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V.21 No.45 | 11/8/2012


A/V Reducer unspools new music videos

By Samantha Anne Carrillo [ Mon Nov 12 2012 1:48 PM ]

In a new column, we audio-visually reduce music videos. The first installment focuses on filmic visions created for Dani Shivers, BRANES, Selma Oxor, Black Marble, Bestial Mouths and PINS. Get your video geekin’ on with A/V Reducer.

A/V Reducer

By Samantha Anne Carrillo
Check out the debut of our A/V Reducer column, wherein we meditate on and muse about music videos.
V.21 No.42 | 10/18/2012


Sonic reductions of Corin Tucker Band, The Mountain Goats and BRANES

By Samantha Anne Carrillo [ Tue Oct 23 2012 2:00 PM ]

Music writer M. Brianna Stallings and I reviewed new releases from Corin Tucker Band, The Mountain Goats and BRANES in this week’s Sonic Reducer. Watch related videos below.

Corin Tucker Band - “Neskowin”
The Mountain Goats - “Cry for Judas”
BRANES - “Microwave On”

More Videos

Sonic Reducer

Corin Tucker Band Kill My Blues · The Mountain Goats Transcendental Youth · BRANES Perfection Condition

This week, we listened to Corin Tucker Band, The Mountain Goats and BRANES.
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