V.26 No.9 | 03/02/2017

Time is Running Out!

Vote for the 2017 Best of Burque

Albuquerque you have until March 15 to vote in this year's Best of Burque! Where's the Best Place to Take a First Date? The Best Plant Nursery? The Best Funeral Home? We gotta know! You have 12 days left to vote and make your voices heard, so what are you waiting for?

V.25 No.11 | 03/17/2016
Robert Maestas

Two Hours Left to Vote!

Today's the day! Voting ends today at noon for Weekly Alibi's Best of Burque! So make sure your ballots are finished and valid and then check newsstands on April 7 when we announce the winners.

Robert Maestas

24 Hours Left to Vote for Best of Burque

Get thee to a computer or mobile device! If you are reading this, then you probably already have that covered. Next, vote in Weekly Alibi's Best of Burque. That's it; you did it! And just in time, because our polls close this Friday March 18 at noon. Make sure to pick up a copy on April 7 when our Best of Burque issue hits stands.

V.25 No.10 | 03/10/2016
Robert Maestas

So You've Successfully Survived the Ides of March

Congratulations! I mean, I didn't doubt that you would, considering your name probably isn't Julius Caesar and this isn't ancient Rome. But now to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than voting in Weekly Alibi's Best of Burque poll. Time is running out and you only have two days left to cast your vote. Polls close this Friday March 18 at noon. The 2016 Best of Burque issue hits stands April 7, so be sure to pick up a copy to see if your favorite won!

Robert Maestas

We Are Nearing The End Of Days

Albuquerque, we are nearing the end of days ... for voting in this year's Best of Burque. Voting ends this week, March 18 at noon, to be exact. So while we may not be under threat of the end of the world, it is still important that you vote! We want to know what you think! Once you've voted, make sure to check back when we announce the winners in our April 7 issue.

Robert Maestas

Looking For Something To Do Tonight?

Are you looking for something to do tonight? Check out our lively calendars that have numerous events happening around town. But before you head off, vote in this year's Best of Burque! Weekly Alibi's Best of Burque is a fun list compiled of what's best in Albuquerque. The coolest part? You get to tell us who/what/where is the best!

You only have less than six days because voting ends March 18 at noon. The votes will be tallied and the results will be revealed in our April 7 issue, so be sure to pick up a copy.

Robert Maestas

Best of Burque Voting Countdown

Eight Days Left

Did you know that elephants can be pregnant for two years? Well, you only have eight days left to cast your ballot for this year's Best of Burque. Polling is online only, here is a direct link.

So vote, Albuquerque! Tell us who/what/where is best! There is even a write in category, in case we left something out.

Polling closes on March I8 at noon. Rock the vote!

V.25 No.9 | 03/03/2016
Robert Maestas

Two Weeks Left!

Best of Burque Voting

Have you voted yet? What are you waiting for! Time is running out and now you only have two weeks left to vote in the Best of Burque. The voting has been extended to March 18th at noon, due to popular demand. So quit making excuses and go vote!

The issue hits stands (and our website) April 7, so be sure to pick up a copy and see if your pick made the cut!

V.25 No.8 | 02/25/2016

Weekly Alibi Wants You!

*pointing finger emoji*

Folks, it is 2016 and you know what that means. It's election year. And the most important election is happening right now. Best of Burque voting is happening on our website and you have a little less than three weeks to vote! It is your right, nay, your civic duty to make your voice heard. How else are we going to know which city politician most deserves a punch in the nose? You have to tell us!

Polls close on March 15 at midnight. Pick up a copy (or visit on April 7 to see the results!

And Albuquerque, may the votes be ever in your favor.

V.24 No.10 | 03/05/2015


Best of Burque voting begins!

Attention residents of Albuquerque!

For over two decades, the Weekly Alibi has asked YOU to help us honor the very best that our unique city has to offer. Well, it’s that time again. From art galleries to vape shops; from best politician to best local band, this is your chance to let the world know what you love about Burque.

Just log in and fill out the ballot. It’s that easy!

V.23 No.11 |
ABQ's gas tank runs on your opinion


Burque knows BoB ballots count

And you do too, VOTE NOW!

Spring is in the air. Everything is coming up roses. Time for a new favorite ... bike path .... Nah, maybe it's just time to punch the mayor of 'Burque in the nose. Hopefully while accompanied by the chick with 'Burque's best tattoo. After ogling Duke City's best bar staff. Or the city's best mural. Whoever you vote for will forgive you. Or laud you. Since you already left the best casino, y'all take note when you bring your car to your fave mechanic and gab about Albuquerque's best TV personality. Don't misinterpret that, we're talking about television. You open-minded, best adult-shopping, filthy-minded folk.

Albuqurque residents want to express their opinion. This is the time. This is the place. Weekly Alibi's Best of Burque is registering your thoughts. Your opinions. Your needlessly biased self-esteem and ego-centric positions on the what-not and the that thing-a-ma-jig that is SO 'Burque. Mmm, sexy.... What is the best vintage apparel store?

A better question is who is the "best street artist"? When you're driving the kids to school, who is the "best local radio personality"? Remember that billboard on northbound I-25 advertising the psychic? No? Weekly Alibi is fairly sure you have psychic friends anyway, so vote already, citizens!

V.21 No.24 |


The Daily Word in the "forest boy" hoax, the "Kindness in America" hoax, a Subgenius shakeup and Captain Picard Day

The Daily Word

Undercover APD officer goes to "Chinese massage" parlour, asks for massage and then arrests woman when she agrees to give a massage.

Susana Martinez and some legislators use their personal email for state business and some say that excludes those emails from public records requests.

NM Governor Martinez doesn't like Obama's executive order allowing children of illegals to gain legal status. Washington Post says newly made citizens will take our jobs.

Is Obama going to go after the weed vote?

The British recovered a lost WWI submarine with an interesting history.

In this bath salts freakout the guy was scared he was going to be eaten.

The "Kindness in America" author actually shot himself.

"Forest Boy" was lying.

New Jersey wine competes with French wine.

Lacey Wildd wants to get a thirteenth breast enlargement even though her tits could explodde.

Swedish authorities failed to prove that explicit Manga qualifies as child pornography.

Meet AJ Weberman, Bob Dylan's single most obsessed fan.

Website posts The Oatmeal's cartoons without permission, then threatens to sue when the cartoonist pointed this out.

Check out this bizarre David Hasselhoff commercial.

Ten terrible tattoos of hard rock hideousness.

Babies in cellophane!

It's finally over.

Reverend Stang retired from leading the Church of the Subgenius because he is tired of the asshole membership.

Happy Captain Picard Day!

V.19 No.8 | 2/25/2010

Best of Burque Candidates, “Vote Now” Web Widgets Now Available

Because you demanded it! Accept no substitutes!

Soon her eye fell on a little glass box that was lying under the table: she opened it, and found in it a very small cake, on which the words `COPY-PASTE ME' were beautifully marked in currants. `Well, I'll copy it and I’ll paste it,' said Alice, `and if it helps me win Best Local Poet, I can reach the key; and if it helps me win Best Blogger, I can creep under the door; so either way I'll get the approbation of my public and my peers, and I don't care which happens!'

Best of Burque 2010 voting widgets are here.