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V.22 No.43 | 10/24/2013
The Octopus and the Fox
Eric Williams

Arts Feature

Octofair Brings Octofun

Autumn gets artsy at The Octopus and the Fox

By Billy McCall
Full-fledged fall fun supports local artists and crafters at the October Octofair.
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V.21 No.37 |


The Daily Word in anti-American riots, middle income, large sodas and new monkeys

By Jessica Cassyle Carr [ Fri Sep 14 2012 12:31 PM ]
In the news: Anti-American rallies, Romney comments on the anti-Muslim propaganda film, Obama is leading, middle income, 1957 murder, accidental early releases, NYC bans large sodas, new monkey, APS, preserve Native American languages, the new face of Guess, Loyal dog, Weather

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V.20 No.35 | 9/1/2011

Aural Fixation

Higher Learning

A mix of songs with academic themes

By Jessica Cassyle Carr
Autumn is nigh, and with the turning season come books and classrooms and new ideas and pocket protectors. Much music on the topic of school has to do with the rebellion against it, lust, alienation or nostalgia. Here’s a seasonal mixmost of the rock and roll or punk persuasion (sorry, no Van Halen)to put you in the mood for education, be your participation willing or begrudging.

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