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V.26 No.21 | 5/25/2017
Mountain Park
Mary Tsiongas, courtesy of Richard Levy Gallery

Culture Shock

On Beauty & Mystery

Mary Tsiongas creates scenes with haunting resonance

By Maggie Grimason
Bisecting the darkness of Tsiongas' work is a beam of light from an obsolete machine that allows nature to take its stand in the frame.
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Frame, 17.3
Bruce Warren Davis, courtesy of Richard Levy Gallery

Culture Shock

What the Frame Holds

Bruce Warren Davis makes art on the edge

By Maggie Grimason
With a ramshackle budget, Bruce Warren Davis has been able to create highly expressive works that provide inquiry into borders in their varying shades of definition.
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V.26 No.20 | 5/18/2017
Gathering Reindeer
Courtesy of the Lannan Foundation, by Subhankar Banerjee

Culture Shock

Shutters Snapping on Summer

Traci Quinn previews 2017's PhotoSummer

By Maggie Grimason
With PhotoSummer, UNM Art Museum aims to maintain the energy of the academic year by drawing on the experiences captured by photographers in New Mexico.
V.26 No.19 | 5/11/2017
"Surveillance (Mirror)" from Dear Erin Hart,

Culture Shock

Mysteries of Identity

Super sleuthin' with the DIY PI Jessamyn Lovell

By Maggie Grimason
Jessamyn Lovell has been a photographer since her youth; that practice eventually led her to two projects, which in turn, led to her current work as an artist-turned-private-investigator.
V.26 No.18 | 5/4/2017
Jodie Herrera

Culture Shock

Bridging Worlds

Women Across Borders aims to create connection and awareness through art

By Maggie Grimason
In Women Across Borders, Jodie Herrera will use her craft to tell the traumatic stories of refugee and immigrant women.
V.26 No.17 | 4/27/2017
Renata Yazzie
courtesy of the artist

Culture Shock

Lessons in Rezilience

Community-building festival returns for year two

By Maggie Grimason
Rezilience is a two-day experience aiming to reinforce traditional ways of understanding community, as well as ones that speak to the modern existence of many Indigenous people.
V.26 No.16 | 4/20/2017
Goodbye to All of That
Virginia Colwell

Culture Shock

Where Language Fails

The role of the arts at UNM's Decolonizing Nature conference

By Maggie Grimason
The Decolonizing Nature conference brings together people in many disciplines, including art, to discuss ecology and sustainability.
V.26 No.15 | 4/13/2017
Space oddity
Shing Yin Khor

Culture Shock

Stranger in a Strange Land

Shing Yin Khor brings an outer space apothecary to Old Earth

By Maggie Grimason
In the past, how did people make sense of the world? Shing Yin Khor hopes that visitors to her exhibition will be just as as bewildered as those past seekers.
V.26 No.14 | 4/6/2017

Culture Shock

Spacefaring from a Leftover Lot

Ellen Babcock takes her work to Off Lomas

By Maggie Grimason
The effect of Off Lomas is that it clicks you back into the landscape. Even if you've driven down Lomas a thousand times, suddenly, you see it anew.
V.26 No.13 | 3/30/2017
Augusten Burroughs
Christopher Schelling

Culture Shock

The Truth is in the Text

Talking breakups, dogs and happiness with Augusten Burroughs

By Maggie Grimason
Much of what Lust & Wonder hones in on—with heart-wrenching acuity—is the process of recognizing the ill fit of a relationship and mustering the courage to end it.
Alibi art box

Art News

Think Outside the Box

The not so annual Alibi art box competition

By Maggie Grimason
Submit your concept for the Alibi's Art Box Competition, a challenge to local artists to design, energize and give life to the distribution boxes that house our publication on the streets of Albuquerque.
V.26 No.12 | 3/23/2017
The new mural, by Argentinian artist Pastel, at the Sanitary Tortilla Factory
Suzanna Sbarge

Culture Shock

The Beauty of Wild Weeds

Colossal botanical murals flourish Downtown

By Maggie Grimason
Indigenous plants usually appear quietly in little breaks in the concrete. Pastel puts them on a scale everyone will notice.
V.26 No.11 | 3/16/2017
Shiprock, New Mexico, 1940
Museum of New Mexico Press

Culture Shock

A Line Carved Through Time

Exhibition and book illuminate block printmaking in New Mexico

By Maggie Grimason
The Carved Line illuminates the extreme technical capacity and history of the block printmaking artists in New Mexico.
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Junk Yard Dogs

Poetry Review

Junk Yards, Church Yards, Everything In-Between

Damien Flores translates the life of the city into poetry

By Maggie Grimason
Damien Flores' work is strongly rooted in Albuquerque, speaking with such specificity that Burqueños will read things in these textured lines that no reader from outside could ever, but at the same moment Flores trains his eye on the universal.
V.26 No.10 | 3/9/2017
Nancy Zastudil

Culture Shock


Art-centric edit-a-thon has its first local run

By Maggie Grimason
The localized version of Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon will emphasize creating entries for local female-identifying artists and editing or augmenting existing entries as needed.
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