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V.26 No.46 | 11/16/2017
Katy Houska, Elsa Menéndez, Diana Delgado, Drew Morrison and Juli Hendren
Tricklock Company

Culture Shock

The Language of Liberation

Tricklock Company becomes the site of revolution at the start of their 24th season

By Maggie Grimason
REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. is not a simple play; it's full of women being truthful—often to the point of hilarity—about what they want.
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V.26 No.45 | 11/9/2017
William Blackshear

Culture Shock

The Things with Wings

AirDance New Mexico launches two new performances this weekend

By Maggie Grimason
Someone in AirDance New Mexico made the offhand suggestion, “We should do a performance based on bugs.” The group took the idea and ran with it.
Tewa Tales of Suspense

Arts Interview

Indigenous Comic Con Round Two

Tewa Tales of Suspense! creator Jason Garcia visits the annual convention

By Maggie Grimason
Just in time for Indigenous Comic Con, speaker and exhibitor Jason Garcia tells us about his work.
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V.26 No.44 | 11/2/2017
Albuquerque Police Surveillance Unit Set On Fire
Mark Beyer

Culture Shock

Albuquerque Otherworld

Mark Beyer's first collection in 12 years delves into the city's strangeness

By Maggie Grimason
Ne'er-do-Wellers visually details Albuquerque’s news headlines through darkly funny images.
V.26 No.43 | 10/26/2017
Shannon Flynn
Josh Bien

Culture Shock

Inside the Invasion

Blackout Theatre Company's new chapter of Quarantine

By Maggie Grimason
This year's Quarantine storyline hinges upon that famous UFO crash that happened in Roswell in 1947 and supposes that in this reality, the government is engineering alien technology based on what they discovered there, and they do not want the public accessing it.
V.26 No.42 | 10/19/2017
George Sandoval
Kate Livingston

Culture Shock

All the Good to Come

In the workshop and beyond at Fathers Building Futures

By Maggie Grimason
Fathers Building Futures delivers more than a physical object in each of their pieces and the services they provide. It’s a direct buy-in to a better community and a vote in favor of freedom for everyone in it.
Choreographer and dancer Erika Pujič comes to SHIFT Dance Festival
Kelsey Paschich

Art Preview

The Language of Dance

Rendezvous with dancer and choreographer Erika Pujič at SHIFT Dance Festival

By Maggie Grimason
We interview Erika Pujič about dance and the pieces she's bringing to SHIFT Dance Festival.
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V.26 No.41 | 10/12/2017
Shark Wayne and Chris Zaccara

Culture Shock

More than Misdirection

The magicians at Max's Magic Shop and Theatre deliver moments of the impossible

By Maggie Grimason
Max's Magic Shop has, under several different names and under multiple owners, delivered moments of the impossible to Albuquerque for 40 years. That's a tremendous track record that testifies that there is an enduring audience for this performance art, and that their will always be people who love the craft enough to make sure that it survives here.
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V.26 No.40 | 10/5/2017
Tomas Moniz
Tomas Moniz

Culture Shock

Freedom of the (Small) Presses

Ariel Gore and Tomas Moniz visit ABQ Zine Fest Seven

By Maggie Grimason
Ariel Gore and Tomas Moniz have carved out a niche for their distinct approach to exploring and opening the dialogue on family and radical parenting, while simultaneously making room to grow their other writing practices.
V.26 No.39 | 9/28/2017
creepy and cute
Angela Oster

Culture Shock

Spooky Meets Cute

Angela Oster vamps it up at Stranger Factory

By Maggie Grimason
Cute and spooky is a thread that has been running through Angela Oster's life for some time, and it's something she chases in her ethereal works of art, a selection of which will be on display at Stranger Factory.
V.26 No.38 | 9/21/2017
Etkie team

Culture Shock

Bead by Bead

Etkie firmly plants its feet in Downtown Albuquerque

By Maggie Grimason
At Etkie, Diné artists design and create jewelry with an eye on the broad, modern market (including fashion hubs like New York, Paris and Tokyo) but still connect with tradition.
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V.26 No.37 | 9/14/2017
A preview of an installation created by local artist Reyes Padilla
Beth Ashley

Culture Shock

SOMOS Albuquerque

New celebration gathers community Downtown to annunciate all that we are

By Maggie Grimason
SOMOS is a day-long event that aims to highlight our community in five distinct arenas: entertainment, cuisine, arts & culture, economic development & technology and family.
V.26 No.36 | 9/7/2017
Some of Alex Branch's water collection at home in New York City.
Alex Branch

Culture Shock

Ships Not at Sea

The work of NYC artist Alex Branch's residency at Sanitary Tortilla Factory

By Maggie Grimason
Over the course of six weeks Alex Branch will design, source materials for and build an acoustic vessel that will make its home, for a time, at Sanitary Tortilla Factory.
V.26 No.35 | 8/31/2017
Moth Migration Project
Suzanna Sbarge / 516 ARTS

Culture Shock

Fly By Night

The “Moth Migration Project” lands in downtown Albuquerque

By Maggie Grimason
Hilary Lorenz put out a call asking for individuals to make paper moths and mail them to her to so she could arrange them together in a massive installation of 40,000 moths—the number of moths a grizzly bear can eat in a single day.
V.26 No.34 | 8/24/2017
Frida Kahlo and Juan Farill, 1951
by Gisel̀e Freund courtesy of Frida Kahlo Museum

Culture Shock

Frida Kahlo Through the Lens

Her “battlefield of suffering” illumined in 241 photos from her private collection

By Maggie Grimason
In her work, Kahlo was able to continually realize and remake the power of pain. In her life, she stands as a figure of immutable strength and on her face, her “battlefield of suffering” is reflected back to the viewer.
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