou Here and a Wan Wan There

Animal noises from across the globe

Did you know that in Finland, cats don’t purr, they “hrr”? Or that in Japan, a pig says “boo boo”? The somewhat-arbitrary sounds we assign to animals in English are far from universal. British Vimeo user properniceinnit has compiled an interesting and, possibly handy, video featuring how different languages interpret animal sounds.

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V.22 No.18 | 5/2/2013
The Handsome Family
Eric Williams


The Handsome Family’s Americana Gothic

Talking metaphor, Wilderness and Custer’s corpse

Geoffrey Plant chats with The Handsome Family’s Brett and Rennie Sparks at their Albuquerque home.

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V.21 No.48 |


The Daily Word in fat stacks, emo countries and Roasted Turkey Doritos

In the news: $587.5 million jackpot, millionaires, culture of APD, toilet paper, emo countries, no violent crime, go on strike, immortal jellyfish, Facebook posts, homophobia, Holiday flavorcountry, spend your money foolishly, erased from his face

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V.21 No.47 |


The Daily Word in APD probe, Miley's pig and milk for inmates

In the news: investigate APD, neighbors to brawl, Smoking is dumb for you, Best prank ever, Napping baby art, lack of milk at breakfast, Facebook privacy notice, Bigfoot DNA results, Chopper, Scared red panda, a pig, Fiona Apple, circuses from having pachyderms, best Primus song, Worst logos ever, Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix

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V.21 No.46 |


The Daily Word in BP, poorest president and Pong

In the news: $4.5 billion fine, rich and poor, killed a Chihuahua, remain on the Council, sexually assaulted or harassed, Nonstop flights, coyote-killing contest, poorest president, Violence escalates in Gaza and Israel, gave gifts to minorities and youth, 13 deaths, legal recreational marijuana, rappers' brains, Pong, Sherlock Holmes

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V.21 No.40 | 10/4/2012


The Daily Word in dog cop, Hoffa and Morrisey

In the news: $53,000, Chris Johnson, see if students are drunk, is a dog, casually exit, shake us off, British words, gluten, curses his way through a children’s story, Hand gestures, Jimmy Hoffa, can’t keep his lines straight, Los Zetas guy, Controversial Morrisey stances, Ramones are rubbish, Honey Boo Boo nickname generator, The worst children’s toys ever

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V.21 No.35 | 8/30/2012


The Daily Word in Johnny Tapia, Cypress Hill and food waste

In the news: APD made an arrest, vigil tomorrow, heart disease, testing positive for marijuana, boost economies, Olympic bronze medalist, 40 percent, Rupert Murdoch’s daughter, D’oh, Zero percent, Gonzo guide, Action movies, Henry Rollins, Keith Moon, Cypress Hill

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V.21 No.34 | 8/23/2012


The Daily Word in hipster topics, inmate heroes and Dave Mustaine

In the news: An inmate work crew, $1 million, New Mexico home page, Megadeth singer, Julian Assange, West Nile being on the rise, Dream Act-esque immigration program, free speech, The stoner Olympics, he’s Jewish, These gorillas, safe housing, shop for groceries, annoying hipster stuff, Best gravel voices

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V.21 No.32 |


The Daily Word in Paul Ryan, Woodward and "f-bomb"

In the news: prairie dogs, raise the minimum, Paseo/I-25 interchange, Baby Got Back, Olives, infinity breadsticks, This Is Sand, daring veep pick, Michelle Obama, female presidential debate moderator, Woodward, defended the killer in court, open-source living, DeLorean, 17-foot python, F-bomb

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V.21 No.25 |


The Daily Word in $3 gas, dirty veggies and peaceful Iceland

In the news: Bosque, Kabul, $3 per gallon, The Sandusky jury deliberates, highest temperatures, fruits and veggies, Police officers in Santa Fe, come true, private islands, Denham Fouts, most peaceful, earthquake, Science, hiring

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V.21 No.24 | 6/14/2012


Trap Neuter Return spurs debate

Every month, a volunteer force traps feral felines, fixes them and then puts them back where they came from. This method is practiced nationwide and is meant to replace the standard municipal strategy: trap and kill.

TNR proponents I spoke with for my news article “Claws Out” argue that returning fixed cats to their colonies decreases feral populations. The feline resumes its position in the neighborhood without birthing more kittens. If it were simply killed, another unfixed cat would take its place.

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