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V.23 No.29 |
Bob Log III


Blues, Booze and Boobs: Bob brings the party to Low Spirits

By August March [ Mon Jul 21 2014 8:07 PM ]

Driving across the North American continent with only a box of guitars, drum parts and the bluesand prolly the directions to dozens of roadhouses, dimly lit bars and rustic concert venues as companionsBob Log III makes an appearance on Tuesday night at Low Spirits (2823 Second Street NW). He may or may not have his dinghy on board, but this mysterious and damn talented master of the six-string promises a jam party complete with dancing, boob-stirred drinks and lap sitting as part of the experience. Log wears a human cannonball outfit and microphone-equipped helmet during his performances. He recently chatted with the Alibi on his drive out west. The guitarist now calls Melbourne, Australia home, and stopped in the western desert to talk.

AM: So this is your big summer tour, eh?

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V.22 No.15 |


The Daily Word in Alamogordo's Africanized bees, rat-sized snails, a cow infestation and boobs

Remembering the Dingo Bar

By Geoffrey Plant [ Tue Apr 16 2013 8:25 AM ]
In the news: move their Albuquerque-area parole office, haven for Africanized, "killer" bees, cow problem, rat-sized, tire-eating, meningitis-spreading SNAILS, link to the Boston Herald, what we actually know, Marine helicopter crashed, large earthquake, hacking into a bank, the necessity of bras and their relation to boob firmness, Michele Bachmann is a kook, a "phone", Tycho Brahe's nose. And his moose, Remembering Albuquerque's Dingo Bar, demolition of Kowloon Walled City began

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V.21 No.24 |


The Daily Word in the "forest boy" hoax, the "Kindness in America" hoax, a Subgenius shakeup and Captain Picard Day

By Geoffrey Plant [ Sat Jun 16 2012 12:41 PM ]
In the news: Chinese massage, personal email for state business, Governor Martinez, executive order, Washington Post says, take our jobs, the weed vote, lost WWI submarine, bath salts freakout, Kindness in America, "Forest Boy" was lying, New Jersey wine, her tits could explodde, failed, Meet AJ Weberman, The Oatmeal, bizarre David Hasselhoff commercial, Ten terrible tattoos, Babies in cellophane!, It's finally over, Reverend Stang retired, Happy Captain Picard Day

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V.19 No.39 | 9/30/2010


Boob Tube

By Devin D. O’Leary [ Mon Sep 27 2010 4:21 PM ]

People in America are freaking out that Katy Perry might have shown some cleavage on Sesame Streetwhich, no doubt, would have traumatized all those toddlers out there who were never breast-fed by their Puritanical parents. Meanwhile in Japan, this is what passes for children’s entertainment. It’s called “The Ancient Dogoo Girls.” It’s about superpowered alien bras. Or so I gather.

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V.19 No.21 | 5/27/2010

Music News

By Jessica Cassyle Carr

“The Local Edge” Is Back (Cue Wicked-Ass Guitar Solo)

“The Local Edge,” that venerable half-hour of New Mexico-grown rock on 104.1 FM The Edge, has a new overlord. Since May 2, the show has been hosted by Matt Orio, former drummer for Mechanism Of Eve, Ki and HalfGauge. Now Orio is calling for bands that make “all sorts of alternative / indie rock” to submit program fodder and postable flyers. To do so, e-mail or drop off music (labeled with attention to Orio) at the station5411 Jefferson NE, Suite 100. For more on the show, or to see photos of bottle blondes with boob jobs in bikinis, go to Listen to “The Local Edge” Sunday nights from 9:30 to 10 p.m.

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