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The Daily Word in faulty ATMs, faulty meter readings and a faulty chemistry teacher

The Daily Word

Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich stepped down after being protested against for his intolerant views against same-sex marriage. Now some think this is reverse-intolerance.

Sparks from welders are thought to be the cause of a Boston fire that killed 2 firefighters and injured 13 people.

A mother in South Carolina could face 20 years to life in prison after her infant died of an overdose of morphine from her breast milk.

Former President George W. Bush has been getting crazy with the oil paints.

Have you heard of these firefly devices? Apparently they can screw up your water meter readings.

A child abuse prevention rally is scheduled to take place today at noon at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

City websites back on track after Anonymous unleashed a “cyber hurricane” this past weekend.

A political science professor from Johns Hopkins University wrote an analytical paper stating how Walter White was a “bad teacher” and a “failure.”

A man requested $140 from an ATM in Maine, but got $37,000 … can you point out its exact location on this map I'm holding?

V.21 No.3 | 1/19/2012


Rowdy’s Dream Blog #234: We plan to climb Mount Sumner.

I am driving to Oregon on the freeway. My orientation in the car is awkward. I sit sideways in the passenger seat and steer from the passenger door as I look over my left shoulder at the road. As I come up on a slow moving semi-truck I realize that maneuvering around it will be difficult. Towering above the horizon is mount Sumner, which we plan to climb. It is buttressed with cliffs, capped with snow and half covered in clouds. We arrive at the base and prepare for our ascent. I stop at an ATM at the base and meet another climber who wants to join us in case his 'protection breaks loose'. I tell him that we didn't bring any technical climbing gear and we thought we could just walk up. He didn't think that would be possible.