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V.22 No.45 |


The Daily Word in the sale of Lovelace Health Plan, a tree-climbing anti-choice nut visits Albuquerque and what Lemmy Kilmister has in common with Dick Cheney

By Geoffrey Plant [ Tue Nov 12 2013 8:29 AM ]
In the news: Rives Miller Grogan, anti-choice whack-job, Jesus on a landscaping rock, New Mexico same-sex marriage, Blue Cross/Blue Shield bought Lovelace Health Plan, a law requiring women seeking abortions to view a detailed ultrasound, Typhoon Haiyan, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova is on her way to a new prison in Siberia, contaminated areas around Fukishima, invisible bike helmet, Pink Fairy Armadillos, perfectly preserved cold war era fallout shelter, Lemmy Kilmister got a pacemaker

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V.20 No.5 |
`Armadillo in Texas Panhandle
John Bear
`Armadillo in Texas Panhandle


I finally saw an armadillo that was not dead

One day in Texas

By John Bear [ Wed Feb 9 2011 12:14 PM ]

I was driving in a remote and beautiful stretch of the Texas panhandle one day when I saw a pile of what was once a raccoon. No big deal. There is a ton of road kill on this portion of nowhere in between Memphis, Texas and Hollis, Okla.

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