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V.25 No.48 | 12/1/2016
Cosplay at Con-Jikan 3
XYZ Snapper

Culture Shock

Four Years of Fandom

Albuquerque's anime convention is all about finding connection

By Maggie Grimason
No matter how shy or outgoing you are, it's easier than ever to join the party and connect with others of your fandom.
V.25 No.47 | 11/24/2016
Eric Idle
Eric Idle

Culture Shock

“Always Face the Curtain with a Bow”

Eric Idle and John Cleese reunite once more

By Maggie Grimason
The audience should expect something completely different than Monty Python “best of's” at the Kiva Auditorium for John Cleese and Eric Idle's tour.
V.25 No.46 | 11/17/2016
Dr. Lee Francis IV
Indigenous Comic Con

Culture Shock

Embrace Your Inner Indigenerd

The first ever Indigenous Comic Con

By Maggie Grimason
This Comic Con promises to articulate diversity and push back against the historicization of Indigenous people not just in comics, but in the media at large.
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Gift Guide

Creative Currency

Local wares to feel good about giving or receiving

By Maggie Grimason
Albuquerque abounds with decidedly not boring artists, craftspeople, organizations, spaces and local businesses that can make your most exciting holiday wishes come true.
Jumping Man and Puddle
Aidan O'Hara

Art Magnified

A is for Art

Auction exposes high school students to the art world

By Sara MacNeil
Local educators have come up with an option for arts programs that are coming up short.
V.25 No.45 | 11/10/2016
Georgia O’Keeffe
Tony Vaccaro

Culture Shock

To Georgia, on her 129th Birthday

The legacy of O'Keeffe endures

By Maggie Grimason
The persona of Georgia O'Keeffe can't be ignored when discussing her legacy.
Rafael Estévez

Art Magnified

Yjastros 31 to Feature Fresh Choreography

Company performs new and surprising works

By Sara MacNeil
Live performance is not about what you can buy, but a type of engagement that television doesn’t provide.
V.25 No.44 | 11/3/2016
Sewing Machine
Cecilia McKinnon

Culture Shock

Stitch in Time

Cecilia McKinnon's work explores home, memory and repair

By Maggie Grimason
Cecilia McKinnon's work explores home, memory and repair.
Allison Pharmakis
Allison Pharmakis

Culture Shock

Tonic for the Spirit

Allison Pharmakis investigates the human condition at GRAFT

By Maggie Grimason
Allison Pharmakis investigates the human condition at GRAFT.
V.25 No.43 | 10/27/2016
Tess Coats
Beth Wells

Culture Shock

Join the Spectacle (Caravan)!

Tess Coats & Co. create and curate their way to success

By Maggie Grimason
Tess Coats and company create and curate their way to success.
Brooke Denton, Destiny Trujillo, Mikayla Griego, Lilly Moquin
Maggie Grimason

Art Preview

Save Your Pennies

The 99 Cent Store’s DIY vision

By Maggie Grimason
The 99 Cent Store’s do it yourself vision.
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V.25 No.42 | 10/20/2016
Golden Migration
Chip Thomas and Lisa Nevada

Culture Shock

Catching Glimpses

The wheat-pasted photographic murals of jetsonorama

By Maggie Grimason
On the wheat-pasted photographic murals of jetsonorama.
V.25 No.41 | 10/13/2016
Andrew W.K.
Andrew W.K.

Culture Shock

We Party Because We Care

Andrew W.K.’s attainable theory of positivity

By Courtney Foster
Andrew W.K.’s attainable theory of positivity.
V.25 No.40 | 10/6/2016
Taleen Kali
Taleen Kali and DUM DUM Zine

Culture Shock

Our Own Fractured Narratives

Taleen Kali finds the space to get weird in DUM DUM Zine

By Maggie Grimason
Taleen Kali finds the space to get weird in DUM DUM Zine.

Art Magnified

Bringing Out the Truth

FreeSpook benefit addresses injustice with art

By Maggie Grimason
FreeSpook benefit addresses injustice with art.
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